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August 2022
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Township blue assessment notices are out. You still have time to fight for property tax justice® by signing up…See the sign-up section toward the bottom of this newsletter.

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Jill’s Most Commonly Asked Questions

Written By Jill Odzer,
Lake County Appeal, Commercial Analyst
When should I do something about my high property taxes? 
NOW! We recommend that clients hire Lake County Appeal (LCA) when they
are thinking about property the spring when they receive their property
tax bill for the prior year or when they make their first property tax payment.
2022 appeal deadlines are already happening. 

Property taxes are something that most owners only think about when they receive or have to pay their property tax bill. The county has a specific deadline for filing appeals.  


No, The Assessor Did Not Increase Your Property’s Assessed Value To Collect More Taxes!!!

Written By Ron Kingsley, LCA Tax Attorney, and Owner 

Literally, every day, at least one client calls me with the misconception that the assessor increased the client’s assessed value in order to collect more taxes. No, no, and no!!! As other recent articles aptly pointed out, the amount of taxes that the taxing bodies need to perform their functions determines the amount of taxes that must be collected, not the assessed value of property. The assessed value of each property determines the amount (i.e., percentage) of taxes that the owners of the property are responsible for. Assessed values do not determine the aggregate amount of taxes Lake County needs to collect. 

Consider the aggregate amount of taxes Lake County needs to collect as a pie.
Your property’s share of the tax pie is determined by your property’s assessed value. 

Illinois Policy


Illinois state government’s financial health was the worst in the nation before the COVID-19 pandemic began.1 An unprecedented flood of federal stimulus and bailouts for state and local governments saved Illinois from collapse, but without long-needed structural financial reforms, the state’s finances will end up in an even worse position when that aid expires in 2024.
State tax breaks on gas, groceries, and property taxes go into effect for Illinois residents

Lake and McHenry County Scanner
By Sam Borcia

The Illinois Family Relief Plan, which Governor JB Pritzker says will provide relief on grocery, gas, and property taxes, went into effect Friday for Illinois residents.

The plan totals an estimated $1.83 billion in relief, including income and property tax rebates and a temporary cut in several sales taxes.

“Starting tomorrow, every Illinoisan will get tax relief on essentials: groceries, gas, your home, and back-to-school supplies, with even more tax relief going into effect next year,” Pritzker said on Thursday.
Monthly Happenings!

Summer Activities in Lake County

LAKE FOREST MUSIC FESTIVAL. The second annual Lake Forest Music Festival features great bands, food vendors (tacos!), beverages, kids' activities, and fun for all ages. Saturday, August 20, 2022, from 3-10 pm.

THE FOUR SEASONS WITH ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA AND VADIN GLUZMAN AT RAVINIA FESTIVAL. Music that evokes the seasons and tells a story: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons portrays a year filled with hope, flowering growth, flourishing abundance, and the quiet gathering of energy for tomorrow. Monday, August 29, 2022. Public Gates Open: 5 p.m. Concert Starts: 7:30.

This musical adaptation of Thornton Wilder's hit play "The Matchmaker" bursts with humor, romance, and some of the greatest songs in musical theatre history. Wednesday, August 24, 2022 - Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Bring the family, your blankets, and lawn chairs to enjoy free movies under the stars at Deer Park Town Center! Grab takeout from Deer Park restaurants & enjoy it at the event. Pre-show activities start at 6 pm, movies begin at 7 pm. Face painters, balloon artists, yard games & more! Friday, August 19 | Moana (PG).

For More Lake County Events
Home Improvements!

 Tip Of The Month
Clear the gutters

Summer thunderstorms can clog your gutters and lead to costly water damage down the road. Properly functioning gutters direct water away from your home, but muck and debris can cause water to collect around your home’s foundation and seep into your basement if you have one.

(Clogged gutters also make great homes for rodents and other vermin, just in case you needed another reason to tackle this task.)
DIY: Grab a ladder and shimmy up to the roof to inspect your gutters and drains, taking care to wear proper hand and eye protection. A simple garden trowel is effective for clearing most debris.
Are your property taxes increasing year after year?

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* (Please note that we can only file an appeal if evidence supports an appeal.)
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