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March 24, 2015

Join other LaTEACH members at the Special  Education Advisory Panel  ( SEAP) meeting this Friday and/or share your opinions on the following issues to be discussed:
  • State Systematic Improvement Plan
  • Proposal on successful high school outcomes for students eligible for LAA-1 assessment
  • Proposal on rules related to End of Course (EOC) scores in final course grades for students eligible for alternate pathway to a diploma (Act 833)
  • Budget for state special education (IDEA) activities

DATE:     Friday, March 27, 2015  

TIME:      9:00 A.M.


PLACE:   Claiborne Building
               1201 N. Third Street
               Baton Rouge, LA  70802


Click HERE to see the agenda for the March 2015 SEAP meeting.  

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What To Do?

LaTEACH members are encouraged to attend SEAP meetings and share their thoughts and concerns with SEAP members.  Send Patsy White, co-chair of SEAP, your thoughts and comments to

Important Information
State Systematic Improvement Plan
The State Systemic Improvement Plan is a new c omprehensive, multi-year plan designed to improve results for children with disabilities. SEAP will review a draft plan developed by stakeholders.


Quality High School Outcomes for students who take the LAA-1 assessment

With the passage of Act 833 of 2014, students eligible for the LAA-1 assessment now have an opportunity to earn a high school diploma through an alternative pathway.  SEAP will discuss a proposal by LDOE for students on LAA-1 to earn credits in applied level (individualized) courses. These course credits would count as requirements for the student to earn a diploma.  LDOE has shared this plan with some advocates and educators and received positive feedback for developing a plan that aligns graduation requirements for students on LAA-1 with the graduation requirements for all students.


EOC Scores in Final Course Grades

The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is proposing expanding an existing rule that counts the End-of-Course score as five percent of the final course grade for students on LAA-2 to include students on an alternate pathway for a diploma (Act 833).  For most students the End-of-Course test score counts for between 15% - 30% of their final course grade (the percentage is determined by the school district).  LaTEACH members were instrumental in getting the five percent rule passed for students on LAA-2 and it seems appropriate to expand this for students on an alternative pathway for a diploma.


IDEA Budget

Each year the Louisiana Department of Education develops a plan of activities to support and monitor school systems using about 24 million special education (IDEA - Federal) dollars.   LDOE's proposed plan (budget) for these activities will be revealed at SEAP. 

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