November 2019
In this issue: Holiday Book Drive, The SunTrust Foundation, PowerUp! Returns, Clairmont Student Makes The Grade
A Novel Idea: LaAmistad's Holiday Gift Drive Seeks New Books for Students
For most of us, the holiday season is one we look forward to all year. Great food, quality time with friends and family, and a spirit of love and generosity are all part of what make the holidays such a special time. As we give thanks for all of the blessings we've received throughout the year, it is important that we remember that too many of our neighbors do not have the resources to fully manifest the generosity that fills their hearts. It's why, every year, LaAmistad collects holiday gifts for the students and families it serves. This year, LaAmistad Afterschool is combining a pair of critical initiatives in fulfilling its obligation to the community. Instead of toys, we are asking our incredible supporters to help us lift spirits and promote literacy by donating new children's books to students in LaAmistad Afterschool. Simply bring new copies of your favorite titles from elementary school to any Afterschool location and give them to our staff. Together, we can bring joy to Afterschool students and promote a love of reading at the same time. Click the button bellow for a list of some of the most popular stories for 1st - 5th grade readers!
LaAmistad Teams Up with SunTrust Foundation to Increase Tech Access
The SunTrust Foundation has awarded LaAmistad a grant in the amount of $25,000 to support technological access for Atlanta's free and reduced lunch Latino student population. LaAmistad's Afterschool Technology Access Project seeks to increase web access and computer literacy for low-income students by facilitating the use of new Google Chromebook laptops during programming at its city-wide tutoring locations. A push experts believe will lead to improved academic outcomes for LaAmistad Afterschool students. "The disparity in [technology] access is [...] apparent in what has been called the “homework gap” – the gap between school-age children who have access and those who don’t. In 2015, 35% of lower-income households with school-age children did not have an [...] internet connection," according to the PEW Research Center. With the help of the SunTrust Foundation, LaAmistad is taking a critical step towards universal access to technology for the students it serves in Afterschool.
PowerUp! Returns to Promote Self-Control, Resilience, and Respect Through Martial Arts
Friday afternoons at LaAmistad just got a whole lot more exciting. For the second consecutive year, instructors from PowerUp! -- a local organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children access to strong mentorship and fitness for life -- are joining LaAmistad each week to teach martial arts basics to LaAmistad students. As this mother of two describes it, the Sensei's teachings have a real impact on the behavior of the grasshopper. "I've started to see Sensei's teachings and Kim's guidance sink in and show in their improved behavior. They are more respectful at home, and this weekend I even got a couple of "Yes Ma'am's" when I asked them to do something. I can't wait to see what kind of little people they will be by next May!" Click below for more!
Interested in Becoming a Board Member?
LaAmistad is searching for a few talented and scrupulous community leaders to join its Board of Directors. At this time, the specific need is for persons with financial acumen (CPA, Accounting), or backgrounds in public education administration.

LaAmistad is governed by an active and engaged board of directors that is composed of nine advocates and community leaders, all of whom live in the Greater Atlanta area. If our mission resonates with you, and you'd like to learn more about serving your community as a member of LaAmistad's board, click the button below to connect with LaAmistad Executive Director, Cat McAfee.
LaAmistad is Hiring!
Are you interested in the fulfilling world of nonprofit work? Check out some of LaAmistad's open positions and internships below!
Volunteer Corner
LaAmistad Afterschool
LaAmistad is seeking volunteers who can offer elementary age homework help at our Afterschool program locations. Volunteers work alongside a staff teacher and parent liaison. No Spanish or education experience required. Tutoring for elementary school-aged students will range from 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM on Mondays through Thursdays. Available days and times vary by   location .
LaAmistad ESL
English for Successful Living classes are open to anyone in the community that wants to learn English regardless of origin. With a variety of locations, we are always in need of ESL teachers.
Special Projects
LaAmistad is seeking a dedicated volunteer group to help us organize our library space at Peachtree Church in Buckhead.
Email: to get involved!
Success Spotlight: New Afterschool Student Posts Perfect Score on Initial Assessment
Conventional wisdom around early childhood education dictates that the sooner a student receives focused academic support, the more likely they are to experience positive outcomes later in life. The Gomez family took that wisdom to heart this semester when they enrolled their daughter Ashley (Left) in LaAmistad Afterschool at Clairmont Presbyterian Church. Still in kindergarten, Ashley is one of the youngest students in LaAmistad's programs, but that did not stop her from outperforming some of her elementary school peers on the first round of proficiency assessments administered last week. Ashley scored a perfect 100% on her sight word list, a significant accomplishment for such a young student. Learning sight words allows students to recognize common words at a glance — on sight — without needing to sound them out, and is the way strong readers recognize most words. Knowing common, or high frequency, words by sight makes reading easier and faster, facilitating more rapid academic growth and improving overall performance in the classroom. We're so proud of you, Ashley! Keep up the great work!
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