Medical Marijuana Control Program
MMCP Licensee Renewal
MMCP licensees are required to renew licenses annually. If your license is not renewed in a timely manner, it could result in noncompliance and suspension. Please note, the O.A.C. states “if a renewal application is not filed prior to the expiration date of the certificate of operation, the certificate of operation shall be suspended for a maximum of thirty days.”

Certificate of Operation Renewal Reminders:

  • Pay the associated renewal fees. If the associated renewal fee has not been paid, the facility’s renewal application will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed by the Department.
  • As a condition of renewal, all facilities will be required to pass a full inspection no more than 90 days prior to the expiration date of the certificate of operation, which will be considered and reviewed as part of the renewal process.
  • If your renewal is approaching and your facility has not had a 90-day inspection scheduled, please contact the MMCP as soon as possible at

Bond Reduction Process

The MMCP requires medical marijuana licensees to establish an escrow or surety bond, payable to the Department under circumstances specified in rule.

  • Licensees are permitted to reduce the bond if the license has been operating in good standing with the Department; having demonstrated an ability to comply with the requirements and restrictions of O.R.C./O.A.C. 3796 for a period of ONE YEAR with no enforcement actions on record.

  • Once the bond reduction is approved, licensees are required to provide the finalized documentation associated with the bond reduction to the Department. To file for a bond reduction, utilize the form found in eLicensing.
Plant-Only Processor Forms
The MMCP is accepting plant-only processor license forms. A plant-only processor is a cultivator that has received a license from the Department for the limited purposes of packaging, selling and delivering finished plant material directly to a licensed dispensary for sale to a patient or caregiver.

Please contact with questions.  
Sample Label Template and Label Reminders
The MMCP has developed a sample label template and is seeking input from licensees on the draft. Please review the template here and provide input to by Aug. 9.

Label Reminders:

  • Processors: If you intend to produce patches for transdermal administration or lotions, creams, or ointments for topical administration, the labels must be on package containing each product.
  • For example: If the ointment or cream is packaged in a jar or tube, the label must be placed on the jar or tube (not the additional packaging that contains the jar or tube.)
Advertising Update
Be sure to submit advertisements, which include but are not limited to, all business-to-business materials, strain sheets, social media, brochures, websites, and logos - for review and approval by the MMCP.

Advertising may be submitted via eLicensing or email at For additional guidance on advertising, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.
NEW FAQ: What constitutes a portable sign? What are prohibited and permitted items?

Licensees are permitted to use table covers, tents, and posters that are utilized for educational events, and conventions. The content of the signage will require approval, but images of marijuana leaves and buds continue to be prohibited.

  • Prohibited versions of portable signs include yard signs, bumpers stickers, sign-flippers, wraps on cars, general posters, and mobile billboards.

  • All signage is prohibited from being distributed to the public and patients.
Cultivator Informational Session
The MMCP hosted an informational meeting for cultivators on Friday, July 19 with over 20 licensees in attendance. Topics included compliance, the product I.D. process, Metrc, and licensing. If you were not in attendance, please review the PowerPoint presentation here.