We are at the end of the first three weeks of the semester, and I am extremely proud and very grateful of what we have accomplished. This week’s video focuses on what we all need to do to keep our campuses open with in-person instruction. All of us––every single one of us––must stay focused and committed as we fight this virus together.
The Roaring Back website is updated daily, and this week we added a guidance flowchart to help employees determine the need for quarantine after travel. We also continue to closely monitor public health metrics to determine the operational level of each University campus location. If the situation changes and warrants a campus-wide announcement, a mass email will be sent to all students, faculty, and staff.

Thank you for all that you do to protect our Bengal family. Enjoy your long weekend, and Roar, Bengals, Roar.

Idaho State
This email was sent to all Idaho State University faculty and staff.
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