Happy August Everyone!

Hi All!

We hope you are enjoying the summer with family, friends and neighbors and staying cool at the same time. Being by the shore always brings a breeze that cools things down, we hope you have been able to get some relief. 

Things are going well here at the Center through our transition of leadership and we look forward to what Autumn has to bring to the Center with new changes to come. We will definitely keep you in the loop as they happen.

We would like to let you know that we are right in the middle of our 2022 Beth C. Wright Summer Appeal. If you haven't donated already, please see below. 

Please take a look at our featured events below coming up in September and visit our website for our recurring ones. If you have any questions, please call the Center.

We want to inform everyone that we are following current Maine CDC masking guidelines which say, if you are in a larger group of people please, "Mask if you're asked."

If you have any questions, need assistance or just want to say hi, please feel free stop by or call us at the Center 207-664-0339 or email us at info@bethwrightcancercenter.org

All the Best,

Angela Fochesato, Executive Director

Beth Wright Cancer Center

Mini Programming Break 

The Beth Wright Center will be taking a short programming hiatus from August 22 through September 6 and will resume on September 7, 2022. Please mark your calendars.

Please note that the office will still be open during this time. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at 207-664-0339


2022 Beth C. Wright Summer Appeal

The Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center launched its Summer Appeal in June. The goal for the summer long campaign is to raise funds that allows us to continue to provide support to those who are affected by cancer, their caregivers and loved ones living in Washington and Hancock Counties. Your gift would make life just a little easier for patients of the Center who need the services that we offer.

Proceeds from the 2022 Summer Appeal offers patient-centered cancer care, resource navigation, cancer prevention education and early detection services. cancer/caregiver support groups, healthy-living programs, free complementary modalities services, one-on-one support. Patient navigation services are confidential, respectful, compassionate, mindful of patient safety, and offered at no cost to patients. Cancer Buddy Program planning is in the works in the coming months to enhance our client experience.

Your continued support goes a long way to helping the Beth Wright Center give those who are in necessary benefit to help them navigate the stresses of their illness.

We appreciate your gracious donation and hope it gives you a sense of fulfillment knowing that you are helping your neighbors battle the challenges of this terrible disease.

Because of kind donors like you, we can ensure cancer patients and their families have access to free support, advice, resources, services, and information.

Thanks to your support and the support of all our amazing donors, huge progress is being made in the fight against cancer.

Today, 6 out of 10 people survive a cancer diagnosis, compared to just 4 out of 10 only twenty years ago. We won't stop until 10 out of 10 people are surviving their cancer diagnosis.

If you haven't had the opportunity to donate you can DONATE here today.

Thank you,

Angela Fochesato, Executive Director

Coolness Was Heaven Sent!

During the dog days of summer, it was nearly unbearable here at the Center. Angela reached out to see if it was feasible to purchase an air conditioner to get through. When low and behold, one of our generous supporters stepped up to and gifted us the one in the photo above. Thank you so much for your selfless act of kindness! 

August is Maine's Season of One of the

Best Antioxidant Activity Foods ~ Blueberries!


Here in Maine we are so lucky to be naturally surrounded by one of the foods that may contribute to preventing cancer, blueberries!

Science tells us that consuming 'eating blueberries increases antioxidant activity in the blood as well as showing potential to prevent DNA damage. Studies are limited and results vary so more research is needed to understand blueberries’ role in these areas,' according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. 

Check out their website, American Institute for Cancer Research, where you will find out more and links to some delicious, healthy recipes

Set the date and time on your calendar!

LABOR DAY, MONDAY, September 5, 2022

6:30 - 8:00 pm 

Knowlton Park, Ellsworth, Maine

Come dance to the pulsating sounds of FLASH In the Pans!

at the Knowlton Park in EllsworthCome celebrate the final day of the summer season with family, friends and neighbors and enjoy freshly popped popcorn and ice cream from the Darlings Ice Cream for a Cause Truck and let the music take you on a dance to far away places. 

A big shout out to our generous sponsors - Merrill Furniture, Hairbenders Studio featuring Amy's Salon and Spa, Star97.7, Darlings Ice Cream for a Cause and FLASH In the Pans!

If you are out visiting our sponsors please stop in and say thank you for being such great stewards of our community!

See you on Labor Day!! 

Protect the Skin You're In!

August May Bring the Hottest Sun of the Summer

~ Make sure to cover up ~

Who doesn't love a nice tan and lots of vitamin D? Both make us feel good and vitamin D helps us be healthy. But getting these from the hot August sun is not the best option. Check out the best sources for Vitamin D here and more ways to be safe in the sun here. Stay safe & enjoy the rest of your summer!

Upcoming Summer Programs & Updates

  • Gentle Yoga with Hannah Horecka classes have started being held outdoors for the summer, each Thursday from 5 - 6 at the Knowlton Park in Ellsworth, by the amphitheater.

  • Qigong has come back to the Center LIVE each Monday (except holidays) and will be lead by our regular facilitator Nancye Files in the Activity Room here at 23 Commerce Park in Ellsworth.

We want to inform everyone that we are following

current Maine CDC masking guidelines which say,

if you are in a larger group of people please

"Mask if you're asked."

Save the Dates!

Special September Programs

Beth Wright and Dempsey Center Collaborations 

Understanding Lymphedema

Thursday, September 8, 2022

1:00 - 2:00 pm

Zoom or Beth Wright Center

Lymphedema is a common side effect of many cancers and their treatments, causing pain and discomfort for many patients.

Fortunately, with support and self-care tools, lymphedema can be managed and, in some cases, treated.

Join us on at the Beth Wright Center at 23 Commerce Park or on Zoom, on Thursday, September 8 from 1 - 2 pm to discuss the basics of lymphedema: signs and symptoms, prevention, compression, exercise, and self-care strategies.

This workshop will be led by Nicole Langstaff, PT, MS, CLT from ReVital Cancer Rehabilitation. 


As with all Dempsey Center and Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center services, these programs are provided at no cost.


Eating For Energy

Wed, September 14, 2022

10:30 - 12:00 noon

Zoom or Beth Wright Center

Fatigue is a common side effect of treatment and many diagnoses.

Preparing and eating certain foods are just one natural way to help combat this side effect.

Join us at the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center on September 14 at 10:30 am to 12 noon or on Zoom to learn nutrition strategies to improve energy levels, create some easy meals, and discover quick snack options. This class will be led by Kelly Falone, RDN, LD. 

This workshop focuses on nutritional needs of cancer patients and is open to those with a cancer diagnosis and their care partners.


As with all Dempsey Center and Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center services, these programs are provided at no cost.


Check Out Our Calendar 

LIVE & Zoom at Beth Wright Center!


Mindfulness: Tools for Well Being with Jen Harry returns to the Center, on the 3rd Friday of each month from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm. This is a Hybrid Event meaning you can join Face-to-Face in the Activity Room at the Center or on Zoom. Call 207-664-0339 to find our more or to register.


Walking Your Way to Mindfulness with Jen Harry has returned to the Center this June and will meet on the 3rd Friday of each month at 9:15 to walk with intention and mindfulness. Each walk will begin at the Center. Call 207-664-0339 to register.

Safe Harbor Cancer Support Group

is a Cancer Support group that is open to all regardless of cancer type. The Group will be meeting on Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Call 207-664-0339 to register.

Reflexology with June Atherton

3rd Tuesday and Wednesday with appts from 11 am – 2:45 pm. Face to Face. Call 207-664-0339

Therapeutic Massage with Faith Perkins

3rd Friday with appts from 12 pm – 3 pm. Face to Face. Call 207-664-0339

Monthly Series Zoom Events

Laughter Yoga Club with Chris Chapman 4th Tuesday of each month from 9 - 10 am on Zoom - Call 207-664-0339 to register.


Enjoy Life!

Our Recurring Live/Hybrid

& Zoom Events

Click the links to learn more

Our Programs

Appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment can be one of the most bothersome aspects of having treatment. Let us help. We offer personal assistance by professionals to help both men and women as they move through this treatment phase of their experience. To find out more call the Center at 207-664-0339 or visit our website.

Transportation & Lodging Assistance Program

Visit our Website to see all details on our offerrings

Call Us 207-664-0339 ~ info@bethwrightcancercenter.org