Message from the Co-Chairs
It's Going To Be BIG! Can’t you just feel the excitement and energy as June has already kicked off to a rip-roaring countdown to the Big 75th Weekend (August 16-18), with our spectacular “75 Days, 75 Ways to the 75th” draw and eye-popping 75th Anniversary Cake making it’s award winning debut in the Lake Days Parade. None of this could have been possible without the  tireless enthusiasm and creative energy of Cathy (Craft) and Laurie (Johnson) who, along with Bob (Day) and the rest of our hard working 75th Anniversary Events team, is busy preparing a wonderful weekend of activities and entertainment to celebrate Lake Cowichan’s Big 75th Birthday  in August…and everyone  is invited the party!

So a hearty THANK YOU to the team, our sponsors and to you, our community and neighbours for continuing to snap up our “ 75 Ways” tickets and being so supportive of our effort to bring you a truly memorable 75th Anniversary celebration. We look forward to seeing you all again in our next e-news where we’ll introduce you to our Executive and the rest of the 75th Anniversary “Dream Team”.

Loretta and Paul 
Co-Chairs Lake Cowichan75th Anniversary Executive Committee
Lake Days Parade
The 75th Anniversary Committee members had fun manoeuvring the super huge birthday cake in the Lake Days Parade. The cake is 8' wide and 12' tall, engineered by Dave Craft and decorated by Jolene Prak. We are inviting kids to escort the cake into Saywell Park on August 17th for Opening Ceremonies. Contact Cathy for more details.
Raffle Winner!
Meet Jack Marsh , recently moved from Burlington Ontario to the lake. He is very pleased with his 75th raffle prize of wooden coasters crafted by artisan Loretta Puckrin. He says, "I never win anything". And, is surprised his ticket goes back into the pot for a chance to be drawn for the rest of the raffle prizes! Jack moved here a couple of months ago to be close to his son, Bret. He loves the people here, the mild weather and his view of the lake from the sundeck.
Tickets are 3 for $10 or $5 each and can be bought at Lorna's Emporium, Home Hardware, Early Bird or from a committee member at Country Grocer on Fridays and the B.C. Liquor Store on Saturdays. List of Prizes here.
A Treasure in Our Own Backyard!
The Cowichan River Lodge is a real gem, only 2.3k from the centre of town. John and Danielle have very generously donated a one-night stay and breakfast at the lodge as one of the raffle prizes (Draw is July 19). They will also be hosting the Lake Cowichan Chamber of Commerce BBQ on August 19th - something you don't want to miss. The Cowichan River Lodge is a boutique style Lodge, with 4 bedrooms, located in a beautiful area of natural wilderness, on the banks of the River Cowichan. The Cowichan River is one of the most highly rated Trout rivers in BC, if not North America, and was one of Canada's first Heritage status rivers.
Danielle Chilton
Cowichan River Lodge
Volunteers Needed
If you are new in town, volunteering during the 75th Anniversary Celebration is a great way to meet people and contribute to the community. It's a three-day event (Aug 16, 17, 18). Volunteer a 4 hour shift for one day or all three days. We need people for:
  • Parking Attendants
  • Set up/take down at Saywell Park
  • Selling Raffle Tickets
  • Various event volunteers
Contact Gillian to get more details.