February 21, 2017


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Have you Grabbed Your Wallet Yet?

Dear Ethical Consumer,

If you're seeking a silver lining since Donald Trump took office, just look around. We have seen people take to the streets and use their voices to express their discontent. They have been calling their representatives and showing up at town halls to confront their elected officials about the Affordable Care Act. We’ve seen proof of consumer power with the #grabyourwallet campaign and how that influenced retailers to discontinue carrying the Ivanka Trump clothing line.

Consumer activism works.

The Labor 411 Foundation created the Ethical Consumer Movement a year ago to educate consumers about the power they hold in their wallets. We promote "buycotts" instead of boycotts and reward businesses who operate ethically by patronizing their establishments. By putting our money where our values are, we’re helping protect and build the middle class. We call this Buying Blue.

The Labor 411 Foundation believes that now is the time for consumer mobilization and empowerment. People need to be educated on how to use their spending as a way to demonstrate their values through daily activism.

In addition to getting the word out about how we all can take part in creating good jobs through consumer activism, we’re excited about our new board of directors who have enthusiastically agreed to help us support a stronger economy with our ethical consumer message.

We’re going out to neighborhood groups, Democratic Clubs and nonprofit organizations, talking to people about Ethical Consumer Week coming up April 10-14. If you’d like us to come out to present at your organization to offer tips on organizing and using the power of your money to influence business and legislation, give us a call at 818-884-8966 xt 1103 and we’ll set something up. #buyblue

In unity,

Spike Dolomite Ward
Development Director
Labor 411 Foundation

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