Fall Food for Thought

On Friday, November 5, LWVS was honored to have Professor Tom Wolf, Senior Counsel and Spitzer Fellow with the Brennan Center's Democracy Program and leader of the Center's census project, speak at the annual LWVS Food for Thought Luncheon. Wolf shared an overview of the 2020 Census results and their implications in a talk titled, "How the 2020 Census and Redistricting Will Shape Political Representation."

Wolf noted that despite political concerns and the onset of the pandemic, the ultimate 2020 census count was relatively normal and consistent with census estimates. However, he observed that racial and ethnic undercounts still occurred which will cost those communities funding and political representation. Wolf concluded his discussion with an explanation of the redistricting process and the hope that the new, independent redistricting commissions as well as reforms in Congress (if passed) can prevent partisan and racial gerrymandering.

Despite the chilly weather, the League and community members who attended were deeply engrossed in his thought-provoking presentation.