And we are prepared.  We believe we provide the best winter weather service in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area out of our 3 offices: Hillsboro, Sherwood, and Parkrose. We provide pre-treat- de-icing, parking lot plowing and sanding, and sidewalk shoveling and de-icing. We have 8 pre-treat tanker trucks, 15 truck mounted plows, 12 sanding trucks, 12 walk behind plows, and a staff of 100 to pre-treat, plow, sand, shovel and de-ice.
We serve our maintenance customers who can sign up for any or all these services. You can designate whether you want them provided on weekdays or all days including weekends. We monitor weather throughout the winter and recommend you allow us to make the determination on when to deploy but leave you the option of making the call.  We do; however, give priority to those who designate us to make the call. If plowing is desired, we will charge for mobilization when plowable snow is predicted as getting equipment to site must be done prior to the storm. We also provide de-icer pre-treatment but do only if plowing and sanding are also ordered. Pre-treating with de-icer only prevents black ice or heavy frost and is ineffective if snow falls.
In expansion of our service starting last year, we post winter weather warning signs at the driveway entrances of sites we serve. We also send emails out before potential events to keep customers informed of our plan. We follow these up with email updated during the storm, often in the middle of the night as we complete service, to give customers real time updates. Our service and communication are next to none!
Remember, we offer preferential pricing and priority service for maintenance customers who order service before November 1st.  If you have questions please call your Area Manager to discuss.