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January 20, 2015

What activities should the La. Department of Education prioritize to improve how students with disabilities are taught and served?

What targets should Louisiana set to indicate appropriate progress and/or success in providing special education supports and services?

What do you think successful completion of high school should look like for students with the most significant disabilities, students eligible to take the LAA-1 assessment?

Join other LaTEACH members and let Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP) know how you feel about these issues!

Participate in the SEAP meeting this Wednesday to share your opinions on these questions as the following issues will be discussed:
  • State Performance Plan and State Systematic Improvement Plan
  • Discussion of state activities in the (Federal) IDEA budget
  • Discussion of a successful high school outcome for students eligible for LAA-1 assessment
DATE:    Wednesday, January 21

TIME:     9:00 A.M.


PLACE:   Claiborne Building
                1201 N. Third Street
                Baton Rouge, LA  70802


Click HERE to see the agenda for the January 2015 SEAP meeting.  

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What To Do?

LaTEACH members are encouraged to attend SEAP meetings and share their thoughts and concerns with SEAP members.  LaTEACH promotes policies and practices to reflect the best interest of ALL students.


LaTEACH members are also encouraged to contact SEAP Members and let them know how you feel.  Send Patsy White, co-chair of SEAP, your thoughts and comments to

Important Information
State Performance Plan
The State Performance Plan (SPP) describes how Louisiana plans to improve implementation of special education.  One way the SPP must be used by each State is in making determinations of each Local Education Agencies (LEA) based on their performance of some of the indicators in teh SPP.  LEA determinations are made along the following four categories: met requirements, needs assistance, needs intervention or needs substantial intervention.  The 20 areas range from exit outcomes (i.e., high school diploma rates and dropout rates), participation and performance on standardized tests, suspensions and expulsions, placements, family involvement, identification, transition, supervision, and the handling of complaints, due process, resolution settlements and mediation agreements.

State Systematic Improvement Plan
The State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) is a new comprehensive,       multi-year plan designed to improve results for children with disabilities.  


The SSIP contains three phases: 

  1. Analysis of data and other information to provide a foundation for the SSIP 
  2. Development of the SSIP I
  3. Implementation and evaluation of the SSIP.  

During the first phase, States are required to conduct a thorough data and infrastructure analysis, identify the State-identified measurable result or results to be achieved for children with disabilities, select coherent improvement strategies, and develop a theory of action. 


Quality High School Outcomes for students who take the LAA-1 assessment

With the passage of Act 833, students who are eligible for the LAA-1 assessment now have an opportunity to earn a high school diploma through an alternative pathway. Until this year, Louisiana students who took the LAA-1 assessment were not able to earn a diploma.  SEAP will discuss how to define a quality outcome for students on LAA-1.   How will these students count in the school accountability system?  Currently, high schools are only able to count up to 1% of students who scored proficient on the LAA-1 assessment; however, schools do not get any points for other outcomes achieved by students in LAA-1.


FFY 2015 IDEA Budget

Each year the Louisiana Department of Education develops a plan with about 24 million special education (IDEA - Federal) dollars to address various priorities in supporting and monitoring school systems.  The budget showing these priorities will be revealed at SEAP.  Learn what the LDOE proposed priorities will be for the coming school year and share your perspective of what parents, teachers and administrators need from the LDOE to ensure students receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

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