We would like to give you an update on 9 year old Laityn and her stem cell treatments for her severe condition of constant Rheumatoid arthritic pain in all her joints, stomach pains of Ulcerative Colitis creating poor digestion, food sensitivities and inability to assimilate as she needs to. She has spent much of her life in bed unable to walk, no energy and so much pain. She is so sweet in spite of all this because she loves the Lord. She wears the sweetest smile. She prays often to God for healing and cooperates in all she must endure. They have tried many of the natural remedies, diet approaches but nothing has worked for her recovery. Reference our former email newsletter 3-27 telling you her story.  
Her family became aware of stem cell treatments, as an option. They did not want to continue with the harsh pharmaceuticals she must take to survive the constant and varied pains. The same day of the treatment in June she did not need to take any pain medications.   
After five days without pain medications, it was so astounding and gave so much hope to Laityn and her family. After a week her ankles which were very swollen went down notably. She was able to tolerate some foods without pain. She was walking with difficulty but she was walking and so excited in her healing progressing.   
She had 3 weeks of no pain medication and notable healing. She used mild pain med for a time. 
This was a sign she needed another stem cell treatment to take it further, and they were so excited about her second treatment only to be daunted by the report. The FDA filed a lawsuit against the stem cell lab in FL--the main supplier. They won the case to throw out all the stem cells in the US that were saved for further treatments for many patients that were getting success with their conditions without negative side effects; Laityn being one of them. An appeal was made and the stem cell lab won, so the FDA could not throw them out--but the clinic could not use them. Laityn had to return to the traditional chemo drugs therapy. After receiving these pharmaceuticals, she is bed ridden for 2-3 days. For some time now Laityn has regressed but some of the improvements from the stem cell treatments lingers. Praise the Lord!! 
There is an alternative treatment of stem cells delivery that she is going to try that looks a lot better than the pharma route. Her family left today Wednesday August 7th to do this. No negative side effects, healing and improvements as before is hoped for and no pain. Laityn still needs our help by our prayers, our hearts and financial assistance by those who can.  
Thank you to all who have donated to get her the experience of a reversal of her symptoms and a taste of returning health. Go to our website and donate for Laityn from our home page as God impresses you. Pray for the Lord to bring reason or justice to the FDA regulating away safer, more humane health options than Big Pharma. We all thank you!! 

  Blessing From Above,
        Jim & Sally 
                                 Jesus our Shepherd & Savior!!