League of Women Voters of Ohio

Action Alert: Governor Kasich in "State of the State" Address Calls on Legislature to pass Congressional redistricting reform - Now it's time for us to call them too!
April 7, 2016
Governor John Kasich, in his April 6, 2016 "State of the State" address, called on the Ohio Legislature to relegate gerrymandering to "the dustbin of history." Click here to watch the video. Kasich praised last year's passage of Issue 1 to reform redistricting for the state legislature, and he urged the General Assembly to stop stalling and finish the job by passing redistricting reform for Congress.
We agree. Please call your State Representative and Senator today!
Tell your state Representative and Senator you agree with the governor that it's time to send gerrymandering to the dustbin of history and urge the legislature to finish the job by placing Congressional redistricting reform on the ballot this year.
Click here to look up your state Representative and Senator.
The Legislature has two different bills already introduced to extend Issue 1's reforms to Congressional districts - SJR 2 (LaRose, Sawyer) and HJR 2 (Clyde, Curtin). The Legislative and Executive Branch Committee of the Constitutional Modernization Commission has also been working the last few months on revised language that could be ready for the Legislature to pass this spring.
It's time for the Legislature to stop stalling and pass a Congressional redistricting reform plan to go before voters on this year's ballot. Please call your state legislators today, and then share this alert with a friend and ask them to call too.
Together, we can put a stop to gerrymandering. Thank you for taking action.