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Happy Labor Day

Columbine Lake still has a stage 2 Fire Ban

Open fires such as a camp fire are prohibited.

Propane fire places and grills are ok with on/off switch.

Charcoal grills are not allowed.

No smoking outside.

CLCC NEVER allows ANY fireworks or sparklers ever.

Thank you for following all fire regulations & keeping our neighborhood safe from fire!

Violation of the fire ban by any person will result in an immediate fine of $500 assessed directly to the owner

(CLCC usually has stricter fire restrictions than the county)

Always check out the fire restrictions tab on our website for more info.

Columbine Lake Country Club | Columbine Lake Homeowner Site


Labor Day Events


CLCC has been working hard to bring back the annual pancake breakfast and add some other outdoor events. As of today, Grand County does not have any restrictions for events and participation is optional. These events are entirely optional and are subject to change at any time per Grand County Public Health Requirements. We will inform you of any changes that may impact these events.


Saturday September 4th- CLCC Inaugural Regatta 10:00 am at the office beach – Please sign up here to participate.


Saturday September 4th- Sunshine Yoga on the Beach- 4:30 pm at the office beach – Just show up.


Sunday September 5th- Pancake Breakfast at the Office @ 9am.  Please RSVP here so we can have a count for planning.


For these events to happen volunteers are needed please sign up here


We are also inviting emergency personnel to join us for the pancake breakfast. Please take a moment when you see them to thank them for saving CLCC.

We will also have a collection jar for donations to the Grand Lake Fire Department.


Countywide Evacuation map

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the county’s other emergency agencies, released a countywide evacuation map that will be utilized in emergencies going forward.

The map can be viewed at http://www.co.grand.co.us/evacmap. The county is split into lettered and numbered parcels and county officials are urging residents to get familiar with the map and find which evacuation area their address is in.


Architectural Review Committee

We are excited to announce new members to the ARC, Guy Ralfe a new owner and Cher Colin who has resided in our community for many years. We are lucky to have both of them.

Welcome Guy & Cher!

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Groups over 10 at the pool

Labor day weekend is around the corner and we wanted to remind everyone that due to the size of the pool we can only have one group of 10 at a time. Groups larger than 10 need to fill out a large group form found here

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Clubhouse Staff Wanted

We are losing some of our clubhouse staff and will need to look at reducing the clubhouse hours unless we can find staff members. Please contact the office at office@columbinelake.com or 970-627-8120 if you or if you know anyone.


September Clubhouse hours

Closed Tuesdays & Thursdays

Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays 4 to 8

Saturday 12 to 8

Sunday 10 to 6


Guest and Renter Trash help

Please help your guests, family and renters with giving them directions to the trash.

To help here is a link you can send them https://sites.google.com/view/clcctrashfacility/home.

Trash is located behind the clubhouse at 18 Aspen Drive and the link above has a google map to make it easier.


Why does CLCC have a 15 MPH speed limit?

1.     Safety. We must all remember that there are children, wildlife, and pets in the community, and our roads are particularly dangerous due to the lack of sidewalks and street lights.

2.     Keeps your HOA dues down. CLCC roads will not washboard, get potholes, or otherwise deteriorate as fast when speeds are less than 15 MPH.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to not only follow the rules and regulations, but inform your family, guests, and renters.

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buddy bench.jpg

Donate a Bench or Chair

The “Donate a Bench or Chair” program offers homeowners of our community a great way to recognize and honor friends, relatives, and other people whom they wish to thank.

We have two options available. The buddy bench is a composite bench that will be placed just off Columbine Drive with a view of the lake. The Adirondack chair is also a composite chair that will be located closer to the lake in a place of your choosing.

A small engraved plaque of your design will be placed on the chair.

The Price for each chair is $350.00. (Checks payable to: CLCC)

The chairs will be available for the summer season and removed and stored for the winter. 


Columbine Lake Country Club Off Highway Vehicle Regulations ARTICLE XII

1. No person under the age of ten (10) years may operate any OHV.

2. No person ten (10) years of age or older may operate any OHV unless: a. The person has in his possession a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Colorado or another state; or b. The person is accompanied by and under the immediate supervision of a person who has in their possession a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Colorado or another state. “Under immediate supervision” shall mean, at a minimum, the unlicensed operator is within 25 feet of a licensed operator.

3. Multiple passengers are not allowed on any OHV unless said OHV is manufactured to carry more than one rider.

4. OHV passengers under ten (10) years of age are required to wear a helmet, unless the OHV is enclosed.

6. OHVs are to be used only to travel to and from a place or activity. Circling around the lake and neighborhoods and “joyriding” is prohibited. Example: to and from the lake, clubhouse, trash, neighbor’s house, or trail ride is permissible.

7. Hours of operations are between 8 AM and 8 PM unless going to or from an event or trail ride.

Read Full Article here


Noxious Weed Management

Grand County Guide

CLCC Weed Warriors

Milstone from Grand County is available at the office for use. Please feel free to grab a bottle to spray around your property and return back to the office.


United States Flag Illumination Guidelines

Illumination Guidelines

Per Federal Flag Code, Section 2, paragraph (a), it is the universal custom to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, when a patriotic effect is desired, the flag may be displayed twenty-four hours a day if properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

More on flag etiquette

CLCC Volunteers make this community a better place. Please take the time and thank all the owners who take time out of their day to help out. These event would not happen without them.

slash n trash 1.24.21.jpg

Extra helpers pick up neighbors slash

My friends and kids had a wonderful time volunteering this weekend. It teaches the kids a great sense of community, volunteerism and hard work. 

The TenCate family lost their home in the fire and not only cleaned up their residual burn slash, but also cleaned up the Kinnikinnick Cul De Sac entryway slash. Their kids are Charlie, Olivia and Jack TenCate. (Parents Rob and Liz)

Our sons Brenden and Chris Alix helped with the community slash. Jake, Stephanie and Tony Slaybaugh

All were so appreciative of the kind words, cheers and tips. 

Lots of money to savings and a little to well earned ice cream and snacks and Myachis in town. 

Thank you Dave for the trailer and Leslie for the hitch. Everyone was so kind and patient with my “never have I ever” driven a trailer skills. Many thanks for a well run event. Including snacks, candy and beverages.

Kristen and Steve Alix

87 Lilly Lane 


Slash n Trash Volunteer

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help!

Marti Lund

Jaclyn Yelich

John Sack

Carolyn Lollar

Fizbee Easler

Bernie Guth

Jerry LaRusso

Linda Willing

Janna Sampson

and to everyone who helped out their neighbors

Donna Sack

David McRoberts

Fred Koesel

Joann & Tim Johnson

Chris & Gary Hanson

Bobbi Kahler

Rick Fowler

Greg Thielen

Sara Reif

John Letzelter

d'Layne Kerr-Layton

Lesley Manont

Sharon Weil

Debby Hoover

Rickey Dendy

Duane Graham

Neal Cross

John Korpal

Norm Edson

Robin Finegan

Thank you! Happy Hour Volunteers

Jody Fattore

Carrie and Norm Edson

Laurie Halvorson

Scott Jackson

Lynne Hansen

Ken & Marti Lund

Bevo Beaven

Jerry and Mary Kirkpatrick

Katie Ellis

Lynnda Gies

Charlie & Mary Bown

Mike & Pam Eastop

Fred and CJ Garey

Jackie Smutz

Thank you!

Teresa Frederick & Roberta Garbett for all your help in the office. We so appreciate the help in getting us caught up with outstanding building permits. Dave & Heike


CLCC events are run and put on by owner volunteers and we still need many volunteers to help for the pancake breakfast to happen. Volunteering helps you get connected with the community and meet and see your neighbors. Sign to volunteer here or email office@columibinelake.com.

Approved July Minutes 

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