Installation Dinner - One Week Away!!!
Ladies Day Regatta is this weekend. It's not to late if you'd like to race. Click the link and get yourself out on the water.

Our Commodore Installation Dinner aka "Prom" is next Saturday. Remember when making your reservations to indicate others you'd like to sit with. Traditionally we have 10 people at each table ... so that can include a lot of friends and family!

The ABYC Octoberfest is coming up the following Friday on October 25th. For just $10, you can dress up, have a great dinner and dance to some amazing music. Attire for the event is: " Spiffy Yacht Club Lederhosen and Dirndls"! Our SAC really knows how to shake up a dress-code!

Fall is upon us and the parties are starting! It'll be a great closing to 2019!

Stacy Massey
Your ABYC Communications Cheerleader *\0/*

Yellow on starboard tack starts at the race committee signal vessel and is the on the course side at the start. The race committee promptly displays X flag and makes one sound signal indicating Yellow is OCS. Yellow on starboard tack bears away to return to start. Blue on port tack passes astern of several starboard tack boats after the starting gun and then luffs to a close hauled course after she passes astern of a starboard starter. Blue is then on a collision course with Yellow. Blue then immediately tacked to avoid contact with Yellow. Blue and Yellow passed within 6 inches of each other, but there was no contact. Yellow protested Blue for not keeping clear of a starboard boat, and Blue protested
Yellow for changing course.

How should the protest committee rule. See if you can figure out the relevant facts, conclusions and decision.

Checkout ABYC’s October Sou’wester for the answer.

See you on the water
Mark Townsend
Flyer Downloads
Incase you wish to start marking up your calendars!

October 12 - Ladies Day Regatta
October 19 - Commodore’s Installation
October 25 - Club ABYC October Fest
October 26 - Halloween Charity Regatta
November 3 - Patio Brunch: Daylight Savings Time Fall-Back
November 23 - Thanksgiving Regatta & Dinner
December 6 - Club ABYC Christmas Tree Trimming & Caroling
December 15 - Decorating & ABYC Annual Christmas Party