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Lake Nona Middle School, Orlando, FL
Dates to Watch For
April 4-10 - National Library Week
April 6 - SAC Meeting 5 pm LNMS Media Center and via Zoom
April 7 - No early release
April 8 - FSA Writing (Adjusted bell schedule)
April 9 - FSA Writing Makeups
April 10 - Saturday Learning Lab 9-1
April 12 - Basketball Intramurals begin (see flyer)
April 17 - Science Boot Camp (8th graders only) See Flyer
Important Testing Information for FSA Writing- Thursday, April 8th
LaunchEd Testing Information

Test: FSA Writing Grades 6-8
Date: April 8, 2021
Test Administration Time: 9:30am – 12:35pm

Arrival on Campus:
Bike/Car/Walk: Students should plan to arrive on campus between 8:45 am to 9:00 am. Students will report to the Cafeteria to check in when they arrive on campus. Students will remain in the Cafeteria until 9:15am, at which time, they will be released to their testing room.

Bus Transportation: Students who ride the bus to campus, will report to the Cafeteria to check in as they exit the bus. Students will remain in the Cafeteria until 9:15am, at which time, they will be released to their testing room.

At the End of the Testing Block:
We highly encourage that LaunchEd students are picked up at the end of the testing block at 12:35pm.

  • If your student will be leaving campus at the end of the testing block, which is 12:35pm, they will first report to the Gymnasium. Students will then be released from the Gym to go home. Students will be given a 1-class period grace to travel home. Students will then log into Canvas and continue to follow their schedule for the remainder of the day.

  • If your student is unable to be picked up, your student will remain on campus and follow their normal schedule throughout the day. Students who will be riding the bus home will be released at the normal dismissal time from school at 3:57pm.

Student Attendance: Due to state-wide testing, there will be no live sessions during the testing block. All students who are not present for FSA/EOC testing will be marked absent during that time. Students may resume live classes after the scheduled testing block has ended. Please see the testing bell schedule below for details.

Testing Rooms: Students will receive their testing room through their student email account 2-3 days before test day. Students will need to write this down and have it accessible for test day. Students will be able to confirm this as they check in to the Cafeteria the morning of the test.

Extended-Time Accommodations: Students who will be using their extended-time accommodation, will receive their extended time at the conclusion of the regular testing block. Please keep in mind, if your student receives extended time and utilizes it, the end time of their test will vary. As extended-time students finish, they will be able to call home for pick-up.

Materials: All students should bring their school-issued laptop and charger with them on testing day. Students may also bring a clear bottle of water.
LNMS Basketball Intramurals
8th Grade Science Boot Camps
Going Bananas in 6th Grade Life Science
Students in 6th grade life science have been learning about the body systems. This week the focus was on the digestive and excretory systems. To investigate the functions of the digestive system, students completed the “Digestion in a bag” lab. Students simulated the digestion of a banana as it moves through the digestive system.
Students in Mrs. Fountaine’ s science classes enjoyed some hands-on learning during their lab day.
Vital Signs
Ms. Stroup’s Last Day!
Last week we shared with you the recognition of Ms. Stroup as she bid farewell to the Kingdom at the monthly faculty meeting. Ms. Stroup’s official last day was Wednesday and she was sent off in style! She was serenaded with Motown tunes by our chorus students and she was treated like a queen by the students and teachers in the Royals classroom. Congratulations again to Ms. Stroup on her retirement!
Our amazing Knights say goodbye to Ms. Stroup on her last day.
Calculus Project Recognitions
Last week Mr. Ron James from the OCPS Minority Achievement Office paid a visit to our school to hand out two awards. Mr. Burghdurf received an award for Quarter 3 for having a high number of tutoring/acceleration sessions for students. Additionally, Mikaela Robinson received an award for Quarter 3 for her hard work.
Dr. Jackson, Mikaela Robinson, and Mr. James
Dr. Jackson, Mr. Burghdurf, and Mr. James
National Library Week is April 5-9
This week is National Library Week...and the best way to celebrate that fact is to visit the library and check out a book! The LNMS Media Center is open each morning before school at 9am, unless otherwise previously announced. Students are also able to visit during lunch if they ask the dean in the lunchroom. Books are able to be checked out by ALL students, so LaunchED students can request a book by emailing Ms. Powers or filling out the form on the Student Body Page in Canvas. Additionally - we have hundreds of eBooks available through the Destiny app in Launchpad.

Here is an excellent title to read from this year’s SSYRA 6-8 list:

The Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman (Review from
When Viji and her sister, Rukku, whose developmental disability makes her overly trusting and vulnerable to the perils of the world, run away to live on their own, the situation could not be more grim. Life on the streets of the teeming city of Chennai is harsh for girls considered outcasts, but the sisters manage to find shelter on an abandoned bridge. There they befriend Muthi and Arul, two boys in a similar predicament, and the four children bond together and form a family of sorts. Viji starts working with the boys scavenging in trash heaps while Rukku makes bead necklaces, and they buy food with what little money they earn.

They are often hungry and scared but they have each other -- and Kutti, the best dog ever. When the kids are forced from their safe haven on the bridge, they take shelter in a graveyard. But it is now the rainy season and they are plagued by mosquitos, and Rukku and Muthu fall ill. As their symptoms worsen, Viji and Arul must decide whether to risk going for help -- when most adults in their lives have proven themselves untrustworthy -- or to continue holding on to their fragile, hard-fought freedom.
Attention 8th Grade Knights!
Teacher Shout Outs!
Ms. Satterfield- She deserves a shout for being super incredible with us and how caring she is and how she never gives up on working with us. AND ...having her as a teacher is fun. I like going to her class because you never know what you are going to expect in this great class. her first 3-5 weeks it has already been amazing. AND...I hope it stays that way for the rest of the year. She makes learning fun and easy, and she always tries her hardest to keep the class in order. I think that she is a great teacher! AND...because she is calm and she is very fun! She is the reason I look forward to 7th period.

Mr. Hammond- Because he is super nice to everybody and teaches us in a fun way AND...Mr.Hammond is an amazing teacher who makes you laugh, and always has positivity towards anyone. He makes you laugh and he also makes you feel like you belong in this world. AND...He is very patient and helps us to understand what we are learning in class. AND...he makes class fun even for the LaunchEd. He has fun jokes and his Kahoots have a joke in it. He makes sure that everyone understands and has the LaunchEd participate just like if we were in his classroom. His class is a great way to start the day.

Dr. Strawser- For his amazing, hilarious sometimes, learning environment, for giving us fun labs to do in class, for telling us funny stories of his personal life, and for helping students when they need any sort of help AND...a very kind teacher that helps us understand things we have not learned of and is very nice and generous! AND...he's genuinely a laid-back person. Honestly, out of all of my educators, he's my pick. He makes us feel as if he's there, not just as a teacher but as a friend. He makes jokes about us, lets us share our thoughts and opinions, goof around, but most importantly, we learn. Let me tell you something, I've learned a whole bunch of stuff in other classes that I don't give two thoughts about, but in his class, I surprisingly pay attention and not just read. He's like THE BEST male teacher there is, and I'm not ashamed to say it.
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Soccer Camp
Skyward Family Access Activity
This past week 88.4% our Knights logged onto the Skyward system compared to . . .
. . . 6.5% of our parents during the same week.
Knight Success Indicators
Credit: Weekly success indicators compiled by Ms. Sharon Powers (Media Specialist) and staff.
Monday's Motivational Moment!
It's so simple that it's revolutionary. The fact is, this formula or principle is misunderstood enough, or overlooked enough, that it can be called magic by those who understand it. Ready? Here it is. You can beat 50 percent of the people in America by working hard. You can beat another 40% by being a person of honesty and integrity and standing for something. The last 10 percent is competition in the free enterprise system.

The lesson for our Knights? This principle applies in school as well. Effort and personal character matter greatly through middle school, high school, and in college. Be the best you can be and never be afraid to compete. With confidence and preparation, you will succeed!

Knights, please remember to get a good night's sleep Wednesday and to eat a healthy breakfast on Thursday morning!
Dr. Jackson, Principal
Lake Nona Middle School
Sunday, April 4, 2021
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