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Issue 39
June 16, 2019
Dear LaGuardia Families,

To all the men in our lives who have supported and guided us
Thank you!

P  R  O  M
P  R  O  M
P  R  O  M

If you were lucky enough to see our Seniors off to the Prom, then you know how amazing they looked - our young adults off to see the world!  And a huge thank you to parents who heeded our last-minute call to help setup Prom decorations - you are lifesavers!

Congratulations (and thank you!) to our newly-elected PA Executive Board and SLT Board for the 2019-2020 school year! 

Thank you to all of the nominees and everyone who came out and voted.   There are still so many ways to get involved and many available volunteer positions and committees that need your help. 
Please reach out the the Parents Association at if you are interested!  Please scroll down for information on the five positions open on our Hospitality & Volunteer Coordinator Committee!

Co- Presidents: Elisabeth Rucell & Melissa Scott
Co- VPs: Jill Bernstein & Kal Dolgin
Recording Secretary: David Ross
Assistant Secretary: Beth Machlan
Treasurer: Irene Glazer
Assistant Treasurer: Nan Hawley  
Community Involvement: Pamela French, Emily Furlani
Academic Forum: Kristen Metzger, Lynda Pierini, Susanna Lyubarsky, Pamela Rytter 
Dance Studio Reps: Alice Tse, Linda Florin
Art Studio Reps: Jodi Isman, Camilla Calamandrei
Tech Studio Reps: Lisa Dabney, Catherine Dunning
Drama Studio Reps: Meg Kearns-Stanley, Lauren McGrail
Music (Instrumental): Katherine Levine, 1 position still open
Music (Vocal): Karen Oberlin Hadju, Susan Beyer Lopez
Freshman Rep: elected in Fall 2019 
Michael Donovan
Meg Kearns-Stanley
Lori Diamond
Joe Clancy
Freshman SLT elected in Fall 2019
Shindy Johnson has tendered her resignation as 2018-2019 PA President. The PAEB thanks Shindy for her commitment, hard work,  and generous service throughout the year. A thank you to  Elisabeth Rucell, one of our newly-elected Co-presidents for next year who will be serving as PA President for the remainder of the 2018-2019 academic year.

As we are all aware, there has been much activity among students, teachers, parents, and alumni regarding actions they wish our Administration and the DOE would take to assure our school's bright future.
The morning of Friday, May 31st, student representatives met with LaGuardia HS Administrators, sans Dr. Mars.  After which at 11:19 AM, the start of 4th period lunch, the students initiated a silent sit-in. This sit-in occurred concurrently with the 119-15 vote of no confidence by the teachers and staff, which was held by the LaGuardia Union Chapter of the UFT (United Federation of Teachers).  
This vote and student sit-in resulted in multiple meetings starting  Monday, June 3rd , between Superintendent Vivian Orlen, the Executive Superintendent Marisol Rosales, other DOE members and the students, teachers, and LaGuardia Parents Association (PA) Executive Board members, respectively.  Afterwards, the LaGuardia PA Executive Board wrote a letter to the DOE summarizing the chief concerns expressed in their meeting with the superintendents.  The LaGuardia PA Executive Board informed the parent body with a notice in the  June 2nd  Sunday Night News, and by an email letter to the parent body with attached summaries of the meetings, sent by the PA's Constant Contact on  Wed June 5th , and by the school through PupilPath/Casenex on  Mon June 10th .  The parents of the Technical Theater department also wrote a letter to Dr. Mars outlining their concerns and requests.
Since then, there has been continued activism on the part of many groups. The student government has its official Instagram page at SGO.  There are also two new closed Facebook pages as well: PA~M&A~LAG Legacy Group created May 31st by an alumna for students, parents, and teachers, which has over 3,200 members; and LaGuardia Advocates for Change created by students and parents on June 1st with over 130 members. In an effort to continue to provide you with information, you may find these links informative.  The superintendents have been very actively engaged. 
Superintendent Vivian Orlen:
Executive Superintendent Marisol Rosales:
Chancellor Richard Carranza:

Please understand that these sites do not represent the voice of the  LaGuardia PA Executive Board on these matters; we are simply disseminating the information as we have it to keep you updated. 

Thank you. 

And now - last week we asked you - this week we are truly begging you to remind your student that tomorrow is the last day for LOCKER CLEAN-OUT!   By  Monday, June 17, all belongings and locks must be removed from the lockers as the school will start removing locks and disposing of any locker contents. Students can still use the same locker and lock on the days they are taking Regents Exams, but after Monday, lockers are for day-use only. If you leave your lock behind, you will have to purchase a new lock in September.

Regular schedule weeks are now a thing of the past!  After tomorrow, it's time for Regents!  Here's the schedule...

Regents Exams - Tuesday, June 18th thru Tuesday, June 25th
Morning Regents Exams: Morning Regents begin at 9:15 AM.   Doors to the school will open at 7:30 AM. Students are allowed to go to their lockers and to the cafeteria where breakfast will be served. 
Afternoon Regents Exams:  Afternoon Regents begin at 1:15 PM. Students should arrive by 12:45 PM. When students finish their exam, they will be directed to leave the building via the closest stairwell, quietly. If a student is meeting friends after a Regents exam, they should make plans and choose a meeting place OUTSIDE of the school building.

For more information on the schedule for Regents please refer to pages 24 & 25 of the Weekly Bulletin!
Busy people our LaGuardia Grads!   Please scroll to the bottom for a round-up of " Name in Lights !" and to see what they're doing.

Also, we thought you may enjoy a glimpse of LaGuardia students through the years!   LaGuardia in 1997   and from four years ago... LaGuardia in 2015!

Elisabeth Rucell
PA President


As always, the key is for us all to participate, 
regardless of the amount.  

Upcoming Events -- Calendar Info

Dates and times may be subject to change. We will update you on the correct dates and times closer to the events.
  • Tuesday, June 18th thru Tuesday, June 25th : Regents Week (no school for students not taking exams or called for rehearsals)
  • Monday, June 24th:  June Regents Scoring Day.  Classes not in session - students do not attend school
  • Monday, June 24th:  Graduation
  • Wednesday, June 26th: Last day of school - come for report card & schedule pickup
  • Monday, July 1st:  Summer School begins
  • Thursday, September 5th: School begins
Click here to view the DOE 2019-2020 School Calendar.

Be sure to read the La! Weekly Bulletin every week!

For a comprehensive list, check the LaGuardia School Calendar. You can have the school calendar automatically appear on your phone, device or computer calendar. For instructions, click here.

Sing4PR is a benefit concert featuring the voices of NYC's LaGuardia High School. These passionate teenagers will sing from 6-8 PM on June 23rd for your tickets and donations. All proceeds will be donated to Teens4PR to be channeled directly towards hurricane relief and reconstruction in Puerto Rico. The event will take place at the Laurie Beechman theater, 407 W. 42nd St, the prime cabaret location in the West Bank Cafe of Midtown. 

Organized by Teens4PR volunteer and LaGuardia student, Gabriela Veciana, your ticket will not only support the victims of hurricane destruction but you will be rewarded with a night of beautiful music. 
Tickets are $20 and are available both online and at the door. There is an additional $20 food/beverage minimum.  Purchase tickets online!
To learn more, visit


Feel some LaGuardia pride over the summer at 
Lincoln Center Out of Doors

Friday, August 2nd at 7:00 PM!

Sing, Sing, Sing , from the Graduation Dance Concert, will be performed by our senior dancers and the senior jazz band at Lincoln Center Out of Doors in Damrosch Park 
More information is  available here!  
Volunteer Opportunities
The Hospitality and Volunteer Coordination Committee needs FIVE members to ensure that our student's events have the volunteers needed to rehearse and then to work the concessions and other activities!  Not only do you have the satisfaction of being involved with the shows, but it's a great way to meet other parents!  Contact us to find out how you can help. Email .

Fundraising Committee
We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers. Fundraising is the lifeblood of the Parents Association. We need some creative, dogged, persistent volunteers to work on our many fundraising initiatives particularly our All School Appeal (ASA). Thanks to the parents who are involved in launching our All-School Appeal. To learn more, contact

We can always use people who have experience with grant writing . Thank you to our parents how have already started to work on a grant to benefit LaGuardia Students. Stay tuned!

Email us at: You can also sign up to volunteer here.

NYU Langone Health
Child Study Center Webinars

Celebrating Diversity in LGBTQ Youth
June 25, 2019, 1:00 to 1:30 PM
A free online webinar

The most recent studies suggest that as many as 1 in 30 children identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ). These youth face unique challenges, including increased rates of rejection from their families, stigma and discrimination at school and in employment, and dealing with a healthcare system that can be ignorant of their needs. These challenges add up and can lead to an increased risk of mental health concerns. And yet, despite these challenges and adversities, LGBTQ youth often demonstrate tremendous vitality, resilience, and pride in their experience. In this webinar with Dr. Samantha Busa and social worker Jeremy Wernick, which is timed to coordinate with the 50th anniversary of the launch of the modern LGBTQ rights movement, we celebrate the strengths of LGBTQ youth and learn how we can build a healthier community by celebrating and honoring their diverse experiences.
Presenters: Samantha Busa, PsyD and Jeremy A. Wernick MSW

Every week we add to our list of amazing opportunities for your students - arts courses, STEM, portfolio building, community service opportunities - summer, year-round - there's truly something for everyone!  We'll highlight the new ones here and then migrate them to the full list on our website


Use Torus to find the perfect program for your student. Explore your interests, build your community outside of school and get ahead with after school and summer programs in your area.

Joan Mitchell Foundation: NYC Youth Art Program Directory
Browse this comprehensive directory for a wide-variety of programs in the arts - if it's in one of the five boroughs, most likely you'll find it here!

Goddard Riverside Community Center Seeks Tutors
Star Learning Center, a program of Goddard Riverside Community Center, is seeking volunteer tutors for our 2019 summer session. The program runs from July 1st through August 16th . Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Star provides one-to-one tutoring to underserved youth from across the city. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in working with students from 2nd to 12th grade. Each tutor must be able to commit a two-hour block of time, once a week for all seven weeks of the program to be matched with a child. Tutoring takes place Monday through Friday (Fridays until 12:30 pm only). We have evening hours until 7:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The full schedule appears on the application. Interested individuals should visit our web page at:
and click on the link for the Tutoring Application: Summer


We are hosting several health science camps this summer in New York and Florida. Please select the following links to learn more:

Middle School and High School students are invited to participate in a no-cost Virtual Community Health Ambassador Program. In this summer internship, you will become a digital health advocate. 

Learn about public health, social media marketing, health care disparities and biomedical careers.  Chance to win prizes. Network with health professionals and scientists. Earn community service credit.

You will be invited to attend a series of webinars on Tuesdays in July from 10am to 12pm EST.

... to find these and many more, you can visit  their new home on the PA website!  

Former team members & new recruits:  Swim practice begins AUGUST 19th-30th, Mon-Fri from 11am at JOHN JAY PARK, E. 77th Street and York Ave. (not to be confused with John Jay College), please bring lock, swim cap, & swimsuit.  (New recruits:  Must be able to tread water for min. 5 minutes, only fastest and committed will be accepted.)

TRYOUTS will begin Sept. 5th, 6th, and 9th, place to be announced at a later date.
The parent of an incoming freshman student has organized a new Van service through Rocblvd from Staten Island and Brooklyn to LaGuardia.   The vans are all insured and licensed with seatbelts and are air conditioned. You can also track your student's location in the van service via apps so that you know when the driver arrives at the destination. The van service comes highly recommended from other parents.

Round trip daily service is $19.00 including gas, tolls and tunnels. Children's traveling time will be cut in almost half.
To learn more about the service, please email Ann Lopa at
The PA Executive Board is not affiliated with, nor in any way endorses the service.


Sign-up for Story2 to receive free help on your shaping your college essay into stories that convey character and purpose.

New Settlement's College Access Center  is offering a free summer program for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are interested in visiting colleges and preparing for the admissions and financial aid process.  View the flyer  to learn more.

$402,838 has benefitted LaGuardia students so far! 
While the LaGuardia Community has made most of these contributions, many have been made by corporate donors, foundations (via matching grants) and unaffiliated individuals inspired by our teachers. When a project is close to being fully funded you will notice individuals from across the country pitching in to finish the project


Help Mr. Fransowie with his project to purchase a color printer for his students.

The goal of my project is to provide my students with access to color printing and higher quality instructional material. This can help me support students who do not have access to printing at home and allow me to better serve my students.

The printer would be a piece of essential classroom equipment for my students.
Very often, students come to me looking for help in printing their projects or presentations for science class. In addition, students come to me looking for teacher recommendation letters to send along with their college applications. I really want to keep providing them with these letters which honestly, are rightfully theirs. My students can benefit greatly from handouts, worksheets for in-class use, and homework assignments. To continue to do what I do now, and to provide my students with other much-needed resources, I need your help.

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that allows private individuals to donate to public school classroom projects. LaGuardia teachers post many project requests on DonorsChoose throughout the school year for one simple reason: the NYC Department of Education does not provide many of the materials, technology and other essentials that make LaGuardia great.
DonorsChoose donations are eligible for most employers' matching gift programs.

Your LaGuardia student can download a FREE copy of the latest Microsoft Office software!  Click here for details.

Parents and guardians of NYC public school kids can be eligible for FREE Wi-Fi at home through The New York Public Library's Library HotSpot program, designed for patrons without home internet.

For more information, click here.
Donate Via Amazon

Please bookmark this Amazon link -- there's no cost to you and our school receives a percentage of qualifying purchases. Please share the link widely with friends and family:

(Hint: Bookmark the link & benefit our school at no cost to you!)
Give Community Partners cards to your friends and family members! Shop. Eat. Donate.


Meeting dates for the 2019-2020 School Year will be announced once our schedule is finalized.

Subscribe to the School Calendar:
You can have the school calendar automatically appear on your phone, device or computer calendar.

For instructions, click here.

We try to reach as many LaGuardia parents as possible. If you know a parent who is not getting these emails, please have them sign up by going to

Fill out all of the information needed and make sure you click the LaGuardia Families list and your student's studio list. Fill out all of the information requested for LaGuardia Families (put in the studio and graduation year of the student or you will NOT get emails from your studio or for your student's specific year - for example, college news for seniors).
Be sure to read the La! Weekly Bulletin every week!