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Issue 34
May 12, 2019
Dear LaGuardia Families,

Today's celebration is clearly not about the weather - but about the people in our lives who assume the mantle of "mother."  I hope you spent time enjoying each other...

Parents of juniors (and sophomores too!) who are now beginng the college application process, you don't want to miss the upcoming  Academic Forum meeting on May 15 at 6:00 p.m. about how to choose the ACT or the SAT for your child.  Information on free Regents Study Guides is also included in the College 101 section below.

We have two quiet weeks ahead, performance-wise, which means we can focus on our Online Auction!   Due to the number of last-minute donations (YAY!!!), we are delaying the start/launch of the online auction until next Monday, May 20th at 8:00 AM which willl then run until Sunday, June 2nd at 10:00 PM. Thanks for your patience and to all of the people still sending in donations!  We're still welcoming donations if you have one to send!  This will be a fabulous fundraiser for LaG!   Please scroll down for more information!  

This past Thursday, over 90 parents attended attended the 1st
Theatre Studio Party at Camp Friendship in Brooklyn hosted by Parents of Drama & Tech Students.  Parents from multiple studios with students in all grades, including incoming freshmen, danced & mingled and ate & drank while the disco lights revolved and the DJ played songs from a number of years ago!   Thank you to the parent volunteers who made this happen and keep an eye out for the next event, most likely in the Fall!

Also, take a moment to scroll down and read the latest issue of the New York Foundling Newsletter about Managing Stress - you'll learn about innovative ideas such as essential oils - a touch of lavender perhaps?!

The  Senior Art Show #5 has now been open for over a week - here's a sampling of what you'll see when you to stop by and enjoy what young people can create.

More news about LaGuardia Grads!  Please scroll to the bottom for a round-up of " Name in Lights !" and to see what they're doing.
Thank you to everyone who attended our second-to-last PA Meeting last Tuesday.  At our next & last meeting of the year on June 11th, we will vote for Executive Board positions.  

Here is what you need to know:
  1. All elected PA positions terms are for one year only.  
  2. Some positions run as a slate and some as individuals.  Please see the attached bylaws for descriptions of the MANY EB positions.
  3. If you want to know more about a position or are considering running, email me at  Many parents are graduating.  Join the PA and keep it vibrant. Plan. Prepare. Pitch. BE SINCERE. COMMIT TO THE WORK NOT JUST THE TITLE.
  4. If you have the passion for making our excellent school a better place and can commit to the work, please consider running for office.  many positions including the presidency will be vacant with no incumbent.  Even if there is an incumbent, you can nominate yourself if you have a passion for that role.  For slates, get together with someone you know who is hardworking and delivers results.  Call me. I am happy to talk you through it.
Consider a role in your studio.  Each studio has its own board. 

Please email nomination forms by Friday, May 31st. N omination forms will also be accepted from the floor on the night of the election. The election will take place at the General PA meeting on  Tuesday, June 11th.
The only qualification to run for office is that you be a parent of a child currently attending our school (however, as per the Chancellor's regulations, DOE employees are not allowed to run, even if they have a child in the school).
For complete info on the available LaGuardia PA positions and to download a 2019-2020 nomination form, please see below.

Please get involved and  make LaGuardia  a better place for your student! 

Shindy Johnson
PA President

PS: We are developing a vibrant social media presence.  Don't miss out on photos and videos that don't make it into this newsletter.


As always, the key is for us all to participate, 
regardless of the amount.  

ASA Goal: $140,000
Current Progress: $131,470
Distance to goal: ($8,530)

The LaG One Day Campaign is the PA's last campaign to equip four classrooms with smart boards at a cost of $24,000.  
More information on the LaG One Day Campaign coming soon!

Your gift with donation only to the LaG One Day Campaign. To learn more come to the May 7th PA Meeting or


What wonderful item were you able to obtain last week for our Spring Auction?  The Auction benefits EVERY STUDIO and each year there are many amazing items on which to bid - which is great - but we need your help in obtaining these items!  Here's a link to the Auction Donation form!

Our students are busy preparing for upcoming events including the Spring Drama Festival #3 - Two Gentlemen of Verona and Graduation Dance Concert.  Please scroll down for more information and ticket sales.

The Senior Prom is also approaching - Saturday, June 15th at the Marriott Marquis.  We'll be including more information about ticket sales in the coming weeks.  And, if your student isn't a "prom type" kid, the NYPL offers some alternatives throughout the boros -

Tuesday, May 14th, is our next Fairway Double Day. This is the day our purchases count twice towards Fairway's donation.  Please plan to shop on that day - scroll to the end of this newsletter for additional information - and thank you!

We continue to add  SUMMER & "UNUSUAL" OPPORTUNITIES  - please scroll down for some new options and of course checkout the PA Website for a full listing.  
Upcoming Events -- Calendar Info

Dates and times may be subject to change. We will update you on the correct dates and times closer to the events.
  • Wednesday, May 15th : Academic Forum: ACT vs. SAT at 6:00 PM
  • Monday, May 27th: Memorial Day - No School
  • Thursday, May 30th: SDF #3
  • Friday, May 31st: Graduation Dance Concert
  • Friday, May 31st: SDF #3
  • Saturday, June 1st: Graduation Dance Concert
  • Saturday, June 1st: SDF #3
  • Sunday, June 2nd: Graduation Dance Concert
  • Sunday, June 2nd: SDF #3
  • Tuesday, June 4th: Eid Al-Fitr (School closed)
  • Thursday, June 6th: Chancellors PD Day (School closed)
  • Friday, June 7th: Semi-Annual Art Show
  • Tuesday, June 11th: General PA Meeting - 7:00 PM | Studio Meeting 6:00 PM
Click here to view the DOE 2018-2019 School Calendar.

Be sure to read the La! Weekly Bulletin every week!

For a comprehensive list, check the LaGuardia School Calendar. You can have the school calendar automatically appear on your phone, device or computer calendar. For instructions, click here.

Wednesday, May 15th at 6:00 PM

It's SAT vs ACT...
The next Academic Forum will be on Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00 PM in Room 457. Kristina Semos, owner and founder of Ivy Lounge Test Prep, will present Demystifying the SAT and the ACT.   The presentation will cover the pros and cons of both tests and how to choose the right test for your child. 


A Musical
Thursday, May 30th at 7:30 PM
Friday, May 31 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, June 1 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, June 2 at 2:00 PM



Friday, May 31 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, June 1 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, June 2 at 5:00 PM

Featuring Bob Fosse's Sing, Sing, Sing with live music by the SENIOR JAZZ BAND! And works by Arthur Mitchell, Darshan Bhuller, Blakeley White-McGuire, Chanel DaSilva and Joey Smith. 


For information about joining our Mental Health and Wellness Committee please e mail .

A new report by the Child Mind Institute,  Talking to Teens About Anxiety is  available here .

Every week we add to our list of amazing opportunities for your students - arts courses, STEM, portfolio building, community service opportunities - summer, year-round - there's truly something for everyone!  We'll highlight the new ones here and then migrate them to the full list on our website


Are you  interested in figuring out how to make impact on issues you care about, in and beyond your school and community? Do you want to gain new skills, meet new people, analyze connections between issues, and create campaigns to help peers be more informed and engaged in key issues of our times like gender justice, immigration, school equity/segregation, violence and community transformation, and political polarization?

YVote ( looking for budding activists and leaders to continue to build a cross-partisan youth voting and civic engagement movement, focused on making a positive difference in communities, at and beyond the ballot box.

Seeking teens and young adults with a strong sense of their passion and an ability to write about it. They will soon be launching "How I Found My Passion," a new series of guest blog posts featuring teens and young adults sharing their experiences with finding a subject or field or job that excites them and gives them a sense of meaning and joy.
They're looking for stories that have an "arc," or a beginning, middle and end.  Posts should be about 500-700 words and would pay $50 upon publication.  Submission Form

Walter A. Hunt, Jr. Scholarship 
This scholarship promotes and encourages the study of architecture by New York City public high school students through a two-year scholarship to supplement tuition and related costs during their freshman and sophomore years at architecture school. Click here for more information and submission requirements  
Application Deadline:  May 15th at 5:00 PM

Goddard Riverside Community Center Seeks Tutors
Star Learning Center, a program of Goddard Riverside Community Center, is seeking volunteer tutors for our 2019 summer session. The program runs from July 1st through August 16th . Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Star provides one-to-one tutoring to underserved youth from across the city. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in working with students from 2nd to 12th grade. Each tutor must be able to commit a two-hour block of time, once a week for all seven weeks of the program to be matched with a child. Tutoring takes place Monday through Friday (Fridays until 12:30 pm only). We have evening hours until 7:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The full schedule appears on the application. Interested individuals should visit our web page at:
and click on the link for the Tutoring Application: Summer


Discovery Guide positions at the Bronx Zoo are open to youth aged 14 to 24. As a Bronx Zoo Discovery Guide, you will join the Education Department in its mission to inspire a diverse and inclusive movement of conservation advocates. You may do this by engaging zoo visitors in fun, educational activities throughout the park; by assisting Conservation Educators in programs like summer camp; or by advocating for wildlife and the environment through a WCS campaign. There are many exciting opportunities for you to take advantage of, and opportunities to grow within the program throughout the seasons. To apply for or learn more about the Discovery Guide Program,  click here. For additional questions or assistance, email

Little Essentials (LE) improves the health, safety and well-being of children living in poverty by providing urgently needed resources and parenting education to families in crisis.  High School Students: Summer Program LE offers High School students the opportunity to work in an exciting non-profit environment, during their summer break. Students are required to make a regular commitment to an agreed-upon work schedule, but total number of hours can be flexible. Ideal candidates will be available to work 10 - 20 hours per week, for a minimum of eight weeks. Start and end dates to be determined (and can vary by student).  Application due May 24th

... to find these and many more, you can visit  their new home on the PA website!  


Sunday, May 19, 2019
1:00 PM
The New York Hilton Midtown
Sutton Complex
1335 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

The program begins promptly at 1:00 PM with a 30-minute information session. A college fair follows immediately afterwards, lasting approximately 1.5 hours. This program is open to the public and free of charge.   Register online.  See the entire list of sessions here.

Sign-up for Story2 to receive free help on your shaping your college essay into stories that convey character and purpose.

Guy Hauptman with VideoTutor is offering free Study Guides and videos on how to pass the following exams: Algebra 1, Living EnvironmentGeometryChemistryAlgebra 2  and Physics.  
The videos and study guides cover some of the easiest and most commonly asked concepts on these exams, including how to successfully answer multiple choice and short answer questions.
While there is also an option to purchase complete online courses for a nominal one-time fee, each one of my online video series comes with a 100% money back guarantee in the event that a student fails an exam after watching the entire video series prior to the exam. 

The success rate of passing the Regents after going through these online courses is remarkable.  I welcome you to read testimonials for any of the courses on the linked websites.  The feedback that I receive from parents, students and teachers is truly gratifying!
Soccer Girls' Jr. Varsity:  Congrats for a 6-1 over Bronx H.S.   Shoutout to Tomoe L. for her mighty 7 saves!!!
Fencing Girls' Varsity:  Congrats for a convincing 90-45 win over F. Douglass Academy.  Bravo to all the team members, who each scored 5 touches or more in Epee and Foil.
Softball Girls' Varsity:  Congrats for a 19-4 win over East Harlem Pride.  Kudos to Amanda H. for great pitching.

Over $400,521 has benefitted LaGuardia students so far! 
While the LaGuardia Community has made most of these contributions, many have been made by corporate donors, foundations (via matching grants) and unaffiliated individuals inspired by our teachers. When a project is close to being fully funded you will notice individuals from across the country pitching in to finish the project

Our teachers are busy sharing their new supplies with our students and thinking of new ways to enhance their teaching!

DonorsChoose is a nonprofit organization that allows private individuals to donate to public school classroom projects. LaGuardia teachers post many project requests on DonorsChoose throughout the school year for one simple reason: the NYC Department of Education does not provide many of the materials, technology and other essentials that make LaGuardia great.
DonorsChoose donations are eligible for most employers' matching gift programs.
Volunteer Opportunities:
Fundraising Committee
We are still looking for volunteers. Fundraising is the lifeblood of the Parents Association. We need some creative, dogged, persistent volunteers to work on our many fundraising initiatives particularly our All School Appeal (ASA). Thanks to the parents who are involved in launching our All-School Appeal. To learn more, contact

The Hospitality and Volunteer Coordination Committee is essential to the success of the countless events and shows that LaGuardia annually produces. Contact us to find out how you can help. Email

We can always use people who have experience with grant writing . Thank you to our parents how have already started to work on a grant to benefit LaGuardia Students. Stay tuned!

Email us at: You can also sign up to volunteer here.

Your LaGuardia student can download a FREE copy of the latest Microsoft Office software!  Click here for details.

Parents and guardians of NYC public school kids can be eligible for FREE Wi-Fi at home through The New York Public Library's Library HotSpot program, designed for patrons without home internet.

For more information, click here.
Donate Via Amazon

Please bookmark this Amazon link -- there's no cost to you and our school receives a percentage of qualifying purchases. Please share the link widely with friends and family:

(Hint: Bookmark the link & benefit our school at no cost to you!)
Give Community Partners cards to your friends and family members. Shop. Eat. Donate.


Tuesday, June 11th - General at 7:00 PM & Studios at 6:00 PM

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We try to reach as many LaGuardia parents as possible. If you know a parent who is not getting these emails, please have them sign up by going to

Fill out all of the information needed and make sure you click the LaGuardia Families list and your student's studio list. Fill out all of the information requested for LaGuardia Families (put in the studio and graduation year of the student or you will NOT get emails from your studio or for your student's specific year - for example, college news for seniors).
Be sure to read the La! Weekly Bulletin every week!