Launching Q-teach Packages for
Biology Laboratory Education
Qubit Systems has been providing teaching tools to biologists for 25 years. Now, with budgets constrained and laboratory teaching under pressure, we offer a new range of Q-teach laboratory packages designed and priced specifically for teaching purposes. Packages include all the hardware, software and lab manuals required to conduct investigations into:

  • Photosynthesis and Transpiration
  • Animal and Insect Respirometry
  • Human Cardiopulmonary Exercise (CPX)
  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Aquatic Biology
  • Soil and Environmental Science

Price for complete packages start at less than $3000 US.


LoggerPro Software

Logger Pro is an intuitive data acquisition program for display and analysis of data obtained with all Q-teach packages. Simple to use, but sophisticated, students learn Logger Pro quickly and can use it independently of the Q-teach package, outside the laboratory, for analysis and reports.
Preconfigured Set-Up Files
We provide set-up files for all experiments for click-and-use operation. Alternatively, you can create your own set up files for customized experiments. It's easy, rapid and flexible.
Choose your Package
  • Choice of Gas Analyzers (CO2, O2, H2 etc.).
  • Pump
  • Mass Flow Monitor
  • Temperature Probe
  • Relative Humidity
  • Sample Chambers
  • Aquatic or Gas Phase
  • Data Acquisition Interface
  • Lab Manuals and Set-Up Files
Are you going Virtual?

With the increase in on-line learning, significant challenges exist in creating the investigative lab experience for students. We can help. Contact us to discuss your lab courses and work with us to find innovative solutions. We'll always prefer the hands-on approach to expose student to real lab work, but can offer alternatives to meet your specific needs.

Did We Mention Creativity?
We welcome Billie Kearns to Qubit as our new Head of R&D. A graduate of Queen's University's Electrical Engineering program, Billie is also an award-winning performance poet. At Qubit, we value people who think outside the box, and we provide an environment for innovation and creativity. Give us a call - we'd love to discuss your ideas.
What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been very impressed with the value and quality of our Qubit Systems’ laboratories. Their simplicity of design allows students to understand the processes they are measuring better than our more elegant expensive portable photosynthesis machine.

Qubit offers the absolute best service and support of any company that I have encountered in my 27 years of teaching.

Qubit Systems on the Road

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are unable to showcase our products at conferences and exhibitions. However, we hope to see you in the not-too-distant future. Until then, we wish you well. Stay safe and healthy.
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