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While NYers are being asked to distance themselves socially, 
it is essential that we come together emotionally.

Issue #39
June 14, 2020
13th Remote Learning Issue
Click on the image above to visit 
 Come Shop 
for all your LaG STUDIO WEAR
 T's, Tanks, Hoodies, Sweats & MASKS for Everyone

A   W   OF   D I V E RY

Click on album to hear the song
There's battle lines being dr awn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong 
Young people speaking their minds 
Getting so much  resistance from behind
What a field day for the heat 
A thousan d people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

That scribing in  the last issue about drawing bold, dark lines?  That inspiration was drawn from Buffalo Springfield's gospel... and NYC's curfew.  Today's counterculture  is not that much different.  Over 50 years ago and now, the zeitgeist is strikingly and eerily similar.  Stephen Stills could've written this defining song today.  Even the suspense that  Neil Young builds brilliantly with his two notes encapsulates the quiet agita, right at the brink of the Sturm und Drang of protests.  Nevertheless, let there be no doubt.   The rebellion against the system rages  just as passionately and dynamically today as it did over 50 years ago. 
We, the LaGuardia community, walk this journey together in passionate and determined solidarity, but let us also pause to recognize others who do not.   Let Us Be Kind.   Let us be kind leaders who educate.  Let us be kind leaders who have the patience to take a step back, take a deep breath, and open up and engage in amicable dialogue.   As we move towards incremental changes for anti-racism, let us  encourage others to also be leaders themselves who show great kindness, respect, willingness to listen and communicate, and love for all walks of life. ....for what it's worth.

W e stand in solidarity together to fight against institutional racism as one family LaGuardia, a strong, symphonic chorus of harmony.
For those who celebrate June 19, Happy Juneteenth!  Juneteenth is gaining more traction these days.  Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced last week that he would make Juneteenth an annual company holiday!   For those who are not familiar with the Juneteenth celebration, find out more here
Virtual Town Hall Meeting # 9
This week's Town Hall, hosted by Principal Yeou-Jey Vasconcelos, focused on anti-racism and the effects of trauma and stress on young people during this time.  Many thanks to  Dr. Michelle Morancie , alumna and retired school psychologist for NYC DOE, more specifically, a trauma specialist psychologist, who discussed the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest on young people.  Many thanks also to  Juan Ortiz , a community activitst whose artistic practice brings community together to tackle issues of race, racism, issues of social justice and racial equity.  Mr. Ortiz discussed what is racism, and what does it mean to be anti-racist and to fight racism.  Great many thanks to our very own student leaders -  Senior Vocal Student Arielle Clarke who is President of the LaGuardia Activitsts Club, Senior Drama Student Jonathan Greene  who is President of SGO, and  Senior Vocal Student Jerett Benjamin  who is the LaGuardia Student Equity Leader.  They discussed how we can move individuals who view themselves as allies to becoming anti-racist, how people can educate themselves on the issues, and what are some practical suggestions and actions individuals can take.   Here is the link to the video recording of the Town Hall.

From Principal Vasconcelos:  Return to School
This morning, Principal Vasconcelos emailed information to LaGuardia families with subject heading, Return to SchoolClick here to find out more.
Return to School 2020 Survey for Families
The NYC Department of Education is working on plans for re-opening school buildings in the 2020-21 school year and is currently exploring various options based on available guidance from public health experts.   They want your feedback to understand what is most important to you!  Click here for survey.

In addition to the Semi-Annual Art Show, the Fine Arts Department is excited to announce that the Art Awards are also now LIVE!   Congratulations to all our art students who have worked so hard to continue creating art while at home.  Students won awards through LaGuardia, Alumni & Friends, and all across NYC.  We're so proud of you.  The LaG Art Awards are now on  view here .
Arts Brookfield:  Supporting Diverse Voices
Combining Pride Month with values of social justic, integrity, human rights, and human lives, Arts Brookfield is shining a spotlight on talent from the LGBTQ+ community.  To learn more,   click here .
Lincoln Center:  Celebrating the Works of Black Artists

Lincoln Center at Home has curated works by Black artists in music, dance, and theater.  The theme across all these art forms is a focus on the issues of racial justice and the Black experience.  Lincoln Center at Home is an initiative to provide families with access to live performing arts, pop-up classrooms, and archival performances while quarantined due to to the COVID-19 crisis.  All events are FREE.   To learn more, click here .
Virtual College Info Night - Schools in the South!
Tulane University, American University, and more
Join us this Thursday, June 18, 2020, 6:30-9:00 PM, f or the season finale of Virtual College Info Night with schools in the south.  We will have  a round of presentations by admissions officers of colleges an d universities in the southern states!  Admissions officers will also take Q&A from the audience.  Link will be emailed this week.

As we still cannot make in-person visits to most colleges and universities due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are ever so grateful for this virtual option.  Our volunteer organizers -   Jill Bernstein, Pamela French, Lynda Pierini and  Alice Tse Chiu -  have  filled a much-needed niche by providing these virtual college e vents.  Our sincerest thanks!
LaGuardia's New Music Ensemble

We're giving a shout-out to the students of LaGuardia's New Music Ensemble for their live video premier on YouTube!  
They worked hard all year under the guidance of the amazing Robert Apostle... WOW and HOLY COW did they get to make a huge statement last Friday evening!!  We are absolutely proud of them and all their collaborators from the the current Art Studio and Art Alumni.   It was such a wonderful, heartfelt production, a great send -off for our graduating class, especially with so many New Music Ensemble Alumni stopping in to both perform and send out much love admiration and best wishes to the Class of 2020.  Follow  @newmusiclag
o n Instagram for additional info.

LaGuardia Freshman Mohana Buckley is using her voice and her song to raise awareness - and she can use your help today.  As part of a Voices that Give competition, Mohana is singing to benefit Project Orphans U SA.  Created by Hallmark Channel Actress Jen Lilley, monies raised by this effort will be used in aiding and improving our country's foster care system Now, Mohana has made it to the second round!  We'd love to see her continue her journey in giving.   Listen to her original song, We'll Be There , and then VOTE HERE !  Timing is everything and votes need to be in soon.  Your FIRST VOTE is totally FREE!  Any additional support you provide is $1/vote.  We are incredibly proud to see the difference the arts can make in the world.
The Citywide Senior Shirt is Now Available -- and Anyone Can Purchase One to Raise Funds for NYC Health and Hospitals
Our very own JUNIOR  ART STUDENT RUBY GARCIA  has designed the Citywide Senior Shirt (and hoodie) that many high school student governments/schools -- including LaGuardia -- have adopted for their school.  Because any
funds raised will go to NYC Health and Hospitals, we are more concerned about raising money for this great organization, so everyone can buy a shirt!  

The shirts will be mailed to the address of your choosing.    Click here to order.
YouTube Video:  How-to on DIY Graduation Cap
For the graduating seniors and for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts, click here to be taken to YouTube video on making your won graduation cap.
The Senior Graduation Dance Concert!

Mark your calendars for  Saturday, June 20, 2020.
Plan to sit back and watch the always magnificent Senior Dancers!  

  While you wait for our seniors, watch here the way this unnamed dancer 
uses her Dance Power for good subway  social distancing.  
To buy one of the Zoom events, click here: " Count Me In "
All seats $25
  • SNL Director, Don Roy King - Join in the Zoom conversation with industry legend Don Roy King! - Tuesday, June 16th or  Wednesday, June 17th, 6 - 7:30pm. - 10 seats available  
  • John Wesley Shipp, The Flash character - Hear highlights of his extensive television career and answer your questions about breaking into the business during this LaGuardia Zoom chat! - Tuesday, June 16th, 6 - 7:30pm - 10 seats available  
  • Professional Make-up Artist, Brian Duprey - Quality-focused time with makeup artist Brian Duprey. Highly tailored to your specific makeup needs, plus casting/auditioning and casting makeup tips. - Date/Time - TBD -  5 seats available  
  • Professional Hair Stylist, Louis Angelo - You'll get styling secrets from a pro during this Zoom lesson taught by celebrity stylist Louis Angelo! - Date/Time - TBD -  5 seats available  
  • Physical Therapist, Megan Wise - A physical therapist for Mean Girls will lead a Zoom session aimed at performers/dancers with guidelines on avoiding injury/maximizing performance. Date/Time - TBD -  10 seats available 
  Looking for the Graduation or Father's Day Gifts? 
Look no further, the Auction Committee received
  FIVE $100 Google Play Gift Cards 
just in time to make our fathers and graduates smile even BIGGER this year!!
Bidding ends Wednesday, June 17, 2020, at 10pm
NEW! Free ACT Diagnostic Test! SOPHOMORES! (And Freshman too?!)
If you're not sure whether your student should take the ACT or SAT test, Academic Approach is offering a free ACT diagnostic on three upcoming weekends! For more information...
Pandemic-EBT (Electronics Benefit Transfer)
As you may know, every public school student in NYC will be receiving an EBT card worth $420.  These cards are non-transferable and families are encouraged to spend them to alleviate food insecurity and support the local economy.   For families who are not facing financial hardship and would like to help those who are experiencing hunger during this time, there is a new online form set up to process pledges and donations to relevant organiza- tions. Click  here for information on how and where to redistribute your P-EBT. 

We are now accepting nominations for
PA Executive Board Positions, 
School Leadership Team   Positions
Studio Board Members.

Nominations will close on Fri da y, June 19, 2 020!

Elections will be held on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 7:30 PM!

Join the PA Executive Board and keep it vibrant 
Plan. Prepare. Pitch. 
  • If you have the passion for making our excellent school a better place and can commit to the work, please consider running for a PA office. 
    All elected PA Executive Board terms are for one year only.
  • The p ositions ar e Co-P resident (2), Co-Vice  President (2), Treasurer (1), Assistant Treasurer (1), Secretary (1), Assistant Secretary (1), Academic Forum (4), Community Involvement (2).   
  • For the slate  positions (2 or 4 people) get together with a hardworking friend and deliver results together!
  • The 2 Co-Presidents, 2 Co-Vice Presidents, and 4 Academic Forum Chairs typically run as a slate, while the Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer, Secretary and Asst. Secretary and the 2 Community Involvement members run as individuals. 
  • Please see the LaG bylaws for descriptions of all Executive Board positions. If you want to know more about a position or are considering running, email

Join the School Leadership Team (SLT)
and keep i t relevant!
 There maybe parent positions available.
Check the   SLT bylaws

Studio Board Members
Also consider a role in your studio
Each studio has its own board of many members. 
Contact your studio rep  for details
The  Deadline for Nominations for both the PA Exec Board and SLT has been extended to Friday, June 19th.   Virtual Election Guidance comes this week. 
Please send your  nominationform   to as soon as possible.

Nominations will also be accepted from the "virtual floor" on the night of the election.  The only qualification to run for office is that you are a parent/guardian of a child currently attending our school however, (as per the Chancellor's regulations), DOE employees are not allowed to run, even if they have a child in the school, but they are allowed to serve on the School Leadership Team (SLT).
For complete info on the available LaGuardia PA positions and to download a 2020-2021 nomination form, please click here.
Please get invol ved and make  LaGuardia a better place for all  students! 
Here's What Reopening NYC Schools Could Look Like this Fall, According to a Memo from Carranza (Chalkbeat, June 9, 2020)
Does the NYC DOE have a reopening date in September?  Will there be a need for PPE?  Will all students be able to return to school?  What does this hybrid in-person and remote learning mean exactly?  Whose crystal ball has the answers?  To learn more, read the article here.

Senior Committee Meeings
The committee's last meeting will be on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, at 5:00 PM

Click the Zoom link to join the meeting:

Planning for Senior Year-End Celebrations!
Special year end celebrations are underway for all our seniors!  
Bravo, Class of 2020!  
Each studio is doing something special and the administration, SGO and the senior parents are working together to make sure our graduation is LaGuardia fabulous!

Families: please support your student in sending in candids and thank you videos!  

* * * SENIORS - SAVE THE DATES!!! * * *
Citywide Graduation
A citywide spirit week to celebrate high school seniors will take place the week of June 15, 2020, including:
  • Citywide virtual prom/graduation party on Friday, June 19, 2020
  • Citywide virtual graduation ceremony on Monday, June 22, 2020 
 We will provide updates as more information becomes available!

LaGuardia High School Graduation
  • Dance Studio's Graduation Dance Concert: Saturday, June 20, 2020
  • LaGuardia High School Graduation: Thursday, June 25, 2020,           at 3:00 PM
Alumni & Friends Planning
Hello LaGuardia 2020 Seniors!  Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia is so excited to plan events for this class of 2020! We need your contact information in order to invite you to your upcoming in-person reunion/party/yearbook signing event, which will take place at LaGuardia! Date to be determined! Please fill out our contact form:   

Once you leave LaGuardia, Alumni & Friends of LaGuardia is the connector for all alumni. We keep a database of 48,000 alumni (LaGuardia does not keep these records). We are your lifeline to amazing events and opportunities. Stay in touch! We will promote your projects, you can win tickets to LaGuardia performances, and so much more! You'll also receive FREE membership to Alumni & Friends for 4 years after graduation, just by signing up. See you soon and spread the word!  
Please visit LaGuardia PA's Facebook page to share your thoughts, ideas, questions and suggestions.  There are lively discussions among parents, even a few teachers chime in with answers, explanations, and their point of view.
If you are on it already, invite your LaG friends. 

Thanks to Emily Steed, 10th grade Tech parent, for creating and moderating a  NEW FaceBook Page just for incoming 9th graders!

Emily is seeking a current LaG parent with an incoming 9th grader 
to join her in this endeavor.  Please email if you would like to take on this role!

As New York City enters Phase 1 of reopening on Monday, June 8, 2020, we would like to remind our LaG community to continue safe social-distancing and hygiene practices:
  • Consistent with Executive Order 202.17: all people over the age of two who can medically tolerate a face covering must wear one when they are outside their home if they cannot maintain physical distance from others.  Free face coverings are available at DOE Meal Hubs in all five boroughs.  Click here to find one close to you on the DOE website.
  • When outside the home, adults and children must maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and others whenever possible. 
  • Physical distancing and good hygiene remain critical, even while wearing a face covering. 
  • Please remember the importance of good hand hygiene, and frequently wash hands with soap and water
NYPL UPDATE:  Reopening and Remote Learning Resources
All New York City libraries anticipate reopening some time in July, although exact dates are still to be determined.  Further details on reopening plans can be found  here.   In the interim, there is a host of wonderful remote learning resources available through NYPL here.  Also, to thank our three library systems for being bastions of knowledge and being wonderful resources throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, patrons are being asked to share their love of libraries via the Libraries Make NYC Stronger website through virtual Post-It notes here.  Let's work to remind elected officials that libraries are an important community resource!
Please send us your ideas and comments -
With Gratitude

Melissa Scott
Elisabeth Rucell


Check out the below educational resources on racism, adjusting to COVID-19 quarantine, and bystander intervention.  They were curated by our neighbor across the street, Michelle Lee,Young Adult Libraian at New York Public Library - Riverside Branch: 

Brooklyn Public Library's "Black Lives Matter book list" located here

Constructive White Conversations
A gathering in which those who identify as white can speak freely and openly about race, racism, oppression, isolation, and all related issues.  Constructive White Conversations is a place for white people who want to understand and dismantle racism, build and maintain white anti-racist community, and explore the nature of white identity. Learn more.

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
A wide variety of ideas to get you thinking. If you're a POC, please, share this with a friend - hopefully they'll thank you...


Calling all LaGuardia Graduates! We are trying to connect LaG Grads with current LaGuardia students for internships, potential master classes, general advice, etc. To that end, we have  created a form for Alumni to fill-out

Please message Tali Natter (LaG'19) on Facebook or at with any questions or if you are not comfortable with your information being published in a public spreadsheet.


Rolando Chusan (LaG '09) and another LaG alum produced a new live-streamed theatrical play "The Round Table."  Their goal is to prove that it's possible to broadcast new works of theater using live-streamed performance, while using their platform to give back to a community that needs support now more than ever.   The performance will run from June 26-28, 2020, and will be FREEo view, with all donations going to charity.  For more info, please visit:

Senior Art Show #5: Introspection is now LIVE! Visit the website or on Instagram - or 

Thanks again to student curators Lola Simon and Aneeza Razak and banner artists Nina Ward and Georgia Carbone for creating such a beautiful website; thanks to all the very talented artists who have so generously shared their work with us. 

Thank you also to our amazing Art Studio teachers, who have continued to encourage and inspire our students through these challenging times.

Show your LOVE for LaG
A r t !
Alumni & Friends is offering this great opportunity for Community Service Hours! 
Create artwork to go on their Thank You notes to donors! 
Learn more and upload your artwork!   We can't wait to see all the beautiful new designs!

Start your shopping from this link
and the LaGuardia Parents Association will receive anywhere from  3% to 10% of qualifying purchases.

Mark your Calendars for LaGuardia's "Let's Talk College" Series
Open to students and parents
Thursday, June 18, ,2020 - 3:00 - 4:30 PM
Meeting link here: 
Click Here To Join

Now is a great time to get started on Parent Raves! For those of you who missed this info at College Night, parents are encouraged to fill out Parent Raves.  This is your chance to share with your child's guidance counselor what you think makes your child special.  This is not a time to be humble - brag away!  To find the Parent Rave form :
  1. Sign-In to Naviance Account (the Parent Account, not the child account. If you don't have a Naviance parent account, please email your guidance counselor)
  2. Click on the "About Me" Tab located at the top right of home page
  3. Scroll down and select "My Surveys"
  4. Then select "Surveys Not Started"
Remember to save every twenty minutes or so to assure that you don't lose the material.
With campus tours and visits postponed indefinitely it is important that students are offered the opportunity to "visit" colleges in some capacity.  

AcademicApproach Test Prep , a test preparation company, is offering a live, online, interactive, group ACT and SAT Preparation course  discounted  for LaGuardia High School students.
ACT Diagnostic Test!
The SAT and ACT tests are different! 
Which one is right for your child?
A proctored online ACT diagnostic test, score, and feedback are being offered FREE to every one of our current sophomores.  Students will receive a predictive ACT score based on the diagnostic test, plus individualized advice as to whether the SAT or ACT test is better for them. Based on this information, your student may wish to prepare for the ACT instead of the SAT. 

There is no commitment to enroll in any prep class if you take the free ACT diagnostic test and receive feedback. 

ACT diagnostic tests will be offered at 10:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday for each of the next two weekends - June 6/June 7 and June 13/June 14. Extended time can be accommodated.   Please  email  Dan Josephson at Academic Approach email to schedule your ACT diagnostic test, specifying that you are a LaGuardia family.
SAT Summer Weekend Course
Held weekly on Sundays from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.
Registration closes on Thursday, June 4, 2020!

SAT Summer Weekday Course
Held weekly on Mondays and Wednesday from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
Registration closes on Friday, July 24, 2020!

ACT Summer Weekday Course
Held weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 - 6:30 PM
Registration closes on Friday, June 24, 2020!

Each practice test will take place on a Saturday, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   
Semi-Annual Sale on SAT/ACT Prep

Applerouth, a college admissions test prep company, is running its  semi-annual sale  in June on SAT and ACT prep.  For those of you who are thinking about the SAT/ACT, these tests will be back up and running by Fall.   As always, their diagnostic tests  are free.  Also , they have added a whole series of  free webinars.

The safety of students and test center staff is ACT's top priority.  ACT has rescheduled its April 4 national test date to June 13 across the U.S. in response to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  All students registered for the April 4 test date will receive an email from ACT in the next few days informing them of the postponement and instructions for free rescheduling to June 13 or a future national test date.   Learn more.

All students can register for the November or December administration at this time.  Students who registered for (and didn't cancel) the June SAT and current high school juniors and seniors with no previous SAT score can register now for the August, September, or October SAT before those test dates become available to your teen.  If your teen prefers to register for the August, September, or October test dates, please check back for available seats starting at 8:00 p.m. ET on June 3.

For students who are eligible for a fee waiver, don't forget to accept the benefits before registering.

Adding Capacity Throughout the Summer
Together with our members and local communities we're working hard throughout the summer to add more test centers and available seats. We typically update our systems on Tuesdays and Thursdays by 12:00 p.m. ET, so keep checking to see if something new has opened in your area.  We'll also provide updates periodically via email and social media when we add new test center capacity.  We may have limited capacity in certain areas due to public health restrictions, so if your teen can't find a nearby test center with availability, be sure to check other dates.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR COLLEGE ADMISSION COUNSELLING (NACAC).   NACAC is providing this online tool as a central resource for information about changes in college admission events,  deposit dates, and more as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.  -  visit the website .
FAFSA and CSS Profile Applications
These are the two primary financial aid application sites used by colleges and universities.  Go to: and
If you haven't completed it yet - get started - money goes to the early birds!
Do you know an incoming student or someone who is trying to decide whether their student should attend LaGuardia next year?  If so, please share with them this information about the van service through Rocblvd from Staten Island, eastern Queens, and Brooklyn to LaGuardia.  The vans are all insured and licensed with seatbelts and are air-conditioned.  You can also track your student's location in the van service via apps so that you know when the driver arrives at the destination.  The van service comes highly recommended from other parents.
Round trip daily service is $19.00, including gas, tolls and tunnels.  Children's traveling time will be cut in almost half.
To learn more about the service, please email Ann Lopa at
The PA Executive Board is not affiliated with, nor in any way endorses, the service.

Organizations are adding new virtual learning options!  Here are some of the many - we will continue to add!
If you received a 2020 Alumni & Friends Summer Study Scholarship please know that we are working closely with families and the summer programs to process all scholarships. It is important that students communicate with us if there have been any changes to the programs. All Summer Study Scholarship inquiries can be sent to
The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy
Amas Musical Theatre's award-winning 
after-school program

July 14 - 30 - Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays
Open to Everyone Ages 12-18

The classes are scheduled from 10:00 AM - 3:45 PM online through the Zoom platform as follows:

SUMMER DANCE JAM 10:00 - 11:15 AM
Get up off the couch and put on your dancing shoes! This class taught and lead by Monica Celeste Johnson and guest artists, features ballet barre, jazz warm-ups, dancercise fitness, tap basics and theatre style jazz.

VOICE STUDIO 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Students will work on all Broadway styles ranging from Golden Age to contemporary musical theater to pop music. Students will perform using piano tracks and work towards bringing their storytelling, musicianship, and personality into their songs.
ACTING 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
It's time to hone your acting skills! Using monologues, and scene work students will explore the use of imaginary circumstances, and examine character, relationship, objectives and obstacles. Classes will begin with exercises for relaxation, concentration, and sensitivity to other actors.
There's a lot going on in today's world and you have a lot to say about it Learn about the craft of playwriting through the study of the basic elements of drama (action, character, conflict, dialogue). The goal is to read the plays with an invited audience at the conclusion of the class - live via the Zoom platform.

Single Class:  $250
Two Classes:  $400
Three Classes: $600
Four Classes  $750

To learn more or register,  click here.
Broadway Official Online Masterclass (BOOM) Presents:

LaG Alumnus Thatcher Pitkoff (Instrumental, '19) is currently an intern with BOOM, and he is giving other LaG students a leg up with summer program info.  The online summer intensive is a 2-week course from July 13-24, 2020.  There are two age groups: 12-17 and 18+.  Thatcher stated it's a great way for LaGuardia students to have access to Broadway stars, learn from the pros, and build networks.  He also noted how valuable masterclasses were for hIs when he was a LaGuardia student.  Many thanks for helping our students!  Different costs for each program:  $500-$610.  For further info, click here.
Dates: July 6-10, 13-18, 2020, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Fully accessible and FREE for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students.
Since 2007, IRT Theater has served the downtown theater community by providing space, support and community for independent artists through its 3B Development Series.  The progressive Young Actors Laboratory program still covers all the theater essentials, like physical-acting technique, improvisation & script writing, but with a decidedly downtown twist.  This year's unique summer experience will include a fusion of sign language, spoken word, mime, storytelling, dance and music.  This is a great choice for students, hearing, Deaf, and Hard-of Hearing, who are interested in theater but eager to try something more offbeat than, say, Oklahoma.  No prior acting experience necessary.  Artists of all disciplines encouraged to apply.  Bring an open mind, and have it blown away!  For more information and to register.
Join a remote, biweekly class for the summer for teens ages 14-16 broken up into two four-week sessions.  The first four weeks we will have two classes a week.  During one, we will write scenes on a prompt given each week and begin to discuss the basics of playwriting, such as dramatic structure, character construction, and dialogue.  The other meeting we will read a play a week and discuss what it can teach us about playwriting, concerning the variations of form and styles in different dramatic movements.  For the second four-weeks, the play reading class will remain the same, but the writing class will be focusing on developing and writing short one act plays.  The class will culminate in a Zoom reading of the completed plays with actors reading the students' writing.  The fee for the class is $160 for all 8 weeks.  For more information - or 347-853-0171. 
The Cooper Union is committed to academic excellence in all of our pursuits; the current circumstances offer a unique opportunity to advance our thinking and creativity. We are therefore now offering our Pre-college Summer Courses online with the same high standards for intellectual engagement and collaboration as in any Cooper classroom. 

Please review the links below and register now!
Introduction to Architecture with The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture
Summer Art Intensive with the School of Art
Summer STEM with the Albert Nerken School of Engineering
Summer Writing Program

Summer Classes

Experience the cultural vibrancy of FIT and NYC while choosing from over 130 long and short-term courses in art, fashion, merchandising, international marketing, photography, interior design, film, and media and more...  Learn more

College Now online courses offered during the summer semester are open to NYC public high school students meeting academic eligibility requirements and entering 11th or 12th grade in September 2020.   Participation is free . Learn more !
  1. Be well-informed (i.e., developing a nuanced understanding of our history, government, civil society institutions and current affairs); 
  2. Be productively engaged in working for the common good (i.e., being active in their communities and able to work with all kinds of people without fear or contempt to craft solutions to their common problems); and 
  3. Be hopeful about our democracy
The Met is the place to be for teens.  Check out classes, workshops, and special events designed especially for teens to develop their skills, and connect with art, ideas, and other young people. Program times and topics vary.
Application Deadline: Thursday, June 25, 2020

Here's a fun idea for remote learning. Is your child great at explaining math or science concepts? They could create a video for a chance to win a $250,000 scholarship. Students ages 13 through 18 are invited to create a short- under three minutes- video explaining a challenging concept in physics, mathematics, or the life sciences in an engaging, illuminating, and creative way. This year, there is an additional COVID-19 category, and students are encouraged to help educate the world about this global health crisis by sharing the science or math behind the causes, impacts and potential solutions.
In addition to awarding a $250,000 college scholarship to the winner, the Breakthrough Junior Challenge will give the winner's teacher a $50,000 prize and the winner's school a new $100,000 science lab.  For more details, check out the website
Application Deadline: Saturday, August 15th

The Eye-Bank recognizes outstanding students with the Young Ambassador Scholarship in Memory of Christopher Nordquist. The annual $3,000 award to an eligible student is made possible through private contributions given to The Eye-Bank in memory of Christopher, who was two when he died and left the gift of sight.  The Scholarship in his memory is intended to encourage young people to pursue learning and to help spread the message about the priceless gift almost anyone can leave after death - the gift of sight through eye donation.

What a wonderful experience - 
our LaG Community is truly the best!

We do not have any requests from LaGuardia teachers at this time!
All meetings take place virtually! (of course)

     ONGOING:  Mondays at 7:15 PM Music Studio Meetings
                         LAST MUSIC STUDIO MEETING:  JUNE 22

     ONGOING:  Fridays at 7:00 PM Dance Studio Meetings
                         LAST DANCE STUDIO MEETING:  JUNE 19

     ONGOING:  Sundays at 10:30 AM Freshman Meetings - NEW

Wednesday, June 17, at 7:30 PM

     Monday, June 22, at 8:00 PM

Tuesday, June 23,  at 7:30 PM
PA Meeting -  General Meeting and  Elections

Wednesday, June 24, Time  TBA
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