Volume 3 | September 6, 2020
Upper School News
Good Morning Upper School Families,

Happy Labor Day! We have made it to the end of week two-huzzah! This past week felt a little more like school normally does, and students are settling in nicely. I was particularly impressed with how many students signed up for clubs and activities at our virtual 'Activity Fair' this past Tuesday. This was followed by a lively Student Government meeting with many students joining to share their voices and ideas. Again, I was impressed by their creative thinking about ways in which we can have events this year. Their positivity is an inspiration! Please read on for important upcoming information.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Yours Truly,
Stefanie Rivera
Upper School Division Head

  • This Tuesday during EAGLE Hour, Seniors will meet with our new college counselor, Mr. Robert, for their first senior meeting. Seniors will be dismissed after this meeting. All other students will have a 2pm dismissal.

Literary Magazine
  • Our Lit. Mag. is up and running! Students-please send any and all submissions to Senior Editor, Ela Chintagunta (elac@roycemoreschool.org). Stories, photos, artwork, etc...all submissions are welcome!
Off and On Campus Fun!
Senior Grace Lawlor will be hosting Jackbox games every Tuesday and Friday-come and join the fun! And please be on the lookout for communication from Senior Ellison Holloway about Minecraft.

Roycemore Swag/Gear
Please visit our online store at  www.roycemoreschool.org/schoolstore  to get wonderful items to wear and use.  There are new items available that you will love!!

Coming Attractions: Curriculum Night, 9/17/20, 5:45pm
Change of Date: Please put Thursday September 17 on your calendar. It is Curriculum Night, the night you get to "meet" your children's teachers and find out more about how you and the school can partner to help your children excel.
In the News...an interesting read...

Does My Kid Have a Cold or Is It Covid-19?

Hand Cut Foods
IMPORTANT! If you opted in to Hand Cut Foods-you MUST order your lunch each week. If you do not place an order, they will NOT automatically prepare a meal for you. Today is the deadline to do so! If you have not done so already, please go to your Roycemore email and follow the instructions sent by Hand Cut.

Student Medical Records & Immunizations
Health-related examinations and immunization requirements are due no later than October 15. Roycemore School must adhere to the current requirements as per 105 ILCS 5/27-8.1, and all students enrolled in school should show proof of appropriate grade-level requirements.   Required physicals must be completed on the Certificate of Child Health Exam Form (completed in its entirety with required signatures). This form is acceptable to meet the requirements for a sports physical, but an IESA/IHSA sports physical form may not be used to fulfill the child health examination. http://www.dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/forms/certificate-ofchild-health-examination-03032017.pdf
In addition to the Illinois requirements, we are highly encouraging everyone to get the flu shot this year. With the symptoms of COVID being very similar to the flu, it will help ensure students and teachers are not restricted from school for extended periods of time and keep our community healthy.

If you know your student will be absent on an upcoming day due to a medical appointment, college visit or other needed reason, please be sure to email: attendance@roycemoreschool.org. Students who will miss school should also take a form to their teachers for signatures and to get information on any classes they will miss. Forms are available in the Upper School office.

To view all events please visit our calendar at the following link: roycemoreschool.org/calendar.