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Monday, August 19, 2019

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LIA Knights Set The Tone!
The Latinos in Action students made a commitment to SET THE TONE CHALLENGE and 100% turned in their first day packet forms fully completed including required LIA forms.

Lake Nona PTSA     
 Please support our PTSA in 2019-2020 and note that the first monthly meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 14th.

Free/Reduced Lunch
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Lake Nona Middle School

Thank you for helping to make Week #1 of 2019-2020 a great success! Our educators have their students off to a fast start for what promises to be an exciting year at LNMS. We are still working out a few kinks tied to OCPS' new student information system - Skyward (please see update below) - but otherwise I am very pleased with the overall results of the first five school days.

Please note that two important areas that affect student achievement and school pride will come under close scrutiny this week as we begin our first round of "sweeps" of the new year: tardies between classes and adherence to the LNMS/OCPS dress code policy. We are counting on our parents for support from home with both. If this applies to your household, thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If during the course of this week you happen to see Ms. Miller (reading teacher) or Ms. Swartz (clerk) on campus, kindly take a moment to congratulate them. Ms. Miller is our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year and Ms. Swartz is our 2019-2020 Support Person of the Year (story below). Nominated by their peers, these are major career achievements and we are all extremely proud of both!

Finally, please remember to visit our website and Facebook page all along this school year as we do continually update both. Here you will also find important Knight related information (including weather alerts which impact dismissal) between issues of The Kingdom's Chronicle.

With Knight Pride,

Stephanie R. Jackson, M. Ed.
Lake Nona Middle School

Knight Clubs
CLUB Rush: August 26-30

LNMS has the tradition of CLUB Rush during the first weeks of school. This is when clubs & organizations display pictures of past activities to promote membership for the new school year. Club sponsors create show boards that promotes the ideals of either academic achievement, character, or service and leadership. The show boards will be on display in the cafeteria for the students to look at before/after school and during lunch.

We will have 30 clubs & organizations for students to join this year including: Art - Chess - Crocheting - Drama - Latin Festival - Science - French - Robotics - and Nature clubs.

The clubs will be posted on our website in September.

Dates To Watch For

Tuesday, Aug. 20th
August 20 - Picture Day
August 20 - Parent Technology Night (Skyward Parent Access) - CANCELLED - TBA
August 22 - Beginning Band Instrument Tryout Night - 6:00-8:00 PM
August 22 - Chorus Treble Voices Parent Meeting - 5:30-7:00 PM
August 23 - Marc Maro - Anti-Bullying Event
August 26-30 - CLUB Rush - Cafeteria - All Lunches
August 28 - Soccer vs Innovation MS (Home) - 5:00-7:00 PM
September 2 - Labor Day Holiday - No School
September 3 - SAC - Media Center - 5:30 PM
September 4 - Soccer vs Meadow Woods - Away
September 5 - Soccer vs Hunter Creek - Away
September 11 - Soccer vs Freedom - Home
September 11 - PTSA - Media Center - 5:00 PM
September 24 - 6th Grade Open House
September 26 - 7th and 8th Grade Open House

Knight Pride: Punctuality and Dress
Tardy and Dress Code Sweeps begin Monday

There will be a Tardy Sweep and Dress Code Sweep this week. Students need to be on time to class and have the appropriate dress for success as promoted at the Grade Level Assembly.

Knight Bells

Knights, be sure to take a moment and review our bell schedule. Students should not be dropped off on campus earlier than 9:00 am unless they are registered for the Before School All-Stars Program.

Knight Teacher of the Year
Ms. Mareshah Miller, 7th Grade Reading

Ms. Mareshah Miller has made significant contributions in the teaching of 7th grade reading. She applies innovative reading techniques in her classroom. Ms. Miller is committed to reluctant readers and is a visionary in her methods to encourage reading by these and all students.

Knight Support Person of the Year
Ms. Carol Swartz, 7th Grade Clerk

Ms. Carol Swartz is our 7th grade clerk and without her LNMS would find it difficult to function as efficiently as we do. Throughout the year, she goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that her office runs smoothly and everyday assists with other special projects.

Knights Look Skyward

As of Friday, August 16th most of our Knights have their laptops assigned to them and are successfully using them in classrooms. We do have a small percentage of students whom have enrollment issues such as still being attached to other schools, duplicate enrollments, or incorrect information entered in the registration fields. We are handing these students on an individual basis as we have to dig into different systems to diagnose the issue.

Additionally, any new students enrolled this week also have not flipped in the appropriate systems. Each morning, the list of students names is checked for readiness and students will be called to the media center to complete the process.

Parents, we ask for patience as we work through this process. As this is the priority at the moment, all media center staff are engaged in devices and troubleshooting technology issues. We anticipate an opening date for the media center to be mid-week next week. Stay tuned for all the great literacy activities and book excitement coming your way!  

** Please CLICK HERE for a larger image of the above and additional information ** 

Knight Drills
LNMS held our first fire drill on Friday. The purpose of these drills is to educate the students and staff on the procedures to be followed during fire evacuation.

Students walk quietly carrying a teacher's sign which helps with organization

Students line the sidewalks during the practice fire drill

Officer Bledsoe of the Orlando Police Department watches over Friday's drill

Students safely in the back field away from the building as part of the practice drill

Free / Reduced Lunch

After School Tutoring

Wednesday Enrichment School

PTSA Membership
Please consider becoming a PTSA member this school year. Below is our 2019-2020 membership form and the names of the local businesses that offer discounts with your membership.

Monday's Motivational Moment!

The Domino Effect states that when you make a change to one behavior it will activate a chain reaction and cause a shift in related behaviors as well. For example, say a student starts to make their bed in the morning before leaving for school. A few days later with some appreciation of their more tidy bedroom, they may very well pick up a sock off the floor or hang up some clothes. Seeing more organization in their own personal space, they may very well start to make sure their bookbag is squared away the night before school and that their laptop device is fully charged with its power cord zipped up inside the bookbag. What happens is one key act, here bed-making, sets off a chain of positive actions down the line.

Why does this work? For one reason many habits and routines in our daily lives are related. Secondly, is that if people commit to a goal or idea, even in a very small way, they are more likely to honor that commitment because they now see that goal or idea as being aligned with their self-image and confidence.

The keys to success? Start with the thing you are most motivated to do. Begin with a small behavior and do it consistently. This will not only feel satisfying, but will also open your eyes to the type of person you can become. It does not matter which domino falls first, as long as one falls. And then keep it up ... repetition builds commitment. But most importantly, start small and keep up your momentum. The process works ... one domino will automatically knock down the next. This can apply to study habits, making quality time for friends or family, and even athletics. Give it a try!

Mrs. Jackson, Principal
Lake Nona Middle School
Sunday, August 18, 2019

Leadership Team

Principal: Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Principal: Damian Rosado
Assistant Principal: Cheryl Wood
Assistant Principal: Lindsey Herold
8th Grade Administrative Dean: Steven Berson
7th Grade Administrative Dean: Tangala Butler-Wilson
6th Grade Administrative Dean: Wanda Perkins


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