LakeViews Issue No. 12 for September 20, 2022

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Lunch Meeting -

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Speaker: Julie Pittsinger, Karma Vineyards

Program Sponsor: Daryl Ferguson

Our guest speaker this week will be Julie Pittsinger, owner of Karma Vineyards and the newly opened Albatross restaurant in the clubhouse at the Lake Chelan Golf Course. Join us to learn more about these two local businesses.  

Noon Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at Sorrento's Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars. We continue to offer a hybrid meeting format with the option of attending in person or joining on Zoom.

The cost for lunch is $12, and for those not buying lunch, the sitting fee is $4. Each club ticket is an additional $1, with ticket sales supporting club operations, half of which is paid to a lucky winner based on weekly drawings.

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: 892 6034 1676

Passcode: RCLC

Dial in: 253-215-8782

Satellite Meetings

Satellite meetings are not formal but we keep these standing dates for members who want to gather for fellowship and some Rotary talk:

1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month - Ancestry Cellars in Manson, 5 p.m.

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month - Coffee meetings - The Family Bean, 131 S Apple Blossom Drive #101 Chelan, 7 a.m.

The Rotary Club of the Rivers E-Club meets online on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 5pm PT/8pm ET. All are welcome to attend meetings, which focuses primarily on the environment.  Meeting ID: 823 3796 5825 Passcode: 651849

President's Message

Dear Rotarians,

This was a big week for 911 Glass! 

Staff members from the Departments of Ecology and Commerce were in town for a statewide board meeting and took the opportunity to inspect operations out at the Recycle Center.  

Julie McCoy also let everyone know that 911 Glass Rescue will be prominently featured in The Rotarian later this year. Congrats to the 911 Board and other core volunteers for continuing to push this project to higher and higher orbits!

How about you – have you volunteered at 911 Glass yet?  

We’ve made it a goal to get all 70 of our members out at least once to 911 Glass.  

This goal helps us meet community service benchmarks. But the real upside to your visit isn’t any metric. Your biggest upside will be the camaraderie and community spirit.  

John Ausnes recently volunteered for the first time, and he came away glowing. “These people drove in with these boxes of glass,” John exclaimed wide eyed, “and they were so happy to see us!”

He described how every car would arrive full of both community cheer and glass. I can attest to this phenomenon.  

So look at your schedule, and then visit 911 Glass Rescue.  Sign up on their volunteer form today.

I’d like to get 10 Rotarians who haven’t volunteered yet out to 911 Glass between now and October 15.  Please be one of those 10 and prepare to get your love tank filled!

Yours in Rotary,

Guy Evans

Areas of Service

Youth Service

Youth Exchange and Book Buddies

How can you help with some of our youth services in only a few minutes?

1) Youth Exchange – It’s time for recruiting applicants for the 2023/2024 Youth Exchange.  You can help recruit possible applicants by taking just a few minutes to mention the program to your friends and neighbors, announce the program at community meetings, announce it at your church, or talk to your teacher or advisor friends.  Anyone that needs more information or wants an application can call Susie Hepner at (917) 692-7698.  We do go to the schools to recruit but typically word of mouth is the best method of recruitment. Applications are due no later than Oct 12th so there’s no time like the present to act on this!

See the attached flyer with more information HERE.

2) Book Buddies – We’re seeing an increase of students who need reading assistance with both Chelan and Manson 2nd graders. Perhaps you’re thinking you can’t volunteer yourself for the program, but please take a minute to mention the program to your book club, your friends and neighbors, your other community groups or church buddies. You’d be surprised how many people think Rotary programs are exclusive to club members! We’re more than happy to include interested community members! Anyone that needs more information can call Valerie Rohrich at (970) 620-1611.  

Club Service

New Member Proposal

At the September 14 club Board meeting, Teresa Shover was approved for prospective membership into Lake Chelan Rotary Club.  Sponsored by Cindy Buboltz, Teresa lives in Chelan and has a background in the automotive industry.  She has extensive volunteer experience, including much in schools, and now that she is retired is ready to get involved in our community through Rotary.  Please submit any comments to President Guy Evans within one week, at which point Teresa will be eligible for induction into the club. 

Lake Chelan Rotary Citation Awarded for 2021-2022

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated club members, Lake Chelan Rotary achieved the Citation for the 2021-2022 year.  This is the most significant award a Rotary club can achieve, based on meeting goals which are set at the beginning of each Rotary year, which ultimately helps strengthen Rotary and shape our future.  Congratulations to all of you!

In Memorium

Judith Dement of the Rotary Club of Windsor St George has met with the Royal Family a number of times as Rotary's representative to the Commonwealth. Learn more at Memories of the Queen.

September Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our club members celebrating their birthday this month!

Amy Mills - September 1

Concie Luna - September 8

Bob Hargadon - September 13

Kim Dunbar-Wall - September 13

Coron Polley - September 19

Karen Pembroke - September 20

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for a way to contribute your time and talent, or do you want to learn more about Rotary and gain a few skills you can use in our club? As President Guy shared at this week's lunch meeting, there are several opportunities!

  • Volunteer at 911 Glass Rescue on a Saturday morning - go and click on the Volunteer Sign Up link.

  • The Community Service Team needs members. This is a vital part of what our club provides for our community. Contact Don Christenson to learn more.

  • Do you have good organizational skills? We need you to lead a potential Club organizational fundraiser called "Looks Who's Coming to Dinner." Contact President Guy for more information. 
District and Rotary International Announcements

Annual Call for Nominations for Rotary District 5060 Governor

Dear Rotarians,

It is my pleasure to announce our annual selection process for our District Governor. This call for nominations is for the 2025-26 Rotary year. The selected Rotarian will follow our current District Governor Nominee, Tom Tochterman as our District’s leader.


The process of being considered for the position of District Governor begins with a member completing the attached nomination form and having their Rotary Club endorse their application.


The individual to be nominated must agree to be nominated, agree to attend District funded 2-3 day training sessions in their Governor Designee, Governor Nominee and Governor Elect years and meet the requirements of Rotary International. These are: 

(1) Be a member of a Rotary club in District 5060 in good standing; (2) Have been a member of Rotary at least 7 years prior to becoming District Governor (as the Governor undergoes three years of training prior to becoming Governor, the candidate must have been a member for at least 4 years at time of nomination); (3) Have served a full term as President of a Rotary club prior to taking office as Governor. (The candidate can serve a term as President during DGD or DGN years of training); and (4) Attend and complete Rotary’s International Assembly prior to taking office as Governor.


I ask each of you to consider this opportunity to serve in one of the best jobs in Rotary and if you are not eligible, to encourage qualified Rotarians to put their names forward for consideration. I also ask you to consider that 3 of the last 5 District Governor’s held full time jobs while they completed their time as Governor and with the support of our Governor’s Council, it absolutely possible to be an effective Governor while working. A detailed job description for the Governor is attached to this notice.


The applications for District Governor are to be forwarded to Interviews for the District Governor candidates will be held in person, in Osoyoos, BC on October 15th. Endorsed applications will be due to me by 12:00 pm, Monday, September 26th, 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the application, the position or the process, please feel free to contact me at the email above. The experience of serving as a District Governor is highly rewarding and I encourage every qualified Rotarian to consider the opportunity.

Yours in Rotary

Richard DeRock

Immediate Past District 5060 Governor

Rotary District 5060 News

Check out the latest news from District Governor Karl at

Community Announcements

September 17 & 18:  Rotary Learning Institute, Wenatchee

September 19:  Fund Board Meeting, Zoom, 4 p.m.

September 20 Lunch Meeting: Julie Pittsinger, Karma Vineyards

September 27 Lunch Meeting:  Classification and Committee Talks

Officers & Directors
Lake Chelan
Rotary Club

President: Guy Evans


Vice President: Kim Dunbar-Wall

Treasurer: Dan Hodge

Secretary: Julie McCoy

Past President: Karen Pembroke

Director: Cindy Buboltz

Director: Tom Tochterman

Director: John Ausnes

Director: Lee Parker

Lake Chelan

Rotary Fund Board Trustees

Guy Evans

Dan Hodge

Connie Lorenz

Lester Cooper

Barry Leahy

Diane Leigh

Russ Jones

Susie Hepner

911 Glass Rescue

President: Julie McCoy

Vice President: Tom Tochterman

Treasurer: Brian Patterson

Secretary: Barry Leahy


Concie Luna, Steve Clark

Lee Parker

Admin Assistant: Megan Clausen

Members are responsible for tracking your own attendance online. Watch for your weekly Wednesday email and let Brian Patterson know if you need assistance.

Lunch, Satellite, online and committee meetings, community service work and other Rotary participation all counts! View the attendance report at August 2022 Attendance 

Watch for a weekly email with a link to self-report attendance.

Views of the Lake

This week's photo of last weekend's regatta on Lake Chelan was taken by Russ Jones.

If you have a photo of the lake or interesting sights around Chelan, please share with Lester Cooper for publication in a future issue of the Lake Views.

Rotarians, please submit your items for publication to:

Lake Views Editor: Karen Pembroke

Assistant Editor: Lester Cooper

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