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A week ago today, the world watched in shock as a candidate supported by the Ku Klux Klan became the president-elect of the most powerful country in the world. The Elephant in the Country grew into a Godzilla-sized monster.

Now we've had a week to grieve and let that hard reality sink in. We've reflected on hard realities to come and ones that have already been overcome.
Chainbreaker was born of the Bush administration. An era of the Patriot Act and unilateral war. An era where we faced environmental catastrophes and the worst economic crash in generations. An era that witnessed the escalation of a slow war of attrition against our environment, civil rights laws, social safety nets and the people they were designed to protect - us.
These are the fires that forged Chainbreaker. Despite what felt at the time like insurmountable odds, we thrived. We've always believed in the power of local action. That power has made it rain during times of drought.
We once were few in number and disorganized, now we have hundreds of members and are growing every day. Nearly 90% of federal transit dollars have been taken away over the last decade, yet buses are still running in Santa Fe. A system that prioritizes profit over people crashed our national housing market, still we passed our Resident's Bill of Rights here at home. 
Our pace may have quickened or slowed,
but we've always kept moving forward.
We'll continue to do so in the face of a Trump administration. They may want this country to go back again to the Jim Crow era that some consider great, but we don't move back. We only move in one direction - forward.

On day one of the new presidential regime, we'll lock arms with our allies and continue putting one foot in front of the other. Every right turn will be met with blockades. Every attempt to separate us will be met with solidarity. Every attempt to starve us will be met with a hunger for justice.
We will organize, as we always have.
And we will keep moving.
¡Siempre Adelante!


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