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Monday, July 13, 2020

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Lake Nona Middle School

Our superintendent Dr. Jenkins, and our district staff spent a lot of time preparing for a key school board meeting last Tuesday. The questions raised by our school board members got to the heart of the big issues we face as a school district and as a community related to the 2020-2021 school reopening plan for next month.

Every parent will have a decision to make for their child after the school board votes on a plan this upcoming week. I know that whatever decision you make for your child that it will be the best possible choice and we support you 100%. Please be sure to keep an eye on the news and visit the OCPS website this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

As for this latest summer break issue, we have included some important reminders for our Knight families and a few 2019-2020 highlights which I think you will enjoy. Have a great week!

With Knight Pride,

Dr. Stephanie R. Jackson, Ed.D
Lake Nona Middle School

Dates to Watch For

July 14 - OCPS School Board meeting to include topic of reopening - protocol for the public
July 29
* 8:30-12:30 - 6th Grade Digital Device Deployment for last name A-M
* 1:00-5:00 - 6th Grade Digital Device Deployment for last name N-Z
August 7-9 - Florida Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday - Details
August 10 - First Day of School
September 1 -1st SAC Meeting - 5:30 PM - Media Center

* As of July 11, 2020.

School Reopening
Orange County Presents Fall Plans 
The Orange County School District has proposed a new learning option called OCPSLaunchED@Home, whereby full-time school would be live-streamed via a camera set up in the classroom which would follow the teacher so kids at home would feel like they were there. While the idea needs to be approved by the state, administrators say the Orange County Virtual School remains available for parents and guardians who want to keep their kids at home, along with traditional face-to-face instruction. "As we all learned yesterday, the reopening guidelines were shifted yesterday under the commissioner's emergency order," comments OCPS Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins, who will require masks when social distancing isn't possible and is looking into adding partitions at desks. District surveys indicate that only 37% of parents and guardians want their kids to return in person.
OCPS website message (NEW!) - "Reopening Orange County Public Schools" 
Special Events
OCVS - Interested in Online School for Next Year?

While no decision has been made about what next school year will look like, we do know many of you have had inquiries and questions about virtual school options for your child. You may not be aware but Orange County Public Schools has run its own virtual school for ten years.
Orange County Virtual School is an option for full and part-time instruction for all students' kindergarten through 12th grade. If you are wondering if Orange County Virtual is right for your child, there is a lot of information on their website, where you will find a message from the principal, answers to frequently asked questions, and how to attend virtual information sessions.
Just go to to learn more about the opportunities offered by Orange County Virtual School.

Welcome New Assistant Principal, Ms. Brandi Cain

Q: Where are you from?
A: I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Q: Where did you graduate from?
A: I attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minored in Secondary Education. I later earned my MBA from UoP and an Educational Leadership Endorsement from Western Governors' University.

Florida Southern College in Lakeland where Asst. Principal Cain earned her undergraduate degree. Ms. Cain has a very strong mathematics background and actually helped write the Algebra 1 and Geometry curriculum for Orange County Public Schools!

Q: What is your history in the education field?
A: I was a classroom teacher for 12 years before becoming a Math Coach. I then spent 2 years as a Secondary Math Program Specialist where I wrote the OCPS Algebra 1 and Geometry curriculum and facilitated district-wide PD. This is my second year as an assistant principal.

Q: What do you want our students to know about you?
I would like our students to know that I am here to serve and support them. Building relationships is a large part of who I am. I am extremely excited to be part of the Kingdom.

Fun Fact!
I am an 8th generation Floridian.

Immunizations for 6th Graders going into 7th Grade

The State of Florida requires all incoming 7th graders to have the Tdap Immunization on the Florida 680 Health Form prior to the start of school. (

If Lake Nona Middle School does not have the 680 Health Form with the Tdap immunization included on the form, your child will NOT be able to sign out their laptops and/or receive their class schedule for the 2020-21 school year until the updated form is received.  
If you have additional questions in regards to immunizations, exemptions, etc. please visit 

School Summer Math Ramp Up Canvas Course

Summer Reading
LNMS Recommends that ALL students participate in summer reading activities sponsored by OCPS, OCLS, and LNMS! The OCPS programs run to Aug. 10.

*** Beanstack App on Launchpad - Track your reading and win prizes! The Orange County Public Library is offering prizes as well. Students can win a Kindle through OCPS. LNMS will also be offering prizes randomly for usage of Beanstack.  It's easy - all you have to do is track the number of minutes you read throughout the summer!

*** Even though you cannot come to the LNMS Media Center in person this summer, you can request books from Ms. Powers! On the dates listed below, Ms. Powers will be working in the media center getting ready for next school year. All you need to do is email her the name of the book to books you want to read and which time during the day you prefer, and she will check the book out to you and leave it in the front office. You just need to come pick it up!
  • July 14 & 15
Pickup will occur in the front office from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. You must email first to request the book and also receive confirmation back that is ready for pickup in the front office.

*** New SSYRA Books for 2020-2021 will be available this summer. Check on the Destiny app in Launchpad to see when they appear in the New Titles section.  Tests will be available online beginning in July. Check out the new list at click here.

 *** Ebooks are available if you cannot make it to LNMS or to a public library. They are accessible through your Destiny account in Launchpad and through the Virtual Library Card also in Launchpad.  

*** Visit these websites! and

Universal Orlando Resort Discount for 8th Graders

Please CLICK HERE for a larger view of the Universal flyer below

Knight Summer Reminders: Health & Safety and Reading

1. Please keep up with your coronavirus preventions every day:

2. Please do some reading for pleasure this summer Knights! (See SSYRA list above.)

Source: Gallup Poll; Read full article

3. We also encourage our Knights to make time for physical activity this summer! Positive exercise habits are so important and please be careful of too much screen time.

Note: A growing number of medical groups classify obesity - defined as a body-mass index of 30 or greater - as a chronic disease and are pushing for wider coverage of treatment costs. Scientists now know that excess fat tissue can become enlarged and turn into "sick fat," leading to abnormalities that result in high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.
Source: The Wall Street Journal; Read full article

4. Rip Currents: Beware at the Beach Knights!

How to Escape a Rip Current:
Lifeguards insist that the safest option for inexperienced ocean swimmers is to swim at a beach with lifeguards. For beachgoers who find themselves caught in a rip current, they offer these potentially life-saving tips:
  1. Remain calm.
  2. Don't try to swim against the current.
  3. Try to swimming parallel to the shoreline to get out of the current.
  4. When out of the current, swim at an angle away from the current, towards the shore.
  5. If you are unable to swim out of the current, float or calmly tread water.
Source: National Weather Service; More information on rip current safety - "Can you spot the rip?"

Monday's Motivational Moment!

Catching the Winning Behaviors!
The coronavirus was bad enough with shutdowns and work from home policies. But that has been followed by other social problems and worries about getting back-to-school off to safe, but successful start next month. Well, we think it's time here at the mid summer break that we reminded our community of a few of the really "winning behaviors" that our Knights put forth this past school year. We are so proud of our students and their teachers as they are certainly some of the brightest, most talented and fiercely dedicated in central Florida!

During Club Rush week normally held early in the new school year, students get to explore all of the different clubs and organizations they could get involved with at LNMS. Last year each club/organization created a tri-fold poster about the fun activities and responsibilities the member will experience during the school year. There was a slide show presentation about each club and organization during lunch in the cafeteria. LNMS has a club/organization for all students and interests along with four major sports programs.

Sociedad Hispanic Honoraria and Hispanic Heritage Month Posters were created last October by the students to show their pride in Hispanic Heritage Month!

Spanish Honor Society, C-2 Club, and Mrs. Rivera Cuevas (Spanish teacher) went to the Veterans Hospital and decorated two Christmas trees last December. The students made the ornaments with napkins and named one tree "The Thank You Garden." This is just one of many examples of how our Knights step up to help others during the school year. (On the right are Ms. Morris and Ms. Ostrow, 6th grade, trimming one of the trees at the Veterans Administration.)

Congratulations went out to our custodial team last year as LNMS earned the 5 Star Award for school cleanliness two years in a row! Of course, this summer the campus has been going through a very deep cleaning in preparation for the students' return next month.

Eighth grade students got a real-world taste of how their technology skills can be used in government and city management during the second quarter. Students from Mr. Rasmussen's 8th grade technology class worked hard to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification which will now help them in high school and beyond. Having a MOS certification can also set students apart from others in the workplace and a visit to the Orlando City Hall last school year proved it. (Pictured above are Mrs. Wood, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Rasmussen, Technology teacher, with our tech students in the Orlando City Hall board room.)

LNMS offers an excellent curriculum for our students and one of our strengths are classes in the STEM fields. As an example of rigor, here we see Ms. Fountaine's 6th grade science class extracting DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) from strawberries in a lab. Scientists study DNA for many reasons; maybe one day these Knights will make new medicines or genetically modify crops to be resistant to insects!

LNMS has a top athletics department and excellent coaches across all four major sports programs (soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track & field). Our teams usually compete deep into the playoffs and often for the county championships. Pictured above are our Lady Knights during February's 8th Grade Night for basketball season. At the time this picture was taken, our girls were 6-0 and the boys were 5-1. We are also fortunate to have great community support at our home events!

Our chorus students participated in the 2019 Lake Nona Carolers Community Outreach Tour and shared music throughout our community at various locations such as our elementary schools, the Veterans Community Living Center and the residents at Somerby Assisted Living Center. This is another example of how our Knights give back and here through music!

Florida flag
Make it a great week Knights and please continue to practice all recommended health safety procedures.
Dr. Jackson, Principal
Lake Nona Middle School
Sunday, July 12, 2020

Leadership Team

Principal: Dr. Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Brandi Cain
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
6th and 7th Grade Administrative Dean: Chenia Thate

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