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March 2, 2018

The League of Women Voters of Ohio has recently become a Groundbreaker member of Ohioans for Gun Safety, a grassroots group working to bring common sense background checks for gun safety to Ohio.

The League of Women Voters of the United States adopted a position in 1990 in support of policies to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands through measures like licensing and background checks. While the intervening years have seen marginal progress and gun safety advocates even losing ground in some places, LWV Ohio is proud to be involved in recent movements to decrease gun violence. This includes lobbying in the state legislature and, now, Ohioans for Gun Safety's public campaign.
  • Why are we supporting Ohioans for Gun Safety? Because experts agree that their mission - to close loopholes in the federal background check law - is one of the best steps Ohioans can take to impact the devastating effect of gun violence and to reduce gun-related deaths and injuries in our state. Moreover, up to 80% of Americans are in favor of common sense background checks.
  • What is the loophole in the law? When buying a gun through a licensed dealer in Ohio, the dealer is required to perform a background check. But there is no background check when buying guns online, at gun shows, or from a private owner; these account for up to 40% of gun sales nationally.
  • What is a Groundbreaker?  Groundbreakers are individuals, elected leaders and organizations that are willing to be part of the growing grassroots movement led by Ohioans for Gun Safety. Groundbreakers want to take part in the conversation about gun safety in Ohio and help spread the word about the campaign.  
Our organization has become a Groundbreaker member of Ohioans for Gun Safety - you can get involved and push for a safer future too. Find out more about the organization by visiting their website . Then support Ohioans for Gun Safety by signing on as a Groundbreaker , getting   email updates , hosting a house party , or following Ohioans for Gun Safety on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram.  

We are grateful for your involvement in League and dedicated advocacy. Working together and in partnership with Ohioans for Gun Safety, we can further our position and bring common sense background checks to Ohio.

Yours in League,

Beth Taggart
LWV Ohio Interim Executive Director

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