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December 2016
...for Ladies First Providers and Members
Launching in 2017!    
The Ladies First program will be launching a new website in 2017! We will have a fresh new look and easier access to information. We merged our member and provider resource and training websites into one website. The new website will include downloadable forms and everything you need to know about the Ladies First program. Look for it next time you log on!




Signed into Law
Vermont Adopts Breast Density Notifications

Vermont Senate Bill 157 , an act relating to breast density notification and education, was signed into law by Gov. Peter Shumlin on May 25, 2016.  
Source: Are You Dense, Inc. 2016
Pink: Enacted Law   Blue: Working on bill 
    Black * : Insurance Coverage Law
The law will apply to mammography exams performed on or after Jan. 15, 2017. All health care facilities that perform mammography examinations will be required to provide patients information in the summary of their mammography report that identifies their individual breast tissue classification, based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System established by the American College of Radiology. More >> 

FREE Support from Ladies First
For Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program Members

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Ladies First now offers several FREE support programs to Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program members or former members. These include Weight Watchers, Curves Complete, Taking Pounds Off Sensibly (TOPS), Fit-Bit, Pink Ribbon Cooking and others.

Studies show that staying physically active before, during and after cancer treatment is important. Exercise improves mood, increases strength, flexibility, and reduces fatigue. We know that members are to proceed with care, it is important that they discuss with their doctor or physical therapist the type of exercise they are considering to ensure it will be safe. To learn more about these programs contact our Lifestyle Coordinator Siobhan Donegan at 802-652-4139.
Helping Yourself to Health
                                       The Providers' Toolkit for Pre-Diabetes.

This toolkit, influenced by the American Medical
Association (AMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contains resources that health teams can use to identify patients with prediabetes, and refer eligible patients to evidence based diabetes prevention programs.

The tools in this guide will assist providers in:  
          • Screening and identifying patients for
            prediabetes programs
          • Referring patients to the YMCA's Diabetes
            Prevention Program
          • Obtaining feedback about patients' progress
            in the program 
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"I got involved with Ladies First almost two years now, when I was going through treatment for breast cancer. A friend of mine told me about them to help with my bills for radiation and surgery. They're great people to talk to. I mean they understand. I mean a lot of them have been through it themselves."

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Cervical Cancer Screening & Hysterectomy

Pap smear, vaginal smear, vault/cuff smear still needed? 

A woman who has had a hysterectomy may need a pelvic exam to determine if she still has a cervix. Ladies First can pay for this type of office visit.
If she indeed has had a total hysterectomy for benign disease, a pelvic examination/ screening would not be needed under Ladies First.    
  • If the woman still has a partial or full cervix, then she still needs Pap testing with or without HPV testing. 
  • If she had a total hysterectomy for CIN2 or worse disease, she needs appropriate surveillance for 20 years.
Bottom line is if a woman has had a hysterectomy, they still may need screening and this decision is based on whether their cervix was removed, why the hysterectomy was needed,
and whether they have a history of moderate or severe cervical cell changes or cervical cancer. More >>  
Ladies First (Electronic RAs)
Available Longer
Based on feedback from their annual Provider Survey, HP Enterprise Services is excited to announce that electronic Remittance Advice (RA) files available online have been expanded from four RA files to eight. While you will not be able to see older RAs once they have rolled off the system (as they do now), providers will be able to access them longer. We still recommend that providers access these files on a weekly basis.
Questions about Ladies First billing? Ask Emily Kasper, Ladies First Billing Specialist.
by calling (800)-508-2222. 
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