LakeViews Issue No. 03 for July 19, 2022

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Lunch Meeting - Tuesday, July 19

Program to be Announced

Noon Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at Sorrento's Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars. We continue to offer a hybrid meeting format with the option of attending in person or joining on Zoom.

If joining us in person, we encourage you to purchase lunch, prepared and served in Sorrento's beautiful dining room. The cost for a full lunch is $16; salad only is $10; and for those not buying lunch, the sitting fee is $4. Each club ticket is an additional $1, with ticket sales supporting club operations, half of which is paid to a lucky winner based on weekly drawings.

Note - this is a new recurring link and meeting ID for the new year!

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: 892 6034 1676

Passcode: RCLC

Dial in: 1-253-215-8782

Satellite Meetings

Satellite meetings are not formal but we keep these standing dates for members who want to gather for fellowship and some Rotary talk:

1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month - Ancestry Cellars in Manson, 5 p.m.

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month - Coffee meetings - The Family Bean, 131 S Apple Blossom Drive #101 Chelan, 7 a.m.

The Rotary Club of the Rivers E-Club meets online on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 5pm PT/8pm ET. All are welcome to attend meetings, which focuses primarily on the environment.  Meeting ID: 823 3796 5825 Passcode: 651849

President's Message

Dear Rotary Members and Friends,

Rotary is like anything in life. You get out of it, what you put into it. 

But determining how and where to put our energies is key.  

Too often we follow voices of duty (“I should / You should”). I have not found such pursuits to be life giving. I end up burnt out and frustrated. But if we follow our curiosity, we typically tap into areas of gifting and vast energy. 

I invite all of us in the club this year to consider how we can “put ourselves” into Rotary, how we can step up. Recently, John Ausnes stepped up to lead the Three Amigos project. Randy Brooks stepped up to lead the Preserve Plant Earth Committee. (Thanks John and Randy!) 

Where is your curiosity leading you to step up this year?  

Our curiosity is the gateway to the fields of imagination. And as our theme this year is “Imagine Rotary”, it seems appropriate for us each to spend time reflecting on curiosity’s call.

So please, step up this year for Rotary. And let your commitment be led by curiosity.  

President Guy

Areas of Service

International Service

Sheni Regina Soila 

Regina is a student that Lake Chelan Rotary has chosen to sponsor at secondary school for each of the next 4 years.  In her final exam at primary school she was number one in her county and 10th in all of Kenya.

She is now a resident boarder at one of the best secondary schools in Kenya.  At the end of her first semester she was number one in her class and fourteenth out of 514 in the entire school.  Regina is going places.

Iltumaro Progress 

We continue to make progress at Iltumaro Primary. Inflation and supply issues are taking their toll but progress continues. 

Water tank foundation - Brickwork should be complete by August 1, 2022

Boys and Girls toilets - Pit is dug to a depth of 18 feet, walls are complete. Roof will be in place in the next 30 days.

Foundation slab will be laid by July 20, 2022. This will be followed by erection of the walls.

The girl's dormitory is waiting for the delivery of roof joists, roofing and windows.

Club Service

Welcome New Member Brandon Asher

Brandon Asher was inducted into Lake Chelan Rotary at the July 12 lunch meeting.  Sponsored by Russ Jones, Brandon is Fire Chief for Chelan 7 Fire and Rescue. Welcome to our club!  We look forward to your contributions and fellowship.

New Member Proposal

At the July 13 Club Board meeting, Brad Wilson was approved as a prospective new member of the club. Sponsored by Guy Evans, Brad is the Lake Chelan School District Superintendent. He has extensive volunteer experience of 20+ years as a volunteer youth coach and official in soccer, baseball, basketball, and football, as well as fundraising experience as an athletic director and booster club member. His connection between our local students and Rotary is an important one. Please submit any comments regarding his proposed membership to President Guy Evans within one week, at which time Brad will be eligible for formal induction to the club.


July Birthdays

Jim Heg - July 5

Randy Brooks - July 6

Julio Talavera - July 10

Paul Horne - July 7

Megan Guffey - July 14

Randi Burchett - July 24

Lee Parker - July 24

Environmental Service


Some may question whether creating methane as a fuel source is environmentally a good thing. Compared to the alternatives, it certainly is at least a good alternative to cooking using charcoal and wood, over an open fire, in a kitchen without ventilation. In Kenya both at Esupetai and Iltumaro, where we have access to an ample supply of animal waste, it will go a long way to improving the health of both the kitchen mamas and the students. 

District and Rotary International Announcements

District 5060 Governor's Update

District Rotary 5060's website is full of news, training opportunities and more!  See new District Governor Karl Ruether's update for 

Governor's Update - July 2022 - Rotary 5060

Community Announcements

Thrive Seeks Volunteers for Back to School Fair

Thrive Chelan Valley is looking for community volunteers to help at the Back to School Fair (BTSF) on Sunday, August 21st from 1-4pm at the Chelan Community Gym. Volunteer roles to fill include Check-In/Registration, Backpack Distributors, Bouncy House Monitors, Set-Up/Clean-Up and Security.  Please see the flyer attached below for more details. They will hand out 600 backpacks filled with school supplies to local youth this year!

The fair will also feature booths staffed by local organizations who can provide resources to families including Chelan EMS, Chelan Valley Hope, The Community Centner at Lake Chelan, Only7Seconds, the Lake Chelan School District, Manger Mall Chelan Valley, and more. Learn more at Back to School Fair.

If interested in volunteering at the event, please contact Kayla Helleson at or text to 509-860-0857.

July 19 Lunch Meeting: Forest Service - Outdoor Awareness

July 26 Lunch Meeting: Scholarship Award Recipients

Officers & Directors
Lake Chelan
Rotary Club

President: Guy Evans

President-Elect: Coron Polley

Vice President: Kim Dunbar-Wall

Treasurer: Dan Hodge

Secretary: Julie McCoy

Past President: Karen Pembroke

Director: Cindy Buboltz

Director:  Tom Tochterman

Director: John Ausnes

Director:  Lee Parker

Lake Chelan

Rotary Fund Board Trustees

Guy Evans

Coron Polley

Dan Hodge

Connie Lorenz

Lester Cooper

Barry Leahy

Diane Leigh

Russ Jones

Susie Hepner

911 Glass Rescue

President: Julie McCoy

Vice President: Tom Tochterman

Treasurer: Brian Patterson

Secretary: Barry Leahy


Concie Luna, Steve Clark

Lee Parker

Admin Assistant: Megan Clausen

Members are responsible for tracking your own attendance online. Watch for your weekly Wednesday email and let Brian Patterson know if you need assistance. Lunch, Satellite, online and committee meetings, community service work and other Rotary participation all counts! View the attendance report at June 2022 Attendance. And watch for a weekly email with a link to self-report attendance.

Views of the Lake

Photo taken from Holden Village Road on July 9 by Karen Pembroke.

If you have a photo of the lake or interesting sights around Chelan, please share with Lester Cooper for publication in a future issue of the Lake Views.

Rotarians, please submit your items for publication to:

Lake Views Editor: Karen Pembroke

Assistant Editor: Lester Cooper

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