LaTuse International - Mogul
LaTuse International has their North American headquarters in Downtown Titan City. While not as tall as some of the other skyscrapers, LaTuse has style.
LaTuse is actually a very tall building if you find yourself on the roof by the private escape hatch - it only appears small as it stands next to the Liberty Building, Titan City's tallest skyscraper.
Even standing in the shadow of the Liberty Building, it's hard to miss LaTuse with its neon signage at the side of the building, lighting up the surrounding area. It definitely stands out as one of the more unique buildings in the city.
It has a very modern design and its building compound sits on the edge of some beautiful park area in Downtown, across from the ice skating rink and beautiful fountains that stand in front of the landmark Liberty Building.
LaTuse is one of Titan City's most beautiful buildings - take a super jump up to its lettering at some point and check out the view!