March 25, 2021
Red Poppies by Lau Chun
Oil on Canvas | 30 x 40 in

Celebrating Lau's Retirement!
“It has been a pleasure working with this lovable, humble and extremely exceptional artist for almost 40 years!” ~ Jim Killett, President, Lahaina Galleries
With immense admiration and fondness, we wish to announce the culmination of a truly great artist’s career. Lau Chun retired last year at the age of 77, having enjoyed almost 60 years as one of the world’s finest impressionist painters.  

Born in China, Lau studied at the Canton School of Fine Arts and worked with famous Mexican muralist Francis Bono. At the beginning of his career, Lau worked with ceramic tiles, doing mostly abstract compositions for eight years. This influenced his love for Impressionism, the abstraction of color and light. 
White And Red Poppies
Oil on Canvas | 24 x 18 in.
In 1968, Lau was granted a 2 year scholarship to study and exhibit his paintings in Europe. Lau came to Hawaii in 1971, at which time color became a driving force. Lau explains: “Color is both my means and my end. It is filled with emotion. It is constantly changing, and most important of all, color is creative.”

On a recent visit to Lau's home on Oahu, we were surprised and thrilled to discover a beautiful collection of original oils. Lau was kind enough to allow us to share them with you.  
Country Alley
Oil on Canvas | 24 x 36 in.
80th Birthday Special!
Artist Aldo Luongo has spent a lifetime creating works that toast...
"The Good Life!"

Today we raise a glass in celebration of his 80th birthday!
To commemorate the special occasion, we are offering two new limited-edition enhanced prints.

This small edition of only 80 is available now at a special
opening price. 
Meu Amor!
26 x 20 in.
The Best Is Yet To Come!
26 x 20 in.
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$800 each (unframed)
$1,300 each (framed)

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CS/CSW @dallasuncorked

Please enjoy this video!
New Artist!
We are thrilled to unveil the work of Carrie Graber and welcome her to our Lahaina Galleries Ohana! 
Carrie’s work is soft and realistic but also bold. Her approach warms the viewers senses and creates a feeling of intimacy. Inspired by her early years of growing up in Southern California, her romantic yet retro style makes everyone feel glamorous.

“I think it is important for me to realize that things are coming together – skill, observation, and consideration. As an artist, I pursue what will give me the greatest satisfaction and joy, a communication filled with discovery and triumph.”  -Carrie Graber
Oil on Canvas
30 x 40 in.
Warm Concrete Rosé
Giclee on Canvas
27 x 36 in.
Yellow Polka Dot Martini
Giclee on Canvas
27 x 36 in.
International Women’s Day was March 8th and March is Women’s History Month. We are grateful for all the women in our Lahaina Galleries Ohana and want to honor our talented women artists. Please click on each artist's photo below to enjoy their collections!
Lori Wylie
Larissa Morais
Donna Young
Elaine Hughes
Valerie Winterholler
Caroline Zimmermann
Cheryl Kline
Carrie Graber
A Hawaiian Tradition
He Noho Kou I Ko’u Wa’a (Paddler)
Giclee on Canvas
30 x 24 in. / 40 x 32 in. / 60 x 48 in.
"I realized about 10 years ago that what I am doing now with my art is my special calling.  This series deals with relationships between past and present – and ultimately, present and future.  I refer to my work on this series as my “mission.” This is what I am called to do; it is likely what I will do for the rest of my painting life.” - LeoHone
He Pohai Kui Lei (Lei Maker)
Giclee on Canvas
18 x 24 in. / 24 x 30 in.
Kou Aka I Kai 'Upoho (Hula)
Giclee on Canvas
30 x 40 in
Making A Difference!
Susan Moulton, a longtime gallery client and a special part of our Ohana, created the Will Smith Foundation following the tragic loss of her son in a 2007 traffic accident in west Maui. The foundation is committed to providing positive life experiences for children, through partnerships with other nonprofit organizations focused on making children’s lives better. Recently, the foundation pledged $2.2 Million toward the creation of the Imua Discovery Garden, an inspired community space for outdoor, nature-based learning on Maui. Susan inspires us, and we wanted to share the good news and inspiring story with our extended Ohana!

To Read More: Click Here
Yokouchi Estate to Be Transformed into Imua Discovery Garden
Susan with Director, Dean Wong
In the Spotlight!
Dario recently won the first place award for an abstract painting, "Gateway," at the International Spiritual Art Awards.
"Gateway is an entrance, a doorway into an evolution of Mother Nature that invites us to come through with our hopes and dreams.” -Dario Campanile
Original Oil & Acrylic
18 x 24 in.
Gateway - SOLD
A visit down memory lane...
Water Spirit Reflection
clay version
Size: 35.5 x 14 x 6 in.
Size: 68 x 28 x 12 in.

*To see other works in progress and for pre-pub pricing Click Here
We are excited to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek of two new works from Michael Talbot. Seen here is a clay version of his latest sculpture, “Water Spirit Reflection” which is a feminine interpretation from myth and elemental folklore, initially inspired by seeing the morphing female form in the plumes of architectural fountains.
Michael's now a grandfather!
Meet Raven.
Quick Video of
"Water Spirit Reflection"
A Tribute to Old School, Maui
Spell Of Kaupo
Acrylic on Canvas | 12 x 16 in.
A two-room schoolhouse and two-bedroom teacher’s cottage were built around 1923 to serve the small South-East Maui community.
A road from Kipahulu to Kaupo was built in 1937. In the 1950s and ‘60s, as many began moving to bigger towns, population in the area declined. In 1964, Kaupo School closed after enrollment fell to just five students, who were sent to Hana School. After a series of landslides in 1982 blocked the road to Hana, Kaupo School reopened briefly.
The school sat mostly vacant except for a few community uses, while the teacher’s cottage continued to be rented out. Eventually, both buildings fell into disrepair. Restoration projects over the years have included the addition of restrooms, as well as replacement of the floors and roof of the schoolhouse. As one of the few buildings in the area, the schoolhouse became a gathering place for weddings, funerals and a baby luau, as well as for stranded travelers seeking shelter during storms.
Update 2020
The schoolhouse was slated for restoration, but unfortunately had to be torn down due to decay beyond repair. The unexpected demolition prompted an outcry among the small East Maui community. As a result, officials and residents agreed to build a community center and to accept a new community engagement protocol. This will provide for better accountability and cooperation as they work to repurpose the old schoolhouse.

To read more: Maui News Article
Photo: of demolition in 2020
Photo: 2017
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