Congratulations LaTEACH Members!
Your Representatives 
Heard Your Voices!
May 8, 2014

Your advocacy worked!
Yesterday, after Representative Schroder merged HB993 into HB1015, HB1015 passed with a resounding vote of 99-0 with 81 representatives signing on as co-authors.  This bill will give students with disabilities a pathway to promotion and graduation with a diploma.
Thanks to all the LaTEACH members who confirmed they had contacted members of the House and the dozens of LaTEACH members in attendance yesterday to show support for and witness this historic event!
Next Steps: Senate Education

HB1015 will next be considered by the Senate Education Committee in the next couple of weeks.  There are many more steps before HB1015 is passed through the legislative process.


Contact members of the Senate Education Committee to tell them how you feel about these issues.

Representative John Schroder: 
A Champion of Positive Change for 
Students with Disabilities
Representative John Schroder demonstrated he was a true statesman for the rights of people with disabilities.  During his presentation of HB1015 to the Full House Representative Schroder recognized April Dunn (pictured below on the right) as a prime example for why students with disabilities deserve a pathway to earn a regular high-school diploma.

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LaTEACH is an initiative of the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council.