League of Women Voters News - APRIL 15, 2019

Our Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 17, 2019  at the Atlantis Country Club. The business meeting will start at 9 a.m . The agenda will include:

  • Committee reports
  • Adoption of our proposed budget
  • State of the League
  • Nominating Committee report
  • Officer elections
  • Board of Directors election
  • Recommendations to the board
  • Education Fund report (activity, proposed budget, etc.)

There is no charge for members to attend the Annual Meeting. The business meeting will be followed by a Hot Topic luncheon at 11:30 a.m. The guest speaker is Peter Cruise , director of the new Ethics Academy at FAU. Be sure to make your luncheon reservation by clicking the "Register for Hot Topic" button below. 
Officers and Board Members Proposed for Nomination

  • Ken Thomas, President
  • Christene Campbell-Gabor, 1st Vice President
  • Debra Chandler, Director
  • Marcia Herman, Director
  • Joyce Sullivan, Director

Nominating Committee for 2019-2020

  • Pam Maldonado
  • Barbara Walker
  • Patty Whitehill
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Register for events at LWVPBC.org or by contacting Estelle Friedman at efriedman@bellsouth.net or (561) 968-4123.
You can view streamed events on LWVPBC Facebook Live.
Amendment 4 is Under Attack

Amendment 4 was passed by 64.5% of voters in 2018. Floridians and people across the country celebrated when we finally restored voting rights to 1.4 million Floridians.

Work with the Voting Rights Coalition to lobby against these attacks.    Next Voting Rights Coalition meeting is Thursday May 2 at 2 p.m. at Compass, 201 North Dixie, Lake Worth.  For more information, call Nancy Cohen at (561) 842-2499  or email at nancyecohen1@icloud.com
Florida Medicaid Expansion Campaign Overview  


The Affordable Care Act gave states the opportunity to expand Medicaid to low-income adults and families -- with the federal government footing most of the cost. Today, 34 states have opted to take this deal and have covered mare than 17 million Americans. Unfortunately, Florida has not. 

If Florida expanded Medicaid, adults earning up to $17,000/year would be eligible for coverage and the federal government would cover 90 percent of the costs. This would mean more than 700,000 Floridians would get much-needed health coverage, including access to preventive care, cancer treatments, and prescription drugs. The people who would be newly served include working parents, retirees, and veterans. Not only would the federal government pay for most of these newly eligible people, the State of Florida would see significant savings to other programs. The Florida Policy Institute has estimated that Medicaid expansion would save our state over $500 million each year while also covering more people. It is a win-win idea. 

League Member, Ashley Cacicedo from Young Leaguers recently started a staff position  with Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County. We are looking for teams of volunteers for our Women's Build Project. It would be a great opportunity for the whole league to get involved. If you're interested we can set up a meeting to discuss the project.

Contact Ashley Cacicedo at (732) 757-994 or avcacicedo@optonline.net
should you have any questions.
Dr. Terryl Lawrence Wowed Us at
March Hot Topic
By Marsha Vinson
Josephine Baker, brave advocate, singer and dancer was discussed by our featured speaker, Dr. Terryl Lawrence. Dr. Lawrence is a speaker, professor, writer, artist, designer, and photographer. As a backdrop, Dr. Lawrence presented and drew a colorful picture of Paris in the Twenties.  She explained that Paris and artists already living there such as Matisse, Rodin, and Picasso welcomed Black artists, Jazz musicians, and writers to the extent that a vibrant Black community was established in the city.  She described the new artists living in Paris as explorers in search of themselves. Americans dominated Paris music.  Dr. Baker introduced Josephine Baker as a "Jazz baby" and ebony goddess with marvelous costumes.  She described Baker’s performances as carnal, sexual, and savage. Baker lived in poverty and had a very sad childhood.  The performer, who married three times and had no children of her own, adopted 12 children she named her "rainbow tribe".  Josephine Baker died at age 68 after making her last performance on the Paris stage.
Taken at the home of Bongsoon Zubay (not pictured). 
Top Row: Armande Herold
Second Row: Darlene Kostrub, Alice Mann, Trudy Wasserman, Mary Zuskin
Third Row: Linda Sorenson, Patty Whitehill, Pam Middleton

Congratulations Kathy Gundlach

PBC Education Issue Group chair, Kathy Gundlach has just been named as co-chair of the LWV Florida Education committee. Kathy and her PBC co-chair Kimberly Spire-Oh have done a wonderful job at our county level. Kathy is a former president of the Classroom Teachers Association and is well versed on education issues. Congratulations! We know she will do a terrific job in this position.

Paulette Armstead ,  West Palm Beach; Binnie and Ron Backer , Boca Raton;  Leslie Carmen , Boca Raton; Rosemary Clemens , West Palm Beach, Rena Katz , Atlantis; Sharon Lent , Wellington; Allan Leon , Atlantis; Steve Rogers , Jupiter; Rhonda Tarmy , Delray Beach; Susan Zuckert , Jupiter.

Contact information may be found in the Member Directory in the Members only Section of the website at lwvpbc.org .

All New Members and others interested in knowing more about League are invited to the  May 4 Orientation at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth.  Registration and coffee begins at 9 a.m. and Orientation begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 12:30 p.m.  It is the best way to learn all there is to know about League!  To register, contact Darlene at dkostrub@aol.com /561-852-0496.

RSVP: dkostrub@aol.com or call (561) 852-0496

Are you looking for ways to help the League? Please share your skills and experience. There is a need for help in the following areas:

Finance Committee: join our dynamic team
Are you a team player who enjoys working in Finance? 
Help us improve our game! Help us
  • Review our financial results
  • Improve our financial reporting
  • Chair FY2020 budget creation
  • Serve on our Education Fund Board

Call/email Nancy Cohen (561) 842-2499   nancyecohen1@icloud.com
                Dawn Weir      (908) 208-8176   dornethweir@yahoo.com

Videographers. We need people skilled in audio/visual to assist Livestreaming League events. If you are interested, contact Ken Horkavy at kenhorkavy@gmail.com .

If Issue Groups or Standing Committees have needs in specific areas, please contact Debra Chandler at dachandler55@gmail.com to arrange a "Help Wanted" notice.
Debra Chandler, Managing Editor
Ken Horkavy, IT
Karen Corbin, Cecily Feldman, MaryJane Range, Harry Rosenfeld, Faith Schulman, Emily Rosen, Marsha Vinson
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