LakeViews Issue No. 11 for September 13, 2022

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Lunch Meeting -

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Speaker:Tina Schaefer

Recycling Development Center, Washington State Department of Ecology

Tina Schaefer is lead planner for the Recycling Development Center at the Washington State Department of Ecology. Her work at the Center focuses on market development for recyclable materials in Washington state. She currently leads the Center’s outreach efforts including the NextCycle Washington project.


A Washington native, Tina graduated from Bellarmine Preparatory high school in Tacoma, holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy, and is a graduate of Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University.

Sponsor: Julie McCoy

Noon Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at Sorrento's Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars. We continue to offer a hybrid meeting format with the option of attending in person or joining on Zoom.

If joining us in person, we encourage you to purchase lunch, prepared and served in Sorrento's beautiful dining room. The cost for a full lunch is $16; salad only is $10; and for those not buying lunch, the sitting fee is $4. Each club ticket is an additional $1, with ticket sales supporting club operations, half of which is paid to a lucky winner based on weekly drawings.

Note - this is a new recurring link and meeting ID for the new year!

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: 892 6034 1676

Passcode: RCLC

Dial in: 1-253-215-8782

Lunch Update

Due to staffing challenges, Tsillan Cellars will be closing for lunches during the week. However, in support of Rotary, Bob and Bob will continue to provide Rotary with lunch on Tuesdays. (Thank you Tsillan!)

Our lunches will be a bit simpler in style and less expensive as a result. This week we enjoyed spaghetti, chicken, and a salad. The previous week we enjoyed pizza and a salad. The new price for the full meal will be $12. 

Thank you for continuing to support Tsillan Cellars by attending club and purchasing a meal. And thanks again to the management and staff at Tsillan Cellars for their hospitality in this challenging business environment.  

Satellite Meetings

Satellite meetings are not formal but we keep these standing dates for members who want to gather for fellowship and some Rotary talk:

1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month - Ancestry Cellars in Manson, 5 p.m.

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month - Coffee meetings - The Family Bean, 131 S Apple Blossom Drive #101 Chelan, 7 a.m.

The Rotary Club of the Rivers E-Club meets online on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 5pm PT/8pm ET. All are welcome to attend meetings, which focuses primarily on the environment.  Meeting ID: 823 3796 5825 Passcode: 651849

President's Message

Dear Rotarians,

The Rotary Foundation is the engine that powers much of Rotary’s good in the world. Did you know that when you donate to the Foundation, a large percentage of your dollar comes back to our district for use in District Grants?

Our club applies for a district grant each year. We have deployed grant funds to the Pingrey mural, the Planet Walk, to Singleton Park, and to the Community Center.

Have you made your donation to the Rotary Foundation yet? If you included your donation with your dues, great! If you have made a donation since paying your dues, thank you. If you still need to donate, here is the link:

We are shooting to have 96% of our members support the Rotary Foundation this year in donations big and small. Thank you for supporting this cornerstone of Rotary! (After you donate, if you could email me a copy of your receipt, that will help in tracking our stats.)

Yours in Rotary,

Guy Evans

Areas of Service

International Service

Iltumaro Progress

Its all about the plastering:

The girls toilets - plastering is well underway. The Fundies (skilled craftsmen), who do the work know what they are doing.

The interior of the girls dormitory is almost complete. Next is a waiting game. Everything has to dry-out completely before painting can begin. While we are waiting for the plaster to dry the solar lighting will be installed.

Youth Service

Update from Chile

Dear Chelan Rotarians:

I am settling into a fairly normal life here in Chile. My host parents initially thought I would need to get a haircut before I would be allowed to go to school. In the end, it turned out the the school was fine with my hair the away it is.

I wake up for school early, get ready and usually drink tea before school. I have drunk a lot of tea since arriving in Chile. I walk to school which is really close to my house so that’s nice. School is fun I’ve made friends pretty easily. Students here are much different than the kids in the USA. After school I usually wait for my little sister. Once me and my mom get my little sister we walk home and I usually have soccer practice. Soccer is fun I have been doing really well. I score lots of goals. I like the coaches here in Chile the little kids think I’m really good soccer player


Fellow Exchange Student and Head Teacher

New Grandparents

Fernanda's Computer

Rotary does it again!

I first want to thank all of you and the fund committee for your part in finding and preparing a computer for Fernanda. After she mentioned to me at the Scholarship Rotary Luncheon that she was going to have to buy a computer for her class and was looking a little worried about how she was going to pay for it. I decided I would try to find a computer for her.


Rotary stepped up as always, I mentioned it to Dan and before I knew it, we had a computer which was donated by Tami Starkweather, and Lester got it ready to go including Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. I had the pleasure of delivering it to Fernanda yesterday. She had a wonderful smile on her face, and you could tell this made a real difference for her. One of her questions was when she needed to return the computer. When I told her it was her to keep, I thought she was going to hug me. She told me before she left that she is now looking at going to Wenatchee Valley Collage after she finished her EMT training. I ask her to keep me updated and she had more money available if she decided to go on to WVC. She was on her way to Omak today to pick up her books and was bouncing as she left the condo. 


It was a great Rotary moment! 


Mary Ann

Book Buddies

Valerie Rohrich and Book Buddies reports a big THANK YOU to Confluence Health & Wenatchee Valley Medical Group Partnership Fund, with help from the Community Foundation of NCW, for a $2,000 grant. What a great way to start out year two! The program will kick off in September at MOE with 4 teachers and 9 volunteers. Readers will go to classrooms twice a month. We continue to explore the best way to support Manson Elementary School. More updates will follow, and more volunteers for Manson would be appreciated!

Environmental Service

How to build a pollinator garden

Choosing your location - While flowering plants can grow in both shady and sunny locations, consider your audience. Butterflies and other pollinators like to bask in the sun and some of their favorite wildflowers grow best in full or partial sun with some protection from the wind.

Identifying soil type and sunlight - Take a look at your soil - is it sandy and well-drained or more clay-like and wet? You can turn over a test patch or check out the soil mapper for your county to learn more. Your soil type and the amount of sunlight it gets will help determine the kinds of plants you can grow.

Choosing your plants - Research which varieties of milkweed and wildflowers are native to your area and do well in your soil and sunlight conditions. Native plants are the ideal choice, because they require less maintenance and tend to be heartier. Find a nursery that specializes in native plants near you - they’ll be familiar with plants that are meant to thrive in your part of the country. It’s essential to choose plants that have not been treated with pesticides, insecticides or neonicotinoids. You’ll also want to focus on selecting perennials to ensure your plants come back each year and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Remember to think about more than just the summer growing season. Pollinators need nectar early in the spring, throughout the summer and even into the fall. Choosing plants that bloom at different times will help you create a bright and colorful garden that both you and pollinators will love for months!

Seeds vs. Plants - Once you’ve identified your plant species, you’ll need to decide whether to use seeds or start with small plants. While both are good options, your choice will depend on your timeline and budget. Seeds are more economical, especially for larger gardens, but will require more time. If you’re using seeds, plan on dispersing them the fall or late winter ahead of your summer growing season. This gives the seeds time to germinate. Nursery-started plants cost more, but will generally give you a quick return on your investment and bring pollinators into your yard during the same growing season.

Prepping your garden - If you’re converting an existing lawn, you’ll need to remove grass and current plant cover and turn your soil to loosen it up. If you’re planning on using raised beds or containers, there are a lot of pre-made options available, as well as simple designs to build your own. No matter where you decide to plant your garden, you’ll want to add nutrient-rich compost or soil to improve the success of your garden.

Planting your seeds or flowers - When you’re using seeds, keep in mind that they will need time to germinate, so fall and late winter are ideal times to get started. In the fall, disperse seeds and cover with soil. In the late winter, scatter seeds over the snow. The sun will heat up the seeds and help anchor them into the snow. The melted snow provides moisture that will help the seeds germinate.

If you’re starting with small plants, make sure you follow frost guidance to avoid putting your plants in too early. Dig holes just big enough for the root system, then cover and reinforce the roots with soil or compost. Add mulch to reduce weed growth.

Wait, watch, water and weed - It may take some time, but you will eventually see butterflies and other pollinators enjoying your garden. Make sure to weed and water your garden to keep it healthy. Keep in mind that it may take a couple seasons for milkweed to start producing flowers.

Club Service

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a way to contribute your time and talent, or do you want to learn more about Rotary and gain a few skills you can use in our club?  As President Guy shared at this week's lunch meeting, there are several opportunities!

  • Volunteer at 911 Glass Rescue on a Saturday morning - go and click on the Volunteer Sign Up link.

  • The Community Service Team needs members. This is a vital part of what our club provides for our community.  Contact Don Christenson to learn more.

  • Do you have good organizational skills?  We need you to lead a potential Club organizational fundraiser called "Looks Who's Coming to Dinner."  Contact President Guy for more information. 

And we really want to see at least five members attend RLI in September - see below for this opportunity!

District and Rotary International Announcements

Time to Sign up for RLI September 17-18

Lake Chelan Rotarians, be one of the first 5 members in our club to sign up for the Rotary Learning Institute's 2-day program on September 17 and 18 in Wenatchee, and the club will pay $50 of your $100 registration cost!  It's 4 weeks away - please look at your calendars and see if you can fit this course in!

Check out the agenda HERE.

Please let Past President Karen Pembroke know if you are interested and/or have already registered for this opportunity.

This program is limited to 25 participants overall. Sessions are fun and interactive and you will discuss everything from membership, to leadership, to the Rotary Foundation, to public image... and more! The program runs for the full weekend, all inclusive.



And you can always find the registration under "Upcoming Events" on the upper right of the District ClubRunner website. 


Questions: Rob Tidd at or Peter Schultz at or 250-470-9228

Meet the District Govenor

Meet District Governor Karl Ruether.

Karl was born and raised in Germany and came to North America in 1986. He has three grown sons and is married to Denise. They live in Peshastin, Washington.


Karl started his career in the Hospitality Industry with a Restaurant Apprenticeship in 1976 at the Sport Hotel, Droste, Germany. As is mandatory in Germany, the required Military Service came next followed by achieving the Serviermeister (Master of Service) Certification in 1984.


In preparation for going to the US he worked as restaurant Manager in Southampton England after which Karl went to Cornell University in New York for the summer program. At the completion of this program, he worked at one of the hotels at JFK airport, followed by moving to Tucson Arizona to open a new All Suite Property.


In 1987 Karl obtained the CFBE (Certified Food and Beverage Executive) designation.From Tucson it was on to Portland Oregon and then Banff, Canada managing various types of hotels. From here it was San Bernardino California and then Leavenworth Washington’s Bavarian Village where being from Germany was not a pre-requisite, but it helped. Here he opened the Best Western Icicle Inn (1992) which is now known as the Icicle Village resort where he is the General Manager/Partner. In 1995 he obtained the CHA (Certified Hotel Administrator Designation) and after a successful career spanning 40 plus years and four countries, Karl retired from Hotel/Resort operations in December of 2019. Yippee I made it!

Along the way came various volunteer/appointed positions with Best Western International as a Regional Governor, a ........

Rotary District 5060 News

Check out the latest news from District Governor Karl at

Community Announcements

August 30 Lunch Program: Charlie Guildner, North Cascades Bank

September 6 Lunch Program:  Pacific Northwest Bees - Lisa Robinson

September 13 Lunch Program:  Tina Schaefer - Recycling Development Center,

WA Department of Ecology

September 14: Club Board Meeting, 4 pm, Chelan Chamber of Commerce  

September 17 & 18:  Rotary Learning Institute, Wenatchee

September 20 Lunch Meeting: Julie Pittsinger, Karma Vineyards

September 27 Lunch Meeting:  Classification and Committee Talks

Officers & Directors
Lake Chelan
Rotary Club

President: Guy Evans

President-Elect: Coron Polley

Vice President: Kim Dunbar-Wall

Treasurer: Dan Hodge

Secretary: Julie McCoy

Past President: Karen Pembroke

Director: Cindy Buboltz

Director:  Tom Tochterman

Director: John Ausnes

Director:  Lee Parker

Lake Chelan

Rotary Fund Board Trustees

Guy Evans

Coron Polley

Dan Hodge

Connie Lorenz

Lester Cooper

Barry Leahy

Diane Leigh

Russ Jones

Susie Hepner

911 Glass Rescue

President: Julie McCoy

Vice President: Tom Tochterman

Treasurer: Brian Patterson

Secretary: Barry Leahy


Concie Luna, Steve Clark

Lee Parker

Admin Assistant: Megan Clausen

Members are responsible for tracking your own attendance online. Watch for your weekly Wednesday email and let Brian Patterson know if you need assistance.

Lunch, Satellite, online and committee meetings, community service work and other Rotary participation all counts! View the attendance report at July 2022 Attendance 

Watch for a weekly email with a link to self-report attendance.

Views of the Lake

This week's photo of Lake Chelan sunset enhanced by a little smoke. Taken by Alison Longbottom a Cooper daughter.

If you have a photo of the lake or interesting sights around Chelan, please share with Lester Cooper for publication in a future issue of the Lake Views.

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