LakeViews Issue No. 04 for July 26, 2022

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Lunch Meeting - Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Program: Rotary Scholarship Students

Program Sponsor: Mary Ann Warren

This week we will be joined by our local 2022 student Rotary scholarship recipients along with Chelan and Manson high school administrators.  Come meet these students and learn what their plans are for the future as they move on to technical, college and university schools this fall.

Noon Meetings

Meetings are held every Tuesday at noon at Sorrento's Ristorante at Tsillan Cellars. We continue to offer a hybrid meeting format with the option of attending in person or joining on Zoom.

If joining us in person, we encourage you to purchase lunch, prepared and served in Sorrento's beautiful dining room. The cost for a full lunch is $16; salad only is $10; and for those not buying lunch, the sitting fee is $4. Each club ticket is an additional $1, with ticket sales supporting club operations, half of which is paid to a lucky winner based on weekly drawings.

Note - this is a new recurring link and meeting ID for the new year!

Join Zoom Meeting by clicking on this link:

Meeting ID: 892 6034 1676

Passcode: RCLC

Dial in: 1-253-215-8782

Satellite Meetings

Satellite meetings are not formal but we keep these standing dates for members who want to gather for fellowship and some Rotary talk:

1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month - Ancestry Cellars in Manson, 5 p.m.

2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month - Coffee meetings - The Family Bean, 131 S Apple Blossom Drive #101 Chelan, 7 a.m.

The Rotary Club of the Rivers E-Club meets online on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 5pm PT/8pm ET. All are welcome to attend meetings, which focuses primarily on the environment.  Meeting ID: 823 3796 5825 Passcode: 651849

President's Message

Dear Rotarians,

I have challenged our club to raise $2,000 by World Polio Day - Oct 24, 2022. 

I confess that as a new Rotarian, I didn’t feel connected to polio. It seemed like a battle near-won and a disease I only read about as a kid.  

Regrettably, this week, the US reported its first case of polio in over 10 years  I received an update from RI on this front today.  The patient presented with weakness and paralysis. We pray for his recovery.

Coron Polley and I will be putting our heads together in the coming weeks to brainstorm a fundraising strategy for the $2,000 polio goal. Each one of our dollars raised will be matched by two dollars from the Gates foundation - so effectively we are raising $6,000!

Thank you for reflecting on this upcoming opportunity.

Yours in Rotary,

Guy Evans

ps. I created a video of Ed Cadman for Wenatchee Downtown Rotary in the early 2000’s. I remember interviewing Dr. Cadman at his home and learning about his “You are the Key” year as Rotary International President. His role in starting the Polio Plus campaign featured prominently in his accomplishments that year. The video currently resides on VHS, so as soon as I get it digitized, I’ll share it with the club!

Areas of Service

Community Service

Let's Sail Away

Elegance personified! This sun shade was installed for a local resident in Chelan. The owner of this house is seen here with their new sun shade which was installed by Community Service team members Don Christenson and Ty Witt. As always, the rules required that the recipient pay for the materials. This they did. They also made a donation to the Lake Chelan Rotary Community and International Fund. This money will be held in the Community Service Class for future projects where the recipient(s) is unable to pay for materials.

International Service

Iltumaro Progress & Local Impact

The objective of the project to to benefit the students that attend Iltumaro Primary but there are other benefits. Wherever possible local labor and materials are used. This means that much needed salaries enter the local economy. 

The receipt for $750 from Kenya Commercial Bank is payment for sand that was provided locally. There were a number of truck loads of sand needed. Each truck was loaded one shovel full at a time by the local people, many of whom were women. The contractor paid for the sand in addition to paying the people who did the work. 

Laying the foundation slab for the dining room and refectory

$750 Income to Primary School for sand.

Local labor makes a difference to the project and the local economy.

Youth Service

911 Glass Rescue Donates to Rotary Scholarship Fund

A huge thank you goes out to 911 Glass Rescue for the $2,500 donation made to Lake Chelan Rotary's Community & International Fund to benefit local scholarships.  Thanks to community donations made in conjunction with glass drop off for crushing and repurposing, as 911 Glass Rescue approaches their one-year anniversary they were able to further help our community in this way.

Club Service

July Birthdays

Jim Heg - July 5

Randy Brooks - July 6

Julio Talavera - July 10

Paul Horne - July 7

Megan Guffey - July 14

Randi Burchett - July 24

Lee Parker - July 24

Environmental Service  

Paulie Turns One!

911 Glass Rescue will be holding Paulie the Pulverizer’s one-year birthday party on July 23rd from 9:00 to noon at the Recycle Center! (Paulie is a big girl, so you will have to come to her to offer your best wishes.) It is hard to believe that Paulie has been faithfully crushing the Valley’s glass for a whole year. She has now helped us to rescue a whopping 250,000 pounds of glass from the landfill; glass that has a new life as sand and aggregate being utilized in a myriad of local applications. It seems the uses for our glass sand and aggregate are as unlimited as the human imagination! Paulie’s crushed glass graces trails and walkways throughout our community, does double-duty in gardens as a high-quality mulch, weed barrier and pest repellant, has grown huge, beautiful tomatoes in hydroponic applications, provided traction in Winter when local vendors ran out of ice melt, and much, much more. Come by the party to see photographic examples of some of the beautiful applications of Paulie’s progeny throughout our community. And purchase some to use in your own creative application.

Paulie could not have done it alone, though. Thanks to the many sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who have wholeheartedly embraced 911 Glass Rescue, we have exceeded our year one goal of 100 tons and made this project a model for what one determined community can do to save our environment. Without the financial support of local wineries and other businesses, as well as our partnership with the City of Chelan and a generous grant from the County of Chelan, Paulie would be serving some other community today, and local glass would still be going to the dump. And without our valued volunteers, Paulie would not have been fed all that glass to munch. This has truly been a community project, and it continues to grow, with record volumes and more and more interest from within and without our Valley.

Thanks to Paulie and all our supporters, 911 Glass Rescue has set the standard for community glass recycling. We regularly receive inquiries from around the Country, as other municipalities look for solutions to the problem of glass recycling. Here in the Chelan Valley, we have solved it!

Happy Birthday, Paulie! You’re CRUSHING IT!

Paulie arrives in Chelan on June 14, 2021

Taking Paulie off the trailer, piece by piece

Julie McCoy addresses the crowd at the Grand Opening.

Mike Steele addresses the crowd at the Grand Opening

Tom Tochterman with the iinaugural bottle to be crushed

District and Rotary International Announcements

The Rotary Theme 2022

The logo for the 2022 theme was designed by Riki Salam, an Australian artist and graphic designer specializing in contemporary Indigenous art, design, and communications. He also created the 2023 Rotary International Convention logo which will be held in Melbourne, Australia, thus connecting the two by a shared visual language.

There is, of course, a deeper meaning behind each element of the design. The circle in aboriginal culture for instance, signifies our connections to one another. The dots around it represent people and there are seven because of Rotary´s areas of focus.

The circle and the dots together become a navigation star – our guiding light. The solid line underneath is what is referred to as a digging stick and it is used when doing hard work. And since Rotary members are people of action – it represents a tool for getting things done.

Community Announcements

July 26 Lunch Meeting: Scholarship Award Recipients

August 2 Lunch Meeting:  Cyber Security - Josh Carlson (tentative)

August 9 Lunch Meeting: Mike Steele, Chelan Chamber of Commerce

August 10:  Club Board Meeting, Chelan Chamber, 4pm

August 15: Fund Board Meeting, 4 pm, Zoom


Officers & Directors
Lake Chelan
Rotary Club

President: Guy Evans

President-Elect: Coron Polley

Vice President: Kim Dunbar-Wall

Treasurer: Dan Hodge

Secretary: Julie McCoy

Past President: Karen Pembroke

Director: Cindy Buboltz

Director:  Tom Tochterman

Director: John Ausnes

Director:  Lee Parker

Lake Chelan

Rotary Fund Board Trustees

Guy Evans

Coron Polley

Dan Hodge

Connie Lorenz

Lester Cooper

Barry Leahy

Diane Leigh

Russ Jones

Susie Hepner

911 Glass Rescue

President: Julie McCoy

Vice President: Tom Tochterman

Treasurer: Brian Patterson

Secretary: Barry Leahy


Concie Luna, Steve Clark

Lee Parker

Admin Assistant: Megan Clausen

Members are responsible for tracking your own attendance online. Watch for your weekly Wednesday email and let Brian Patterson know if you need assistance. Lunch, Satellite, online and committee meetings, community service work and other Rotary participation all counts! View the attendance report at June 2022 Attendance. And watch for a weekly email with a link to self-report attendance.

Views of the Lake

Photo taken from the south shore by Cindy Buboltz on July 16.

If you have a photo of the lake or interesting sights around Chelan, please share with Lester Cooper for publication in a future issue of the Lake Views.

Rotarians, please submit your items for publication to:

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