Laityn has been limited last year with her Stem Cell treatments due to bureaucracy! Oh well that is life but God has been stronger. The Harding family has exercised their faith in God and pressed through red tape and Satan's opposition aiming to stop her access to these effective life-changing, pain relieving, no-side effect treatments.

Remember our last update after her 2nd treatment Laityn could get out of her wheel chair and be pain free for weeks. What a thrill to Laityn and family--truly God's blessings. She has lived with pain in spite of other medications for seven years now!

The bureaucracy looked like it would eliminate her treatments to continue but praise God it only stalled them in the end. In the meantime Laityn regressed to her former state of much continuous pain due to her severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, autoimmune disorders, irritable bowel issues, and inability to eat much of anything without pain. She went back to conventional chemo and IV pain treatments which makes her bedridden for several days after. And the worse was the pain in her feet, in spite of pain meds also. It was so bad for so long that she stopped walking as it was less painful to crawl. During the low time she wrote this faith filled but "into me you see" letter I'd like to share with you. She has lived in pain for over 7 years now and what a trooper she is. She doesn't complain and she cries out to God as her Helper!

In spite of all her maladies and pain, she home schools with her siblings. She is the eldest age 10 now, yet she is smaller than her sister 2 years younger. Her faith gets her through many nights of chronic, severe pain. Some pain meds make things worse she says. The side effects hurt her colon and make her arthritis worse. So she tries Tylenol and only takes the heavy meds when she must. She often says, "Jesus got me through another night." She loves to call on Jesus trusting Him most. What a little warrior of faith!

I bring this case before you as Laityn needs our help. The financial costs for traveling from MT to CA and the cost of the treatments is high. Later March she received a triple dose of stem cells. The family drove rather than fly because Laityn's immune system is compromised and they wanted to avoid contact with any corona virus flying.

The very next day the severe pain she had in her feet that nothing alleviated was all gone. These treatments help but she needs multiple treatments to step her up and not go so long in between treatments because of red tape issues. Can you help financially or prayerfully? She is a very special child of God that needs our help! Her family is in crisis within our global crisis.

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Love & Blessings,
Sally & Jim
                                 Jesus our Helper & Healer!
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