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Monday, April 20, 2020

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Lake Nona Middle School

As you may have heard over the weekend, Governor DeSantis and the Florida Department of Education have recommended the closure of all schools in Florida and a continuation of distance learning through the end of the school year. This week is already our 4th distance learning school week and by now our Knights and their families are very familiar with the process. This has included gradual improvements all along, so kindly see our "Knight Families" segment below which includes adjustments in both food distribution and school hours for the balance of the school year.

While so much has changed in the realities of daily life for every student, staff member, parent and family as we live through this current COVID-19 crisis, one constant remains for all of us: Lake Nona Middle School remains deeply committed to each and every student and family to ensure their continued health, learning, and growth.

Please stay safe and remember to follow all health precautions again this week.

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

Dates to Watch For

March 30 - May 27 - School closed for the rest of the year
April 22 - 50th Anniversary of Earth Day  
April 30 - Student Essay Contest deadline - details  
May 25 - Memorial Day 
Knight Families

Official OCPS School Closure Announcement (Saturday, April 18)
The Governor announced all Florida K-12 schools will remain closed and distance learning will continue for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. There will be more details to come this week, and we will update you as we get new information. You can continue to find distance learning assistance on our website,, and on our district's Facebook page. School sites and district offices will be operational Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Announcements for Monday, April 20
We have another update on operating hours and the district's FREE Grab-and-Go meal distribution. Beginning Monday, April 20, food distribution and office hours for school sites and district offices will only be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is in an effort to keep more individuals at home to reduce exposure to others. All school sites and district offices will be closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays but employees will continue to work remotely at home on those days and can be reached via email.

The 52 FREE Grab and Go school sites can be found on the front page of the district's website: Schools and offices will be open from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and meals will be distributed between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Children will receive meals on Monday for Tuesday, and on Wednesday for Thursday. Weekend meals will continue to be distributed on Fridays.

Distance learning instruction and district operations will continue Monday through Friday, but again the buildings will now be closed entirely on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Student Assignment Expectation - Weekly Attendance Quiz
(very important)

All teachers will post an assignment on Monday detailing their expectations or outline for the week. Students are to acknowledge they understand the expectations by answering a one question assignment quiz for each class; this will serve as your attendance check-in. The answer is due by noon Friday of that week. Students will be marked absent if the weekly attendance quiz is not completed.

* All student work needs to be submitted by April 27th - 4:00 PM for Quarter 4 Progress Reports. Parents will be able to view the Progress Report in Skyward May 6th, 2020.

Knight Teacher Office Hours
Students and parents may need to get additional support or clarification on an assignment. LNMS teachers will be available during these posted office hours.

Knight Digital Learning Schedule
The following schedule allows LNMS to provide dedicated time to each content area. Some teachers may choose to interact with live teaching sessions and live help support during the window of time. Students can follow this schedule in order to ensure a class is not missed throughout the week.

Knights Work for the Earth
Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd.

This week we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day at LNMS! Each department has created a fun activity for you to complete each day of the week if you would like to celebrate with us! 

The activities with directions will be in the LNMS Student Canvas Course. All submissions should be made for each activity by noon on Friday, April 24th through the LNMS Student Canvas Course.    

Winners for each category will be announced on Monday, April 27th.  

We hope you will participate!


Stronger Than COVID-19 Community Action Survey

The Florida Department of Health (FDH) is requesting the distribution of a survey to students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. As Florida continues to work to fight the spread of COVID-19, the FDH launched a new survey, Stronger Than COVID-19 Community Action Survey. This survey is intended for Florida residents to anonymously answer a brief series of questions which the Department will use to help inform and improve the state's response to COVID-19. The survey can be accessed:

You may contact the Florida Department of Health at 1-866-779-6121 or for any specific questions about the survey.

Family Table Time
Family Table Time is committed to making mealtime fun and bringing families closer together by helping them communicate in a fun and interactive way. Family Table Time creates opportunities by providing printable content in English and Spanish for families. Each family activity kit is designed to help families establish and sustain lifelong healthy habits, traditions, and memories.

During the month of April and May, the content addresses character values. Each week, families will have an easy to follow guide of activities to address attitude, talent, environment, trust, gratitude, sacrifice, family and accomplishments.

The resources are free and appropriate for school-aged children. For access to the content, each family can sign-up to receive immediate downloads at Family Table Time.    

Knights Stay Fit!

While you may not be able to stick to your normal routine, of leaving the house, going shopping, meeting friends for coffee and doing your usual physical activities, you can create a new routine at home which includes alternative ways to keep active. As tempting as it may be to stay in bed and work in your PJs, in the long run this is bound to have a detrimental effect on your overall mood.

Seventh grader Amaya Macapinlac has created a workout regiment every 60 minutes with her family. See how Amaya spends time with her family and stays fit.

  • This week they do 20 - next week they will increase to 25
  • 25 pushups
  • 25 sit-ups
  • Amaya suggests starting at the beginning with 10 or 15 pushups and sit-ups depending on the ages of family members.
Fitness from Coach Nuckels
I wanted to share an idea that could help students and families be activite at home. I have been using and agility workout using a mobile app called "HomeCourt." It is free to download. The app is technically a basketball training app but it does have an "agility" section which is where I found the workout in the video.

1) Download the HomeCourt app. (It's free!)
2) Create an account.
3) Click the middle button at the bottom of the app home screen, this will take you to "activities"
4) Scroll down to the "by category" section and then scroll over to "agility drills" which is in purple
5) Select the agility drill you would like to completed and follow the on screen prompts


Making sense of the chart: Since March 1st and through April 6th, physical activity has declined by 48% nationwide. Activity is measured as a 7-day rolling step count, normalized per individual (z-score) and then aggregated by state. With respect to the chart, Florida is in the -40% to -49% decline grouping with other nearby states like Georgia and North Carolina.

Source: evidation

Knight Veteran Gifts

For those of you who prefer not to use the Orlando VA Go Fund Me Link, this is a link to their Amazon Gift list. These items will be used in the Relaxation Room so that the doctors, nurses and other support staff will have a place to go and "Take Five" during their shifts.

Please consider purchasing an item and forward the link to those contacts who might be inclined to help. After a slow start, they have had a week of great generosity. Gourmet Gratis is providing two meals per month to rotating services at the VA and a $5,000 grant that was awarded from Lake Nona Rotary Lunch Time to buy masks for the VA. If you are following the news, you know how great a need those masks are to the front line doctors and nurses.

We are posting the Go Fund Me link again to assist in purchasing tools to make this isolation better for our true superheros again.

Knight Distance Learning with Ms. Guyton's Art Class

Ella Bingler

Anaid Velazquez

John Flores

Payton Olinger

Mirelle Chapple

Maria Cortez Gonzalez

Catherine Hansen

Anais Lamboy Sanchez

Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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