Ladies First Provider Newsletter
March 2016
NEW Ladies First  Welcome Packet! 
Make way for our improved member Welcome Packet! All Ladies First members will receive a packet once they enroll  in the program. In the packet members will receive a  Provider Report Form to bring to their annual visit. When the member hands you the report form, please complete it and fax it to Ladies First at 1-802-657-4208.
Also, in the packet is a new Ladies First Member Card which will make it easier to identify Ladies First members in your office. Member cards include the name of the member, coverage start and end dates along with their unique identifier to check eligibility live on the Medicaid Eligibility Verification System (EVS).
2016 Fee Schedule!
New services now covered for screening

The 2016 Fee Schedule has been posted and is effective for services provided in 2016. It is a guide to the services covered by the Ladies First program. The reimbursement rates are based on the Medicare Part B fee schedule.

Effective date of service 05/01/2016, codes G0279, 77063, 99395, 99396 and 99397 will no longer be covered by the Ladies First Program. For codes 99395-99397, providers are to use code series 99201-99205 (Office Visit - New Patient) or 99211-99215 (Office Visit - Established Patient).
A brief description of new services is described below by clicking on each topic:
HPV Genotyping
To manage HPV HR* positive/cytology negative women 30 years
and older
Ladies First now covers Genotyping. National Cancer Institute studies have shown that women with HPV types 16 and 18 have about a 20% risk of progressing to CIN3 over 10 years despite negative Pap tests, and colposcopy may be useful for these women. However, most of HPV 16/18 infections regress, especially in women under age 30, who also have almost a 20% rate of high risk HPV infection more...
Blood Pressure
Blood pressure control is a
high priority for the Ladies First program. We support members in maintaining good blood pressure control to avoid more serious health problems.
If a member is on blood
pressure medication or her blood pressure  is routinely higher than 140/90, Ladies First can provide her with a free blood pressure monitor and tracking tools to use at home. We also provide support so members can report their blood pressure readings to their doctor on a regular basis in order to get feedback, adjust their medication, or schedule an appointment. For more information, contact Siobhan Donegan at (802) 652-4139. 
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