ACTION ALERT - Contact Your Representative
to Support the Funding of DD Services



Yesterday the Appropriations Committee passed the State Budget for Fiscal Year 2016 with funding for two following items on LaCAN's advocacy agenda: 


  • $170,000 was restored to Families Helping Families (as proposed by Rep. Schroder)
  • $500,000 was added for EarlySteps (as proposed by Rep. Thierry) Note: An additional $2.5 Million is needed to fully fund this program

Several committee members also expressed an interest in finding more funding for the remaining agenda items, including waivers. 

Other amendments of interest for people with disabilities included:
  • $250,000 added for Louisiana's Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN)
  • $75,000 dedicated to the Advocacy Center's Supported Independent Living Project
The budget's next stop will be on the House floor (see flow chart above). Legislators can add or cut funding throughout this process, so it is important that they continue to hear from you. 

If you think waiver services, Families Helping Families, and EarlySteps 
should be a priority, it's time to take action!  

Call or email your State Representative by Thursday May 21st.

Contact Your State Representative

Click here for State Representative full contact information.

Don't know your State Representative?   Click here and enter your home address.  The first person listed will be your State Representative.

What to Say

Start by sharing your story:

  • Are you or a loved one waiting for waiver services? -- OR -- Are you or a loved one benefiting from waiver services?
  • Has your child or someone you know benefited from EarlySteps services? -- OR -- Was your child or someone you know recently denied EarlySteps services due to only having delays in one developmental area?
  • Has your family benefited from the services provided by Families Helping Families?
  • Or all of the above?
Finish by telling your Representatives what he/she can do to help: 
  • Keep the funding added for Families Helping Families and EarlySteps
  • Provide an additional $2.2 Million to expand EarlySteps eligibility criteria
  • Provide $10 Million to fill frozen waiver slots and add 500 new slots
Also be sure to thank members of the Appropriations Committee for their support thus far.

Confirm Your Action

Don't forget to let us know that you took action!
Reply to this email or notify your LaCAN Leader to confirm your action.


Why confirm your action?  This helps us to know how effective we are in reaching you with information and engaging members across our state in advocacy for systems change. 

Background Information

LaCAN members are advocating for the following issues to be addressed (click links for more info):

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If there are any questions about the information in this email, contact LaCAN by replying to this email or calling the toll free number listed below. 

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