LaTEACH Information Alert!
Governor Jindal signed SB267!
(Equitable funding)

July 6, 2015

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your advocacy worked.  The Governor signed SB 267 by Senator Dan Claitor (equitable funding) into law. Act 467 of the 2015 Legislative session went into effect July 1st. Act 467 will:


  • require for the same funding formula to apply to all schools, traditional and charter (type 1, 2, 3 and 4) schools.
  • reduce incentives for charter schools to avoid serving students with disabilities.
  • require charter schools to serve not less than 85 percent of the average percentage of students with disabilities enrolled in the local public school districts from which the charter school enrolls its students. 
  • ensure that schools have the funding needed to provide supports and services for the students with disabilities that they serve.

Thanks to all who took part in LaTEACH's advocacy efforts for equitable funding this session.  Your phone calls, emails, visits with legislators, and trips to the Capitol have once again made a difference for many students with disabilities and their families.


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