JULY 2019
Letter From Brian Alnes

We are now into our 5th camp for the summer. It has been a great start, we are super excited about the feedback we are getting from parents on the camper evaluation forms. We are always looking for ways to improve, and our camper evaluation forms help us do that.

Our new registration system and the VIP check in has been a huge success; the lines are virtually non existent and parents and campers alike are excited about that. We have been blessed with some top notch speakers for the camps and the summer staff is knocking it out of the park. So grateful for all the pieces as they have come together this summer. 

We had our Jordanian friends here for the month of June. They were engaged in and a part of all aspects of staff training, camp operation. The 3 kids were even able to attend the camp of their age group. 

It was a great time with them. They are heading back to Jordan with more excitement about getting the camp in Jordan off the ground. We are looking at getting them set up with a trailer to get started with day camps and the portability option of having everything in one place to start. I was amazed at the connections that they have with people around the country and how they see starting with a portable option to be the quickest way to get up and started. Property is a desire for them to have a place of their own, but they are willing to wait for the "right" piece.  There is much work to be done and we are excited for how God will use this new ministry to expand His Kingdom. 


Update on Church Cabin Adoptions/Upgrades

We are excited that churches are grabbing onto the update and improvement project going on with the cabins. We are hoping to have all of the cabins committed to by the end of July so we can get all of the items ordered at one time to save us money on quantity and shipping. We had a couple from SOWERS (Servants on Wheels Every Ready) who already got a jump start on painting the cabins and finished all of the boy's cabin interiors. So we are on our way, and it's looking better already. Please get back to us, so we know we have all 17 cabins covered. 

So far this is where we are:
Dassel Covenant Church has committed to 2 cabins
1st Covenant Willmar has committed to 2 cabins
Karmel Covenant Church has committed to 1 cabin
Calvary Covenant Grantsburg has committed to ½ a cabin

Feel free to call or email Brian if you or your church are jumping on board with us.  320-219-3199 cell or brian@lbbc.com

Greetings From Lake Beauty!
Summer Camp Update

We are in full swing here at camp and God has really been moving!  We saw 209 Jr. Highers come through in our first session, and then went right into 175 Trailblazers!  Our staff has been excellent at being ready and available to serve in any given capacity.  Our speakers have challenged and stretched our youth to thinking more about how to discover the Oasis and watch out for mirages in their lives.  We have laughed, cried, cheered, sung our hearts out, and followed the Lord's calling throughout the first month of camp.  Many campers have accepted to follow Christ for the first time, and many others have decided to rededicate their walks towards Him!  I have personally found myself in awe of what God is doing out at Lake Beauty this summer and am so excited to be a little part of it.

Fourth of July Family Camp

Our next family camp is our "4th of July" Family Camp. Join us July 4th-7th.  From inspiring Chapel worship to cozy evening campfires, here is a time and place to reconnect with the ones you love.  And don't forget the fabulous Fireworks display on Friday Evening, July 5th.  We hope to see you this summer at Family Camp!

Fall Quilt Retreat (UPDATE):

Below is a link to our "Walk With Me" Quilt Retreat information. If you are still interested in being apart go to www.lbbc.com to register. There are spots left for November 15th-17th.

SAVE THE DATE - Preview Day 2019

Solid Rock Preview Day will be Saturday, October 26, 2019. Put this date on your calendars and plan to be there! It's a great opportunity to visit with current students, hear from professors, and see what a year at Solid Rock entails. Preview Day is for students in grades 9-12. For more information go to www.solidrockmn.org/preview-day. We are also still accepting applications for this coming year starting in August (see below).
2019-2020 Application Deadline Extended

The 2019-2020 Solid Rock school year begins with orientation on August 22nd. We are thrilled to have a great group of students attending this coming school year, and we still have a few more slots open. We are extending our application deadline! Applications are now being accepted until slots are filled. Get your apps in! You won't want to miss this coming year! To apply go to www.solidrockmn.org. If you have any questions, please contact Tyler ( tyler@solidrockmn.org).
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The Story of You...Pass it on!

Yay! Summer is here!
With school out and vacations to visit grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles happening, it's a perfect opportunity to think about your legacy - your story and what you are going to leave behind for the next generation and beyond.

One part of your legacy is probably written in your financial plan.
The other part of your legacy is the story of you. The important "assets" that are uniquely yours like traditions, stories, family history, and education. When you think about all that you have to offer, there is so much to steward well into the hands of your children and grandchildren. It's the legacy, the stories, the "all about you" that you want to pass on.
As you start thinking about your legacy and the story of you, here are a few questions to help you get started:
  • What do I want to leave for the next generation?
  • If I could transfer anything, what would it be?
  • What stories do I want to see carried forward?
  • What traditions do I want to live on?
The financial assets we have are important, and we all need to make a plan to steward them well to our family and the causes near and dear to our hearts. Covenant Trust can help with that.
But also think about making a plan for those assets that may matter even more - the story of you. Pass on the stories, bring out the old photographs and show them off, share the stories and experiences, the traditions, maybe even the recipes... all the things and moments that have and still enrich your life and bring you so much joy and meaning.

Doesn't it sound like fun to reminisce, to look back at the memories of your past and bring them alive for the future? It's the story of you... pass it on!

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