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The Lenny Zakim Fund announces second round of COVID-19 emergency grants
BOSTON – The Lenny Zakim Fund (LZF) awarded $115,500 in a second round of grants from its COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery Fund to help 16 grassroots nonprofits address the needs of communities adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grants will support a mix of projects; including food access for undocumented immigrants, public education campaigns on reproductive health rights, direct assistance to foster youth and young people with incarcerated parents, online ESOL classes and mental telehealth sessions, and small microgrants for rent relief. Of the 16 funded organizations, 10 of them are led by people of color.

In announcing the grants, Executive Director Eric Esteves shared, “Beyond the grants, LZF will continue to focus its time, talent, and treasure on supporting small grassroots organizations that mobilize and empower the most vulnerable among us."

The COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery Fund was created to provide critical emergency funding to current and former LZF grant recipients to help maintain staff, services, and programs. To-date, LZF has awarded $301,725 through two rounds of emergency grant funding. Applications for an additional round of grants this summer are due on July 15th.

Frank Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer of the East Boston Ecumenical Community Council, highlighted current truths behind the need for emergency grants: "The COVID-19 virus has hit East Boston and Chelsea hard. This pandemic has brought naked a cruel reality, the gaps between rich and poor and the privileged and the dispossessed. We will monitor the health and well-being of our clients and make sure that public health practices address these problems, including whether proper health care is accessible to all, rich or poor, immigrant or not, people of color or white."

About The Lenny Zakim Fund

Established in 1995 by the late civil rights leader Lenny Zakim, the Lenny Zakim Fund continues to reflect his work and ideals by providing financial support, education, technical assistance and networking opportunities to small, community-based organizations and individuals who are passionate about social, racial, and economic justice and determined to become vehicles of critical change. Since its founding, LZF has awarded over 1,300 grants and nearly $9 million. The Lenny Zakim Fund knows grassroots leadership is integral to ensuring that programs are successful, culturally relevant, effective, and meet the needs of affected people. Social justice at The Lenny Zakim Fund is about more than just grantmaking – it is about coming together in partnership to support leaders and the grassroots in their work against systemic oppression and their fight for equity.

COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery Fund Grant Recipients:

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