October 2020
In this issue: Online Parent Workshop Big Success, The Episcopal Community Foundation, Gala set for March 13th, ESL Students See Results, The Friends For Life Foundation, Socially Distant Halloween
LaAmistad Hosts 1st Online Parent Workshop with GCCA
An essential facet of the LaAmistad mission to prepare Latino students and families for success is its holistic approach to education. Through its Parent Partnership initiative, LaAmistad aims to inform the parents and caregivers of participating Afterschool students about topics ranging from how to navigate the school system to financial literacy. The initiative typically utilizes meeting spaces, graciously provided by LaAmistad's church partners, to host parent workshops with the help of relevant third-party experts and organizations.

In the face of restrictions on the ability for parents to gather in a single location, LaAmistad knew that, in order to continue providing this critical service, it would need to reimagine its method of delivery. After months of research, and tireless effort by supporters and staff, LaAmistad hosted its first online Parent Workshop earlier this month. The event was held via video conferencing, and was well attended with over 70 parents and caregivers participating.

This month's workshop featured a presentation by the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, and focused on the creation of a safety plan for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. The workshop was the first of two that will feature representatives from the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy, with the second slated for November.

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Episcopal Community Foundation Awards Grant to LaAmistad
LaAmistad was awarded a $5,000.00 grant this month to help support its English For Successful Living classes typically hosted at Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church. Funds will be used to promote ESL locally in the neighborhoods surrounding the church, and to encourage program participation among congregants.

The award comes during a LaAmistad ESL fall session that has seen the initiative exceed its student recruitment goals in spite of its current decentralized nature. LaAmistad would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Episcopal Community Foundation, and pledge faithful stewardship of the funds allotted. Click the button to learn more about the Episcopal Community Foundation of Middle and North Georgia!
Tickets and Sponsorships for LaAmistad Annual Gala Now Available!
Support our Heroes March 13th, 2021
An elegant evening of dinner, a silent auction, and celebrating community heroes is set for March 13th! Join us at the Four Seasons Hotel as we celebrate the amazing people making a difference in Atlanta's Latino community. Purchase your tickets and sponsorships below, and help us celebrate the heroes of our community!
Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
March 13, 2021
Cocktail Reception: 6:30 pm
Dinner: 7:30 pm
LaAmistad ESL: Fall Student Seeing Results
Level 2 student Mayeling sees the impact of advanced English fluency on her daily life
"[LaAmistad ESL] has been very useful to me because I have been able to communicate with people [and] make friends," Mayeling replied when asked how the program had impacted her thus far. "In the past I could not do it, I felt very sad about it. Right now I feel more confident when it comes to speaking, but I'm still learning this beautiful language." Mayeling is confident that she can ultimately reach full English fluency with the help of LaAmistad ESL, and is proud of the strides she has already made. "At least I know how to order a hamburger," she quipped.

The ESL Virtual Classroom is open to anyone in the community that wants to learn English regardless of origin. To participate in online classes, students must have access to a reliable Internet /data connection for video using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Sign up for our next session with the link below!
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LaAmistad Awarded Grant by Friends For Life Foundation
This month, LaAmistad received a grant from the Friends For Life Foundation to assist LaAmistad in its efforts to enhance education, family, and economic empowerment for the community it serves. LaAmistad's initiatives continue to have a positive impact for Afterschool students, parents, and adult English learners, and funding will be utilized to bolster their reach and serve a larger segment of Atlanta's Latino community.

The Friends For Life (FFL) Foundation Inc. is organized exclusively for the purposes of charitable, religious, educational and scientific endeavors. Their mission is to support quality of life improvement for the disadvantaged, as well as financially assist individuals and organizations in the community which enhance education, family, health, economic empowerment and the arts. Click the button below to read more about the Friends For Life Foundation.
Students have Socially-Distant Halloween Fun at Peachtree Church
With Halloween right around the corner, falling on a weekend no less, Afterschool students were understandably dejected to learn that they would not be able to trick-or-treat this year in the traditional fashion. Luckily, our foundational partners at Peachtree Church had it covered. Students were invited to dress up (and mask up) for a special "Trunk-or-Treat" event held in one of Peachtree's auxiliary open-air parking decks. Students played games, told stories, and, of course, ate candy. Check out some of their spooky costumes below!
Success Spotlight: Resource Deliveries Continue Supporting LaAmistad Students and Families
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