Funding Formula for Schools (MFP) passed BESE; Scheduled for Senate Education Committee
May 13, 2014


Yesterday the changes made by BESE to the MFP received support from Superintendents, School Boards, and teacher unions.  Given the short turn around to make changes to a very complex funding formula, it was expected that only minor language tweaks would or could be made.  LaTEACH members and the DD Council have advocated for funding of students with disabilities be based on need and equitable (i.e., the same) across all school systems.  BESE members indicated they understood this request.  However, creating a change of this magnitude would cause major questions and concerns from other stakeholders (i.e., Superintendents, School Boards, etc.) that would likely derail needed additional funding for schools.  So while the MFP does not contain our request, if the proposed MFP does not pass, schools face a loss of funding which would jeopardize resources necessary to serve all children.
Therefore, LaTEACH will not issue another alert on this issue this Legislative Session.  
The time for advocating for funding to be based on need and equitable across all school systems has passed for this year.  The MFP is expected to pass and the Legislature can only accept or reject, not change, the formula. 


The Legislature, BESE and other stakeholders have heard our voices.  There have been discussions regarding plans to study funding distributions that will ensure an appropriate amount of resources are provided to schools based on the needs of students served.
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