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Friday, July 17th
July 15th, 2015

The Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) will meet this Friday to consider the following issues:
  • Report on IDEA monitoring protocol
  • Policy update for students assessed on LAA 1
  • Report on LDOE guidance for the Deaf Child Bill of Rights
  • Presentation on special education planning resources for 15-16 school year
  • Report on LEA determination formula review process
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WHEN:          Friday, July 17th 2015


WHERE:       Claiborne Building

1201 N. Third Street

Baton Rouge, LA  70802


Click Here to see the agenda for the July 2015 SEAP meeting.  

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What To Do?

LaTEACH members are encouraged to attend SEAP meetings and share their thoughts and concerns with SEAP members.  LaTEACH promotes policies and practices to reflect the best interest of ALL students.


LaTEACH members are also encouraged to contact SEAP Members and let them know how you feel.  Send Patsy White, co-chair of SEAP, your thoughts and comments to

Additional Information
  • IDEA monitoring: SEAP will discuss LDOE's plan for monitoring school systems for special education services and performance.
  • Update on policy for students assessed on LAA 1:
    • LDOE requested for the USDOE to accept counting diplomas earned by students on LAA-1 in the school accountability index.
    • In March 2015 LDOE released Special Education Guidance Documents for High School Students indicated how students on LAA-1 could graduate (i.e., follow Act 833).
    • In April, LDOE released a power point indicating how students on LAA-1 entering high school in 2015-16 may earn a Career Diploma.  Advocates are uncertain how the LDOE press release on June 30, 2015 claims, "These students (assessed on LAA-1) are also not covered by the recently created Act 833..."
  • The Deaf Child Bill of Rights: Click Here to read Act 250 of the 2015 Legislative session.
  • LEA Determinations - Each year the LDOE makes determinations of how well each school system met performance targets on certain indicators relative to special education.  SEAP will offer feedback on the indicators and criteria to use in making determinations of school systems for next school year.
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