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December 19, 2013

Let the Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) Task Force know how you feel about how education funding should be distributed to schools.
On Monday, January 6, 2014 the MFP Task Force will make final recommendations for BESE on how to distribute education funding.
Join other LaTEACH members at the MFP Task Force meeting:
WHEN:         1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Monday, January 6, 2013


WHERE:       Claiborne Building

1201 N. Third Street

Baton Rouge, LA  70802


MFP Task Force Chairman's Recommendations:

The recommendations submitted by the MFP Task Force Chairman are not aligned with what LaTEACH members have requested (i.e., to have funding based on the needs of students and equitable across school systems).  The MFP Task Force Chairman's Recommendations may be viewed by clicking here.  Recommendations related to special education include:

  • Double the amount of High Risk Pool funds for students with very high-cost disabilities.  These funds are distributed on a case-by-case basis to school systems based on requests to the Department of Education.  (High Risk Pool funds are not a part of the MFP.)
  • Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) to provide a recommendation for schools that serve large populations of students with dyslexia to receive additional weights in their formula.  (Dyslexia is not a special education classification.)

Click here to see the LaTEACH Fact Sheet on Education Funding.

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What To Do?

Participate in the MFP Task Force meeting and share your thoughts and concerns with MFP Task Force members.

Contact MFP Task Force Members, BESE members and Legislators and let them know how you feel about the funding formula.


Click here to find your Representative's contact information.

Click here to find your Senator's contact information. 

Click here to find out who your Representative and Senator are.


Click here to find your BESE member's contact information


Additional Information
The MFP, or Minimum Foundation Program, is the main funding formula for education of students in elementary and secondary schools.

LaTEACH members (parents) participated in the previous MFP Task Force meetings and shared recommendations for the funding formula to be consistent across all school systems and to consider the cost of services for students with significant needs.  See the LaDDCNews from March 1, 2013 Proposed Changes will not fix Funding Inequities. 

In addition, two years ago BESE was requested by the Legislature (Senate Concurrent Resolution 124 of 2012) to study and determine the most equitable funding methodology to address the individual needs of children with disabilities within the MFP formula and incorporate such methodology into the formula as soon as possible.  The MFP Task Force Chairman's recommendations suggest BESE further study the MFP, leaving the inequities the Senate requested to be addressed untouched.
Parents shared that the actual cost for services some students need are not reflected in the student's disability label or performance on standardized tests. The MFP Task Force Chairman's recommendations include a consideration of additional funding for schools that serve large numbers of students with dyslexia.  Some students with dyslexia meet the requirements to be identified with a disability, but most do not.  This recommendation raises two concerns.  First, this begins to consider basing funding formula on student disability labels (even though most students with dyslexia are not identified with a special education disability classification).  Parents (i.e., LaTEACH members) recommended avoiding a funding formula based on student disability labels because labels do not indicate need levels.  Second, this indicates increasing incentives for schools to become more segregated and serve students based on their disability label(s).  
Parents who testified to the MFP Task Force also requested the funding formula not be based on referral or identification rates, performance on standardized tests or graduation rates.  These were not included in the MFP Task Force Chairman's recommendations.
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