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The theatre department is so excited to announce a very exciting project that they are working on! Three seniors in the top audition only class have written an original one act play entitled “Under the Pine Tree”. Congratulations to the writers - Felicity Bonilla, Helena Carellas, and Bella Fuentes! This beautiful piece explores difficult topics including assault, consent, the media’s portrayal of truths, and finding one’s path to empowerment. ”Under the Pine Tree” will be completely student-directed, designed, and performed by members of Mrs. Chase’s Comp Theatre class.

Congratulations to the following cast members Amiel Bagay, Isaac Council, Madison Gotham, Pia Hernandez, Alaena Mamuyac, Kieron McKitterick, Jona Meier, and Edwin Perez. We would also like to congratulate the following designers Arianna Bermudez, Christian Camacho, Ashleigh Coons, Kai Guanio, Sydney Remely, Rebekah Rickman, Sophia Rodriguez, and Hannah Yon. We are so excited to see this show come to life and cannot wait to share it!
AP Studio Student Spotlight
AP Studio Student Spotlight

The first nine weeks has quickly come and gone, and the AP Studio students at Lake Nona HS have been knocking it out of the park! As we all know by now, the school year has looked dramatically different. The visual arts team has been working diligently to create thoughtful and creative solutions to a multitude of unprecedented challenges so that students can continue to have a quality visual arts experience.

For those that are unfamiliar, the AP Studio exam is certainly unique. Throughout the course of the year, students create a portfolio of work to demonstrate inquiry through art and design and development of materials, processes, and ideas. Portfolios include works of art and design, process documentation, and written information about the work presented.

Now, to be clear- students aren’t just creating random works of art, they are focusing on a theme or inquiry which is called their “Sustained Investigation”, where they produce a series of sequential visual forms—forms growing from forms—to explore in greater depth a particular visual concern.

All that to say, these kids are killing it this year, and as their teacher-- I couldn’t be more proud. You wouldn’t know that they have the limitations that they do, but they are still rising above the craziness that has been 2020. That’s just what lions do. Check out some of the works they have made so far below!

-Ms. Moran
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Valencia College Bridges to Success Scholarship Program!

Bridges to Success is pleased to announce the launch of their online 2021 Summer Program Application on September 1.

The deadline for students to apply is January 28, 2021; however, they are highly encouraging students to complete their application as soon as possible.

Note: Students who are interested in applying to the Bridges to Success Summer Program must first:

✔ Pay Valencia College's $35 Application Fee
✔ Apply to Valencia College
✔ Receive a Letter of Acceptance from Valencia College
✔ Set up Valencia College Atlas Account and Email

To assist students during the application process, please refer to the below postcard which outlines the steps to applying and deadlines.

Additionally, Valencia will be hosting several Virtual Program Information/Application help sessions as listed on the flyer below. Students will need to sign up via
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