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HB1015 (Diploma Pathway Bill) was voted favorably by Senate Education Commitee!
Next stop is Full Senate!

May 23, 2014


Great News!  

Your advocacy worked!
HB1015 was passed unanimously by Senate Education Committee, with every Committee member signing on as a co-author!

HB1015 will allow some students with disabilities the option of an alternative pathway to earn a diploma. 

Congratulations to the hundreds of LaTEACH members who contacted their legislators about this issue and the more than 60 LaTEACH members who filled the Senate Education Committee room in purple to show their support for this monumental change!

The next stop is the full Senate.


Be Sure to Thank the Senate Education Committee Members and Representative Schroder!
LaTEACH members are encouraged to share their gratitude for the tireless efforts of Representative Schroder and Senator Claitor, and thank the entire Senate Education Committee for joining as co-authors of HB1015.
Senate Education Committee

See below for a list of Senate Education Committee members if you wish to thank them for supporting an alternative pathway to earn a diploma.


Senator Conrad Appel 



(866) 946-3133

Senator Eric LaFleur 


Ville Platte

(337) 363-5019

Senator Dan Claitor

Baton Rouge

(225) 765-0206

Senator Jack Donahue


(985) 727-7949

Senator Elbert L. Guillory


(337) 943-2457

Senator Mike Walsworth

West Monroe

(318) 340-6453

Senator Mack "Bodi" White

Baton Rouge

(225) 272-1324


Congratulations LaTEACH Members!
Thank You Representative Schroder!

Any questions?
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