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New Northern Pike Fishing Limits
Nice Northern
catch this past week!

The new northern regulation limits took effect this spring. On Lake Edward, anglers will be able to keep 10 northern pike. All from 22 to 26 inches must be released. No more than two pike can be kept longer than 26 inches. The remaining limit must be less than 22 inches.
Wear a Life Jacket, Get a DQ Treat!
A first Northern!
The DNR partners with DQ each year to provide a free cone to anyone under 18 seen by a conservation officer wearing a life jacket.
A little bit about our Minnesota State Fish at Shing Wako Resort.
  • The last few years 2 million walleye fry have been stocked in Lake Edward each spring. 
  • How much do 2 million fry weigh? Well, try 18 pounds. 
  • Fry are about the size of a mosquito or 1/3 of an inch. 
  • The fry stocked in 2018 will be about one pound in four years, that's if they survive that long. 
  • Many will be a tasty meal for the fry that survived from last years crop. 
  • The DNR has a formula for how many fry are stocked in a lake. A few factors are size of the lake, natural habitat, cost and lake bottom.
This walleye was caught by one of
our guests this past weekend! What a find!
Lake Edward Statistics
Shore Soil Contents - 100% Sand
Weed Line - 14 to 17 feet
Maximum Depth - 75 feet
Elevation - 1,203 feet
Water Clarity - 12 feet
Public landing - Southwest shore
Width - 2 miles
Length - 3 miles
Size - 2,032 acres
Miles of Shoreline - 9.4 miles
% of water less than 15 feet - 1,199 acres
Age - 8,000 years old
Boat Ramp - Concrete
A red-winged black bird caught on our webcam flying over that long dock of ours on Lake Edward.
We appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again soon! 
Marty & Sue Paradeis