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Monday, April 6, 2020

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Lake Nona Middle School

With the school closure date being extended through May 1, this week we continue to carry forward with distance learning. I realize we had several kinks during week #1 as OCPS has moved extremely quickly to get 200,000 students the opportunity to translate into virtual learning until classes resume on campus. From a leadership perspective, the faculty and staff have been staying in close communication online all week. We have successfully conducted department and team meetings to make sure we are in sync and serving the students to our best ability given this temporary situation.

As we prepare to begin this second week of distance learning, I want to thank all of our Knights and their families for keeping a positive attitude and putting forth their best efforts. I also want to encourage our Knights to explore and participate in as many online learning opportunities that they can. Moreover, don't lose sight of our awesome Lake Nona school spirit as this week is "Virtual Spirit Week!" Please see below for all of the details and join in the fun from home! We may not be able to see each other every day, but we can still show our Knight pride and share a smile.

I hope you are doing well and staying healthy. And once again, bravo for maintaining a positive outlook and giving distance learning your best for now. Focus on the things you can control such as this educational opportunity, bonding with family & friends, keeping fit, and keep the faith - this situation will come to pass and hopefully we will all be back again as a LNMS family in May.

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

Dates to Watch For

March 30 - Distance Learning began
March 30 - May 1- School Closed but Learning is Always Open!
April 6 - Superhero Day - Monday
April 7 - Silly Sock Day - Tuesday
April 8 - Family Time - Wednesday
April 9 - Tie-Dye Day - Thursday
April 10 - Knight Pride Day - Friday
With the official start to Distance Learning this past week, we are kicking off "Virtual Spirit Week." We encourage all of our Knights to get involved and submit a picture of your creative interpretation of each day's theme!
Check Canvas Daily

It is very important that students login into Canvas each school day. Their teachers are taking attendance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Knight Families

School Reopen Date
OCPS received written confirmation from the Florida Commissioner of Education that the school closure will last through Friday, May 1, 2020. There have been some connectivity issues in trying to serve 200,000 students for distance learning, but the district has worked and will continue on improving the needed technology. Thank you for your patience.

Student Assignment Expectations - Weekly Attendance Quiz
All teachers will post an assignment on Monday detailing their expectations or outline for the week. Students are to acknowledge they understand the expectations by answering a one question assignment quiz for each class; this will serve as your attendance check-in. The answer is due by noon Friday of that week. Students will be marked absent if the weekly attendance quiz is not completed.

According to press conference from Governor Ron DeSantis says all required testing for Florida's K-12 schools is canceled. Students will not be taking EOC, FSA, NGSSS, FCAT 2.0 and CFE assessments. Requirements for graduation, grade promotion and final course grades will be evaluated as if those assessments did not exist, the governor said.     


Just because testing is cancelled, does not mean you can get lax with your classwork. Be sure to stay on top of your grades and assignments. Fourth quarter grades are now more important than ever as they will factor in more to determining your FINAL GRADE for each of your courses.

Grab-and-Go Meals
Some school sites for the free Grab-and-Go meals are consolidating based on participation and a few new sites are opening (Lake Nona High School is now open). The meals are for children 18 and under. Please check for the location updates. The distribution hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Knight Teacher Office Hours
Students and parents may need to get additional support or clarification on an assignment. LNMS teachers will be available during these posted office hours.

Knight Digital Learning Schedule
The following schedule allows LNMS to provide dedicated time to each content area. Some teachers may choose to interact with live teaching sessions and live help support during the window of time. Students can follow this schedule in order to ensure a class is not missed throughout the week.

Parent Resources
LNMS will continue providing resources from OCPS district that you may find useful during Distance Learning.

OCPS Distance Learning Resources
Orange County Support
This is a link to the Orange County Government website which provides a list of resources our families in need can use at this time.

Addressing Student Anxiety
Talking to Children about COVID 19 - Parent Resource from NASP
Helping Children Cope with Stress - World Health Organization

Low and No Cost Internet Service Providers

The following local Internet Service Providers have taken the Keep America Connected Pledge and are offering low and no cost services at this time:

Support for our Partners in Education & Businesses

During this time where we are on a SHELTER AT HOME order, please be sure to support our local businesses by ordering delivery or take out. Thank you!

Attendance is being Updated

COVID-19 Mental Health Self Care Worksheet

Worldwide School Closures as of April 3

As of this past Friday, over 1.5 billion students are at home as they have seen their schools closed due to the coronavirus. Hundreds of U.S. counties and scores of nations around the world cannot offer distance learning to keep their students' education progressing with 1/4 of the school year undone. While it is not a perfect situation, we are so fortunate to be part of a school district that can keep our students engaged academically until this crisis has passed. We thank all of our families for their support and understanding as we refine the process.

* Please click here or on the chart to view the day-by-day growth in students displaced from their schools through April 3 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Closing Images of the Week . . .

Canvas Teacher Updates
Please be sure to have your student check their Canvas email and Canvas page for each class during the week to receive updates from their teachers. (See the photos below.)

Teacher Distant Teaching
Ms. Monsalvatge - Information and Communication Technologies Teacher

"6th Grade ICT / Computer Class is learning about Microsoft Word Software and How to use it to review and edit, creating diverse and creative flyers, such as restaurant brochures. Keep up the hard work!"

"7th Grade ICT/ Computer Class is learning about Database Platforms, such as Microsoft Access to edit records, and create tables, reports, forms, and queries. Keep up the hard work!"

Ms Fourtaine, 6th Grade Science Teacher

"Bella was my office assistant today during my meeting with the other science teachers."

Ms. Wood, Assistant Principal, meeting online with science and electives teachers

"In my experience, it takes about twice as long - prep time, putting materials together - to actually deliver the online course than it does to deliver the on-campus course."
~ Denise Keele, professor of environmental policy, quoted on

Student Distance Learning

Neftali decided to work on a plant project using technology and journal writing.

Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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