LaSalle School November E-Newsletter
Message from the
Director of Educational Services
Spring of 2020 challenged staff and students to find a new normal for learning, connected us in new ways and required us to make our good better, and our better best. Our fall has continued much of the same and may not be “normal,” but our learning will not only continue, but it will thrive. LaSalle's Educational Leadership Team was hard at work preparing for our in-person opening day, which was on September 8. Students and staff joined in our re-opening kick-off, with small groups participating in Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) activities that included a welcome back/overview, health and wellness training related to COVID-19, safety first- including program and mealtime expectations, as well as creating stepping stones for the LaSalle student garden.

As we continue a school year unlike one we have never seen in the past, our focus will remain embedded in our LaSallian mission: Every child, every day is finding a way to feel safe and connected, and every child, every day knows they have a champion (LaSalle School staff) they can turn to

Our Fall Re-opening plan offers flexibility to families, districts, and students with three options for instruction based on COVID-19 regional needs: in-person instruction, a hybrid model, and remote instruction. You may view LaSalle's re-opening plan by visiting our website or simply clicking here.

I want to thank our leadership team, board members and staff for their continued support in helping us continue to provide the necessary educational opportunities for our students.
Marilyn Saunders, CASAC
Director of Educational Services
LaSalle School Students Shining!

On Wednesday, October 28 three LaSalle students joined Executive Director Dave Wallace and Congressman Paul Tonko for a Zoom meeting to discuss their first time voting in the 2020 election. All of the students stressed to Congressman Tonko why they felt it was important to register and cast their votes for the very first time, their hopes for the next four years and the issues they currently find critical. Congressman Tonko congratulated each for recognizing their right to voice their opinions, and reminding them the elections belong to the people and to be part of the decision.

Following the call, Dave Wallace and students traveled together to the voting polls to cast their early ballots!

We want to thank Congressman Tonko for taking time just a few days before the election to talk with our first time voters.

We are proud to recognize one of our residential students and most recent high school graduates, Daniel Tripp. Dan began his virtual freshmen year at HVCC in September. He is currently enrolled in English 101 and Psychology 100. When asked what his favorite class was so for he stated, "psychology is my favorite because I get to understand how the mind works."

Though he rather be experiencing his freshmen year in person and have an opportunity to interact with his peers, he said his online class experience has not hindered him from learning, it is just a new thing to get used to for now.

Dan's goal is to become a social worker and looks to continue his education after earning his degree from HVCC.
Brian Dwyer was honored at the 36th Annual Youth Recognition Awards organized by the Rotary Club of Albany on October 21.

This award recognizes youth who have overcome obstacles in their lives from six of the local childcare and young adult agencies. LaSalle staff nominated Brian for his work ethic, determination and great spirit.

Brian was awarded with a brand new bike that he enjoys riding back and forth to work. Jim LaFave from campus ministry, and our transition coordinator Melissa Muscato joined Brain for this virtual event.

Congratulations Brian and keep shining!

Through the spiritual guidance of Jim LaFave of our campus ministry, four LaSalle students were recently Baptized at Life Church in Latham. All of these students are regulars at LaSalle's Wednesday evening youth night called Switch. This initiation sacrament leaves an indelible mark upon the newly baptized with the gift of the Holy Spirit. All of them are excited and happy to have taken this step in their young lives, the joy on the way there was nothing compared to the joy after their baptism on the way back.


On a beautiful fall day our annual Harvest Fest was enjoyed by all. Students enjoyed an afternoon of fun fall activities including, a donut eating competition, obstacle course, pumpkin painting, tasting of delicious caramel apples, and pumpkin ring toss. We wouldn't be able to end Harvest Fest without the now popular activity, the student competition lyric battle.
David Wallace, LCSW-R
Executive Director
LaSalle School
Henry McDougall Neilley, MD, FAAP
Greg Owens, LMSW
Deputy Commissioner & Director for the Office of Youth Justice in Albany
Adam Foss, JD
Founder & Executive Director
Prosecutor Impact in Boston
After two in-person date changes, this year's first virtual symposium was held on Wednesday, October 15 with great success. All of our speakers words were insightful and impactful to all who participated.

We are pleased to report 1,250 people registered for this year's symposium, and over 250 unique agencies were represented. This included early to higher education professionals, law enforcement, probation and parole representatives, human service agencies, doctors, nurses, county and state agencies, and victim assistance agencies. We had participants logged on from Rhode Island to Texas.

Selected video from this year's event will be made available on the LaSalle School website this week please continue to check our site. 

We invite those who wish to view visit LaSalle School ABSAT / ACEs webpage to view, and to read about the work of the LaSalle School ACEs and Brian Sciences Advancement team.

The ACEs Symposium would not be possible without the support of our sponsors who continue to help LaSalle School provide needed ACEs training. Thank you to CDPHP, DENA and School of Social Welfare at the University of Albany for your continuous support in our community!


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